What's everyone's take on MM's first year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboy_ron, Jan 12, 2021 at 7:43 AM.

  1. robertfchew

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    He gets one more year. If it doesn't get dramatically better then bye and we have to go with someone new and no not Kellen Moore.
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  2. Aviano90

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    Nice to see a solid post talking football without trying to push an agenda, beat your chest about being right, or passive aggressively mocking others. You should post more often.
  3. DenCWBY

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    :hammer:He had a bad start and there were no real improvements in his game time coaching that I could see. Your going to need more than busting a watermelon to motivate players. Just sad. The non challenge against the NYG was the icing on the cake as to just how he's been lost in the game throughout the season. Early on in the season, the timing on fake punts and other decisions were atrocious as well. An exceptional HC would have taken charge with the worst D in the league. He looked just like a puppet on the sidelines and each week we got more of the same. Honestly JG made better game time coaching decisions towards the end of his career.
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  4. DenCWBY

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    This. Rivera just could not get himself to cry with Jerry during his interview and is no puppet. He's a no nonsense guy. He would have suited up to play LB just to give the others an example of how to play the position. The Wash team is going to be set for a while.
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  5. Big_D

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    He has to do a complete turnaround on gametime decisions. Way too many ridiculous gambles and fakes. And they sucked at it on top of it. Team needs to be much smarter moving forward.
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  6. Bob-Lillys-War

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    He did an amazing job, considering Garrett destroyed the cowboys culture for 10 years .
  7. Havic

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    He did OK with what he had to work with + Covid. He made alot of dumb in game decisions trying to find a spark and to get an edge. I dont blame him for it, but next season he has to show improvement or he should be shown the door.
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  8. lwehlers

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    pretty much sums it up. total failure.
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  9. Techsass

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    I've worked with managers that just observe when they come in that turned out OK. That usually only lasts about a month or so, though.

    My original thought was that he was letting Kellen do his thing, but would eventually take over. I also thought we were actively tanking, albeit a little more subtly than Philly, with some of the crazy decisions that were made. I'm still clinging to the hope that this might be the case, but I have my doubts.

    I'm OK with keeping him for next season, but I don't know what his overall plan is yet. If we don't see a sea change, then I think he was the wrong hire.

    There were 16 teams that that had 7 or less wins this season BTW.
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  10. GINeric

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    Did he have as many injuries as MM's squad too??? I'll wait...
  11. GINeric

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    Only a coward would say some dumb **** like "ok Mrs. McCarthy". Go sit your weak *** down somewhere RuPaul.
  12. Starforever

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    O'Deurs de Cowboys, where can I get a bottle?
  13. Swagger

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  14. KingintheNorth

    KingintheNorth Chris in Arizona

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    If you need excuses, Jerry has 25 years worth of them.

    Darn our luck!
  15. CowboysWillRise

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    Terrible start but the team made adjustments constantly and found a way to be competitive. His use of "analytics" and challenges was laughably bad. He made some horrible decisions. I knew he'd get another year and the deck was stacked against him this year. I will hope for a better showing next season but if he would've been replaced I'd have been fine.
  16. 32BellyOption

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    I’d give him an incomplete. I don’t think it’s fair to judge the guy since he didn’t have the luxury of mini camps or pre season games to teach and install his systems and get to know his personnel. Add to that the depleted offensive line and no Dak and I’m not sure how anyone could fairly judge his performance.
  17. Londonboy

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    Add a soupcon of sweaty jocks and Y'all nailed it.
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  18. Ken

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    It was bad.

    From boneheaded coaching decisions to bad staff decisions, to not leaving a discernable thumbprint of what his style is on the team.

    Just bad but I was onboard with giving him another season.
  19. TwentyOne

    TwentyOne Well-Known Member

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    He made a lot of money. So i think it was a great year for him

    He will try to stay for another year.

    Did the Jersey sale numbers climb up ?
    If so JJ will be all for having him for another year too.
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  20. GINeric

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    Its not excuses, its a good question and reality. We weren't talking about Jerry and 25 years, I asked did that coach's team suffer as many injuries as MM team did this year?

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