What is best for the long term future of the team?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Bobhaze

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    A quick multiple choice quiz for all my fellow loyal Cowboys fans. You must select either Option A, B or C and explain why your choice is best for the team’s long term future:

    OPTION A- Cowboys lose Sunday night in Philly, move to 3-6, and go on to finish 6-10 or less, don’t make playoffs.
    OPTION B- Cowboys win Sunday night in Philly, move to 4-5, and then fight their way to 8-8, but don’t make playoffs.
    OPTION C- Cowboys win Sunday night in Philly, move to 4-5, and then fight their way to 9-7 and barely make the playoffs.

    So which option would you choose and why?

    My choice is option A, and for this big reason. Jason Garrett has had nearly 8 full seasons to show what he is. He is simply not a good NFL head coach. Mediocrity is his ceiling. Under these present circumstances with Garrett, the dysfunction with Jerry has only gotten worse. I’m sad to say, I actually think it’s in this team’s best interest to have a losing record and not make the playoffs to FORCE Jerry to make a move. I hate feeling this way as a fan, but I think it’s currently the only way we have to slap Jerry into getting a better HC.

    What do you say Cowboys fans? A, B or C...and why.
  2. Idgit

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    More wins. Let next year sort itself out. Anything else is rooting for your team to lose, and that’s super bush.
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  3. ScipioCowboy

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    Option C. Playoffs. No debate whatsoever. That’s what pro sports is all about.
  4. Bobhaze

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    I understand that feeling. I can never cheer against my team, but I honestly believe not making playoffs and forcing Jerry’s hand is better for the team. Sometimes temporary pain is better than continuing the long term agony.
  5. percyhoward

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    I realize there's no Option D, but if we're gonna be 6-10 anyway, I'd just as soon we kick Philly's *** twice.
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  6. Bobhaze

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    I second that.
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  7. dagreat1_87

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    It's pretty clear option A is best for long term. Garrett needs to go and getting a win only makes Jerry believe he's right again. There will be those who think option c would be nice because they don't want to wish for a loss...but we all know option A is best....for all of our sake
  8. Runwildboys

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    Option B is the worst case.
    Option A would not only accomplish what you stated in the OP, but since we have no 1st round pick, at least we'd be early in the rest of the rounds, where you can still find some good players.
    Option C is my personal choice, because if you make it to the playoffs, even just barely, your record starts at zero losses again, and from there, anything can happen........and as @Idgit so eloquently stated, rooting for your team to lose is "super bush"........I remember growing up in the 70's, when the women in their bikinis all had a super.........................Sorry, where was I?..............Oh yeah, so to summarize: C, A, B, in that order.
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  9. zekecowboy

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    Option A Dallas simply has a bad team and will not win 6 games this year. Bad coach and bad qb. Vegas is betting Dallas has a different qb next year.
  10. da_boyz_mk

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    I just want to say I enjoy all of your posts. It’s refreshing to see a level headed cowboys fan on this board.

    And your user name is absolutely golden.

    Well done sir
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  11. Idgit

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    You guys are fooling yourselves on the forcing Jerry’s hand part. When you hit his wallet, you’ll force his hand. And that’s not going to happen, so it’s pointless to consider.
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  12. JBS

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    The trurh is it doesn't matter if this team wins 3 games, 6 games, 8 games or whatever...Jerry isn't going to change the structure of this organization and until that happens, everything else is worthless
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  13. Big_D

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    Option A. There's no hope at all that Garrett or Linehan will ever take this team anywhere. Time for this coaching staff to go!! Technically Garrett should've been gone in 2010 but 2018 will have to do. I would love to salvage some good players someday. They're about to waste a few more!!

    2019 :star: A NEW BEGINNING
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  14. Bobhaze

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    You’re right about the wallet being the key to his heart. But he does have a recent history of reacting to embarrassment- the 45-7 shellacking in 2010 the packers put on us on national TV made Jerry cut ties with Wade. Im not predicting that will happen, but if this team is embarrassed Sunday against the team’s biggest rival on national TV, that embarrassment will be second only to his wallet in causing him to act.
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  15. Creeper

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    There was a time when I would have said I want the Cowboys to lose because they are not making the playoffs and they could use a high first round pick. But they don;t have a first round pick so they may as well win. I don;t believe for a minute that Jerry is going to fire Garrett. If that was the case he would not have traded his 1st round pick for Amari Cooper. Maybe Linehan gets fired but not Garrett.
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  16. Bobhaze

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    Sadly that makes sense, especially in a Jones cartel front office way of doing things.
  17. kskboys

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    IDK, Idge, Jerry is not a happy man at present.
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  18. Tabascocat

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    Option C and Garrett still gets canned :flagwave:
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  19. SoBlue128

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    Yup, Jerry is gonna do whatever the hell he wants regardless of wins and losses. He will justify his reasoning for his decisions with bs excuses that fans eventually buy into. When fans stop believing the BS and stop watching along with supporting his product only then it will stop. Problem is, that isn’t happening anytime soon. With that all being said, hell yeah go get as many W’s as possible ain’t nothing changing anyways
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  20. Big_D

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    He's feeling the pressure and squirming a little. Even guys like Troy hitting him with a comment. He takes notice of things like that. Probably drinks a little more scotch and forgets all about it, but this is about more than money at this point. IMO now is definitely the time to keep going for the knock out punch. He's up against the ropes.
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