What the last 23 years has done to our fan base

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Got me to drinking and I don't DRINK!
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    And why the bar has been lowered . It’s silly to retain those lofty expectations. Especially when our ownership isn’t trying to meet them. It’s still more about Jerry Jones than the Dallas Cowboys.
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    I like sassy Alex!
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    I dont complain about the last 23 years. Since JJ has seen the light in the FA era and let SJ have more control we have been headed in the right direction. Nothing against Romo but even stability at the QB position has helped how I feel about the direction we are going in. I truly believe if Romo had not missed over 2 seasons of games due to injury we would have won a bowl. But kudos for drafting Dak so weve benn very good the last 3 seasons.
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    I feel like the Cowboys are turning a corner but we really wont have a deep playoff run with Garrett coaching. He's had way too many chances and has been outcoached in nearly every win or go home game (including week 17s 2011-2013)

    Regarding the fanbase turning on each other, I've seen that first hand up at a cowboys bar in Chicago. Finger pointing and name calling since everyone is so starved for any playoff success. Not a good look.
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    An Eagles fan summed it up nicely when he said Eagles fans love Jerry Jones and hopes he lives to be 100 because we are screwed!
  7. Diehardblues

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    It’s really time for the Super Bowl or Bust mentality to end. We aren’t that franchise any longer.

    We don’t even have an owner who’s doing everything within his power to win a championship. Why would we have those expectations anymore?

    I don’t see the younger fans I know this generation as fixated on winning Super Bowls like the last 2 generations are. They’re just enjoying it for what it is not as focused on the negativity my generation is. That’s ancient history to them. They weren’t even born during the 90’s. They are wide eyed and bushy tail rooting the current team on. It’s actually quite refreshing.
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    (Yet This...

    For the third straight year, Forbes has listed the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable professional sports franchise in the world.

    This year, the organization’s estimated worth comes in at $4.8 billion.

    Owner Jerry Jones’ team has the highest revenue ($840 million) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ($350 million) of all 32 NFL franchises, per the report from Forbes.
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    The past 23 years have certainly been disappointing but I look forward to 2019 with the same enthusiasm I've had for Cowboys football for the past 52 years.:flagwave:
    This season the drought will end, get your :popcorn: ready ;)
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    What “light” has Jerry seen? The light of more $ signs? I would like to think he gets it more than the past but why should we believe that? I’m not trying to be difficult or opposite your views, I’m just curious what makes you feel better about Jerry?
  11. Alexander

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    A young fan actually can look at the Garrett years and see "success".

    That just goes with the era of participation trophies and credit for effort.
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    Jerry is a “participation trophy” kind of GM. Especially since he makes truck loads of cash for not accomplishing much. Plus he has a lifetime contract as a GM. He’s literally the only GM in the league who purchased his position. The only qualification needed was the check he wrote.
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  13. Alexander

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    Yeah, well, as much as I hate to say it, at least he bought it with money he earned.

    There are a still a good chunk of silver spoon owners who inherited it from their fathers.

    Much like Stephen will when his father kicks the bucket.
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    Nice post, Hazey! While I agree wholeheartedly, I’d also add that Cowboy fans are labeled ‘Kool Aid Drinkers’ by other Cowboy fans just because they prefer to discuss, then move on, to actually ENJOY the whole thing...
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    I respect Jerry’s business acumen. I just find it odd that in one of the most competitive and highly respected sports leagues that an Arkansas slant driller can purchase a lifetime GM position. There’s a reason Jerry and Mike Brown are the only owners stupid enough to do that.
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    hey amigo, how's life as a dad, getting any sleep?
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    Hopes and expectations dwindle in the eyes of the fan base when futility and mediocrity continue to repeat over a period of decades. Fans gradually become increasingly impatient and critical in the wake of so many years of disillusionment over the failure of a football franchise to deliver the goods.
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    Good post thank you.

    What drives me crazy, is that Jerry is so stubborn. I mean he was there with Jimmy. He knows what it takes. He must know Garrett isn’t it.
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    I used to get up at 2 AM or 4 AM to follow Cowboys games (when I still lived a dozen time zones away.)

    Nowadays I often don't even follow the game much at all.
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    I'm too damn old to mess with other fans in here. I'd rather support folks in here.

    The Cowboys are a mean of entertainment. Now it's easier to say that during the off-season, but try to keep that in mind come August.

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