What is the most embarrassing loss of the Garrett era?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 11, 2019.

  1. Vandyr

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    Garrett icing his own kicker was probably the most embarrassing
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  2. BigD5

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    Too many to pick just one.

    The things that have happened under Jason garret have never happened in Dallas Cowboys history. It’s pretty demoralizing as a fan

    Makes you not even care anymore
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  3. TX_Yid

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    The biggest example of Garrett being out-coached was a New Orleans loss where they just kept throwing it to the flats and destroyed us as we had no answer and couldn't make adjustments.

    The angriest I've ever been was that 2012 Seahawks loss where they punched us in the mouth and nobody did anything. I've HATED Golden Taint ever since. punk
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  4. CoachD

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    Without a doubt (and believe me there are plenty of worst games in the Garrett era) it is this year's Jets game! As a matter of fact that goes down in Cowboys history as the third-worst loss of all time in my humble opinion behind the Bears in 85' and the last game of the season against the Eagles in 08'. Without a doubt Garrett should have been fired right then and there because there is no way in hell the Jets should have beaten the Cowboys in that game it was quiet embarrassing!
  5. JohnnyTheFox

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  6. Direwolf63

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    That's an impressive list.

    And why Garrett should have been cut many years ago.
  7. Doomsday77

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    Embarrassing to who? I would love to know which game(s) are embarrassing to him. After all those great examples what does he say in the locker room? How do you remain positve and upbeat after ALL of those examples? I mean do you eventually get numb to it? That is a question I wish I could ask him.
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  8. Fire407

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    The Matt Flynn Packers game stands out to me. we had the game won easily and Garrett got pass happy in the second half instead of running the clock. Green Bay was so far down it didn't even look like they were trying to get back in it. The Packers kept running the ball even though they were way behind, but with a lot of opportunities due to our coaching, they gradually caught up and then took the lead. After that game reporters were asking Jerry why Garrett wasn't fired. Jones said something to the effect of Jason has a lot of football left to coach. I knew we were doomed then.
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  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Great thread. Here are mine:

    The 2011 Giants game most won't remember, but we also blew a lead there in the fourth quarter and when the Giants were driving down to win the game, Garrett wouldn't call time out, so they were going to drain the clock all the way down and leave no time for us to come back. Jerry was in the booth clearly saying, "Time out, Jason!" and even the rest of the Jones fools were saying it, too. Incredible that Garrett didn't get it until many seconds later. (I had a gif of this saved but my hard drive crashed and I can't find it on the web now.)

    Ravens was a carbon copy of the "Ice Ice Bailey" game where they didn't even try to get closer than about 50 yards, but wasted like 30 seconds off the clock doing nothing. And the Ravens game was in windy Baltimore, not domed Arizona. Garrett didn't learn a thing from the disaster the year before. Pathetic.

    The 2013 Lions game I remember because I was watching with two buddies on a little golf trip out of town. One of the guys couldn't make it out much that year so hadn't seen many games. He was beside himself at how horrible the game management was to lose that game. The other guy and I were laughing at him that no lead was ever safe with Garrett and we were numb to his incompetence by that point... he just hadn't watched them enough to know that yet.

    The cold Bears game where everyone was more concerned about getting to the sideline heaters than playing the game is a prime killer of the "They always play hard for Garrett!" myth. And remember, that was Josh McCown, career backup, who destroyed us that game.

    The Matt Flynn game was one of the worst of all. Matt Fricking Flynn. Enough said.

    And don't forget, in all of those years, just don't choke away any *one* of these games and we win the crappy 9-7 division and those final losses for the "NFCE Championship" (lol) don't even matter.

    What a joke that the Garrett Fans claimed he did a great job even getting us to 8-8 those years. :laugh:
  10. johneric8

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    This is an easy answer, the worst loss of Garrett's career is each and every one after the New England game. At this point we're stuck with a guy laying his genius on the line and coaching for victories as if his life depends on it and he is coming up empty. Each coming loss with him at the helm will be worse and worse.
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  11. Gorgon

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  12. lurkercowboy

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    So many choices
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  13. Prime21

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    2013 Packers game made me rage. I wanted the team gutted after that.
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  14. okstateCowboy

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    Shout out to the OP for this thread. Brought up so many memories that I had forgotten. Some of those seem so long ago. Glad the Garrett era is finally ending
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  15. Zordon

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    I think people are sleeping on the 2011 Patriots game. Dude really ran the ball 3x with 4 minutes left in the game, punted the ball back to Tom Brady, and put the onus on the defense to win the game. :facepalm:

    And the sad part is this was an overreaction to fans/media ripping him to shreds the entire week for passing the ball excessively in the Lions loss. That's when I started noticing how this franchise has rabbit ears when it comes to the media and Garrett allows outside noise to dictate what he does on gameday.
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  16. mrmojo

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    2013 Saints game, they put 49 on us and yet his team's never quit? Lmao
  17. Zordon

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    We all suffered through every last one of these losses and the ridicule that came with them. If Jerry had a soul he would take out a full-page ad in the Dallas Morning News to apologize to the fanbase for putting us through this decade-long mad scientist experiment.
  18. Ebnorice

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    Mine was last week. Mitch carved us up and the team completely quit. I’ve only shut off a few games in my life. This was one.
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  19. OmerV

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    I've never been embarrassed by a Cowoy loss. I mean - what did I do?
  20. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Bump. This is the real Jason Garrett.

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