What Tony Pollard’s Numbers Make Clear

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Sep 21, 2021.

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    What ever it takes to win and if Amari is out he will be on the field even more IMO. I will say Zeke still has speed as the guy keeping pace with Lamb Sunday before the half he just doesn’t have the explosive burst you alluded to. Nothing wrong with a good one two punch.
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    Pollard is a career backup Zeke is a career starter and his yardage is coming the same way Hambrick did it in spurts Do not know why anyone would want to get rid of either If you have 2 good running backs you play them.
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    Here's a million dollar question ... what took Kellen Moore so freakin' long to finally start utilizing Pollard into the
    offense such as this yea.. !!??

    Hes' been here 3 years and only just now making him a true exploited weapon in this offense, more than just 2-3 touches per game. I think in one game in 2019, Pollard did not even get a single carry.
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    Pollard should get more plays when he shows the ability to stone blitzes like Zeke.
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    I just hope Pollard doesn't say that Zeke leaves too much meat on the bone........
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    The fact is when Pollard is running well they must keep feeding him. Can't remember which game last year when pollard broke off 40 yards and then never got another handoff the rest of the game. That just can not happen.
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    No worries- I didn’t think you weren’t bashing Pollard. And I agree - as I stated in the OP. It’s not that Pollard needs to “take over”. It’s just that he needs to be featured every week. His numbers show he’s more explosive. But he can’t handle the job full time.
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    As a fan I want to see him and others continue to produce. My entire focus is this team winning, not who is paid what and not who starts it is simple, I expect guys to go out and produce when their number is called. Pollard clearly is a guy who can go out and make plays and I hope to see many more from him as the season moves on.
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    I cant stand un finished pork chops they should be gnawed down to the bone. After the 1st couple of bites they are finger food
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    Problem as has been pointed out by many is that the coaching staff can't conceive anything more than a "bellcow" RB that takes the load. It is way way too complicated for them to envision a RBBC group each feeding off each other and having overlapping skills.

    I am not too optimistic they keep using Pollard he probably goes back to 2 or 3 carries a game. And Pollard should be used in RBBC with some other backs, Elliott should not be the receiver type to be in open space and create like Pollard can.

    It is painfully obvious now Pollard is a poor man's McCaffrey and should be featured along with Elliott at the same time as a receiver, not only screens but more on routes too, but again they won't do it.

    If you look at what is happening in NFL, more and more NFL teams are using a "running" WR like the Packers did a long time ago with Ty Montgomery.
    I think they tried it with Tavon Austin, but he was not any good so they forced passing short to Elliott and he still gets them today.
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  12. BoysfaninVegas

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    I think we can use both but Pollard deserves more touches than Zeke at this point.
  13. Ranching

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    I'd still take Zeke in a heart beat if I could only have one.
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    .....and watch what happens on this board.
  15. stiletto

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    Whatever the case, put me in the "Do NOT pay any RB's big money" Fan Club. Keep drafting stud OLinemen and let fresh RB's come in around the 4th/5th round. Let them get that big $ contract somewhere else. Just my opinion. No more Zeke's. I'd be against paying Pollard too...
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    I understand the point but one of those years we basically didn't have an offensive line or QB so outside of this year, the only other year was 2019. 2020 was pretty much a lost cause in experimenting with the offense.
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    They both have fur and four legs. But I guess the guy creating an anti-Zeke thread would know that.
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    Who’s Emmett? Lol
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    ..wow, interesting tidbit Bullet. Reading through your post and seeing the stats, how the comparison is getting wider. Its a good thing for us.

    At same time, couldn't help to wonder what happened to Zeke? Adding the fact he's 26 yrs old. I thought RB's could still push late 20's and by then losing a step or two is common.
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    He is the second cousin of Otis or a typo

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