What Tony Pollard’s Numbers Make Clear

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Sep 21, 2021.

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    One of the bright spots that has clearly emerged this season is the development of Tony Pollard into a bonafide offensive weapon. So much so he can no longer just be a “rest opportunity” for Zeke. Pollard has shown that he can be a real asset in multiple situations.

    I will go a step further: Tony Pollard is now a weapon that must be a part of every game plan.

    Am I saying Zeke is not necessary? Absolutely NOT. Zeke is still a valuable offensive weapon too. Two things have changed. 1. Pollard has developed into a potential big play back. 2. Zeke is not what he was in 2016-18. He still has value. But he is no longer the “bell cow” 25 carries per game back, and he does not seem to have the burst to a big play he once did. Zeke still has value though in several areas including power runs, blocking and some passing routes.

    It’s also clear Kellen Moore is recognizing Pollard’s increased value. Compare game one to game to game two regarding Pollard’s work load:
    • Game 1 vs TB- 7 touches. 3 rushes for 14 yards, 4 catches for 29 yards. 43 total yds
    • Game 2 vs LAC- 16 touches- 13 carries for 109 yds, 3 catches for 31 yds. 140 total yds.
    Some of the numbers will vary depending on who we play. TB was certainly better than LAC against the run.

    Looking at comparisons between Zeke and Pollard and explosive plays of 20 yds plus the last two years, the numbers speak for themselves.
    • Ezekiel Elliott - Number of plays of 20 yds+
      • 2016-2018- 30 plays of 20+ yds
      • 2019-20- 3 plays of 20+ yds
      • Notice the drop off after 2018.
    • Tony Pollard - Number of plays of 20 yds+
      • 2019-20- 8 plays of 20+ yds
      • 2021- already has 2 plays of 20+ yds
      • Last two years, Pollard has 10 plays of 20+ compared to 3 for Zeke.
    Once again, not saying Zeke is no good or shouldn’t play. Just saying Pollard is more of a big play threat and needs to get more touches per game. The numbers are clear.
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    won't be long before JJ gives Pollard a massive contract extension.
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    That’s perhaps a little too early to tell. Pollard’s not an every down, carry a full load back IMO. He’s really good but I don’t see him getting big money.
  4. gp_cowpolk

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    Reminds me of when Hambrick was supposedly better than Emmett. That dint work out very well
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    Ala Marion Barber. Don’t see it happening. Jerry learned with Barber that some backs are good complementary backs but average starters.
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    Pollard is the better back and gives the team a better chance to win. Pollard should start going forward.

    Elliott is just a name to sell tickets and get viewers and milk fans out of more money. Suckers.
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    Comparing Pollard to Hambrick is like comparing dogs and cats.
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    The solution is to not burn out another back with 400 carries. We will and should split carries.
  9. Doomsday101

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    I love Pollard and he is doing good but I agree with Barry Church when he said it is a different game when you become top dog. Pollard is doing great and frankly Zeke had a good game as well but I tend to lean towards Church view we gonna need Zeke as the season moves forward.
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    Wonder how many of these yards Pollard got when he was on the field with Elliot at the same time. When they key on Elliot it will make it easier for Pollard.
  11. gp_cowpolk

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    Same situation fans calling for Hambrick to start in place of Emmett because he put up nice numbers as a back up not comparing players just the situation
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    Again, this isn’t a reactive “anti-Zeke” thread. Look at the numbers in the OP. The Numbers make clear. Zeke is no longer a consistent big play back. He had 30 plays of 20+yds his first 3 seasons. He’s had 3 since. Pollard has had 10 plays of 20+ yds in the last 18 games. Doesn’t mean Zeke shouldn’t be playing. Just saying Pollard should get more touches.
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    So Pollard’s numbers say that he’s a big play threat and needs more touches?

    I don’t think anyone doesn’t agree with that. It is very clear.
  14. Reality

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    That is my concern as well.

    Pollard is playing better than Elliott but I wonder how much of that is teams game planning against Elliott rather than Pollard just like they did with Emmitt when Hambrick would come in and look much better.

    I still think Pollard is better right now than Elliott, but I wonder how much of the Elliott factor is making him look a little more productive than he would be as the regular starter?
  15. nalam

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    Yeah , Pollard is good in space ( catching the ball and run) also running wide off tackle , but I am not sure he will be as good between the tackles , inside runner . Again we need to see , just withholding judgement
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    It's quite disheartening how the Cowboys FO have mismanaged their duty to the salary cap thus limiting us on other talent acquisition and retention.
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    Zeke and Pollard together is a good combination. I don't think Pollard could carry the load every down.
    Zeke did a lot of his work wearing defenses down to where he shined in the 3rd and 4th quarter.
    We don't see a running game like that now to tell really if he has declined or not.
    Most of the runs he gets are up the middle, or between the guard and tackle. If there is no hole,
    there is no hole.

    Pollard has a very odd way of changing speed. That is what is really cool about him.

    I said before the season started, that he would be awesome for many pass plays in the slot. Like when we did the
    same thing with Dunbar. Except that Pollard is much more deadly to defenses than Dunbar.
  18. Doomsday101

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    I did not say it was anti zeke, I agree with Church it is a different animal when you become top dog #1. You post 2 games and really 1 game that either back did much of anything. I hope Pollard to continues to make plays so believe me I am not anti Pollard but I also know the NFL season is a long one and 1 game does not make the season
  19. CowboysWillRise

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    Difference is Pollard actually has talent and has been successful without Zeke, and on early downs. Hambrick was an over hyped 3rd down back who used obvious passing situations to inflate his avg.
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    I like that Moore is utilizing Pollard more, but we need both, especially on the field at the same time. Defenses key on one…BAM! The other succeeds! Or we pass—good QB, great receiving corps and a pair of good TE’s. Opponents, pick your poison!

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