What will you be looking for early in the game?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by pasando, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. pasando

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    What will you be looking for early in the game that will give you confidence or lose confidence in winning the game?

    Examples…. No particular order
    1. Who is winning the battle/s on the trenches?
    2. Is our kicker making accurate kicks?
    3. Is Dak getting time to throw?
    4. Are we able to run the ball consistently?
    5. Are we moving the chains?
    6. I Dak throwing accurately?
    7. Are WR’s catching the ball?
    8. Are Defenders tackling well?
  2. Dallasfann

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    Honestly. There are only 2 things that need to happen for me to believe we win

    1) get a lead
    2) no penalties on 3rd down conversions and or 3rd down stops

    If those 2 things happen 49ers will lose
  3. Tangle_Foot

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  4. kramskoi

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    12 personnel. Allows Prescott more time...neutralize Armstead and Bosa. You can chip-chip or chip-double or double-chip. Short game with Wilson (especially), Jarwin, Schultz, Pollard and Elliott. If you have time...some deep shots when the Niners rotate out of 2 deep post snap. They like to play games with the safeties pre and post. They might wait until the offense reaches the red zone, where they can then try and force a field goal.

    Also, if I had my way I'd boot Collins at RT for Steele in this game. You would then have the entire original offense from the 6 - 1 start.

    On defense...DISCIPLINE against the Niners o-line blocking...good tackling (all damn day).

    This is a lunch pail and hard hat game. No mistake about it. The 49ers will run even if they are down multiple possessions. Like the Eagles, they have no choice.

    Running game...25 touches or better. 12 wins when you run it more than 20 times. 5 losses when you run it less than 20.
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  5. CTcowboy203

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    To me it’s if the o line isn’t holding up. If the niners are getting consistent pressure and getting home with 4 - I worry about us. Also down and distance and if we are in 3rd and manageable situations. Not 3&8 or 3&11’s. Usually when we have trouble against certain style’s of play it something that lasts most of the game.

    Also on defense of we can stop the run and really just limit the yac.
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  6. EPL0c0

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    for the Dallas offense to score touchdowns
    for the Dallas defense to not allow any touchdowns
  7. MoistMayonnaise

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    Want to see us establish the run so we control the flow of the game.
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  8. ICP

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    Are we making stupid mistakes.
  9. RS12

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    Ability to run the ball. We know the stats when they run for less than 100 yards in a game.
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  10. Joe Realist

    Joe Realist No Kool-Aid here!

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    Who is on and who is off the Covid list
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  11. Ranched

    Ranched "We Are Penn State"

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    No drops & No extra point misses!
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  12. Acceptablename

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    Is SF DT busting up our interior line
    Can our DT plug running lanes
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  13. plymkr

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    yep, excellent summary
  14. Risen Star

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    A movie to watch.
  15. JustChip

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    It’s are we moving the chains offensively early in the game. The most important component to that will be are we getting 4 yards consistently on 1st down.
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  16. offlimits

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    Simple. I want to see if we can stop the run and get them off the field. We cannot let them score first.
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  17. Ranched

    Ranched "We Are Penn State"

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    "Cornerback Anthony Brown has been taken off the Reserve/COVID list; Mike McCarthy said the team’s other starters on the list- Micah Parsons, Tyron Smith, and Jayron Kearse- should be back by Thursday. Linebacker Keanu Neal, meanwhile, injured an arm and shoulder against the Eagles, but should return midweek.

    Tony Pollard is also expected to be ready to play after sitting out Week 18."
    Source: USA TODAY https://share.newsbreak.com/bxl64el1
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  18. Vanilla2

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    A beer and possibly some snacks
  19. Hardline

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    1A. Establish the run
    1B. Stop the run
    2. Dak to start throwing accurate catchable passes.
    3. The inevitable drive killing flags that are going to come out against us.
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  20. Dale

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    Completely agree. If Dak has a lot of trash happening around his legs early in the game, I'll be concerned about his ability to remain poised. And you couldn't be more right about avoiding 3rd-and-long's. Penalties are our biggest enemy in that regard, in my opinion.
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