What's this offense going to be like?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sarek, Aug 14, 2020.

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    Jerry did not insist on keeping Moore. MM had complete control over his staff. He said so himself that after interviewing Moore, he decided to keep him.
    Keep up with the facts or more like, don't try to change them.
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    McCarthy even singled out Moore's creative playcalling when he was interviewed (with Peter King I believe) before he ever took the Dallas job. He was a fan before he ever got here. Add that to the fact that the guy produced the league's #1 yardage offense in the league in his first year, and why wouldn't you keep a guy like that around?

    But some people have to find ways to bash Jerry Jones in any way that they can, even if they have to fabricate lies.
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    During McCarthy’s year off he took a good look at what the successful offenses around the league were doing in an effort to implement some of the better concepts into his offense. In an interview he specifically mentioned watching and liking what Shanahan’s San Francisco offense was doing, which is really great news for us because the Mike/Kyle Shanahan offense is a very good one. Kyle uses much of what his father did in Denver and has added some of his own tweaks to that potent offense. That scheme has always given defenses fits.

    McCarthy also said that he liked some of what Moore did in Dallas last year as well, going on to say that is why he wanted to keep Moore as his OC (he even said had he got hired elsewhere, he was going to try to bring Moore there).

    During the long offseason, McCarthy and Moore sat down and put together what they want to do on offense. That will be not only a combination of what Moore did last year and of McCarthy’s west coast offense... but will also contain parts of what Mike learned last year watching other offenses.

    So, added to the parts of Mike’s and Kellen’s that they implement will likely be some concepts from the Shanahan offense... meaning we’ll likely see a good bit of play action passes in combination with rollouts. That with the zone blocking like McCarthy used in GB and Shanahan uses in SF is bad news for defenses. It is very difficult to deal with.

    In Green Bay, Mike used a lot of 3 receiver sets and considering the top 3 WR’s that Dallas has, I expect a whole lot of it in Dallas. McCarthy has always had an efficient, dangerous passing game in the way he has the WR’s run their routes. With all 3 WR’s in Dallas being so dangerous, Zeke shouldn’t face a lot of loaded boxes, so if they use a lot of play action along with that zone blocking, I expect Elliott to have a great year running the ball.

    McCarthy was very good at getting receivers the ball where they can get yards after the catch. Really, that is what most west coast offenses do. So I’d expect to see more YAC than we’ve been used to seeing in Dallas as well. With Lamb onboard, that could be fun to watch.

    So the offense will probably look somewhat like what you saw from San Francisco last season. The Green Bay OL and the SF OL both use a similar blocking scheme... and Zeke runs well behind zone blocking... all of which makes me think that play action passes will be a nightmare for defenses facing the Cowboys.

    The biggest thing is that both Mike and Kellen have really good offensive minds and when given the weapons in Dallas, should be able to create a lot of problems for defenses. That along with going back to the very good zone blocking scheme gives me high hopes about what they can do on offense in Dallas.
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    They had a segment on GMFB talking about this, or something similar.
    Expectations of the Cowboys offense. As they all pretty much said, it should be #1 or near #1 again. However, all those yards, points, astray were 6th I think. But yet they still did not translate to better than 8-8.
    KC and Baltimore had top offenses, and won. Dallas need to win and win a few playoff games to legitimize the offense.
    However they did not bring up about the defense, ST's and coaching that sucked all year.

    Anyway they love what the offense will probably do, but need more wins. One guy said it was like empty calories. Like a soda.
    There was another great analogy, but can't remember off hand what it was. I watched it late night. It is on you tube though. Last about 8 minutes.
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    Here’s a situation I fully expect to see change for the better- taking reasonable chances on 4th down in opponent’s end of the field. Like 4th and 2 from the opponent 44 yard line. Garrett would punt in that situation over 90% of the time. Remember the ridiculous decision to punt in OT against Houston, instead of going for it on 4th and 2 from their 40? We lost that game on Hou’s next possession.

    That drove me crazy about Garrett. It was always funny to me that our self proclaimed “riverboat gambler” owner, “comfortable with ambiguity” and taking big chances, stuck with “no risk” Garrett for nearly a decade, making the playoffs 3 times in 9 years. Garrett was the most conservative coach in the league for the owner who bragged about the risks he was willing to take. Crazy.

    The good news is I expect Coach Mac to be ready and willing to take reasonable chances to win football games. I think that alone makes us better.
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    I watched it this morning. I think it's in @TwoDeep3 's video about the start of practices.

    Like you, I found it notable that nobody mentioned the defense or special teams as reasons why the Cowboys finished 8-8. As a result, it sounded more like complaining than informed criticism.
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    I find it easier to dismiss opinions about the disappointing 8-8 last year when there is no mention of the defense and special teams. My goodness all the Cowboys needed was to change kickers and they would have gone 10-6 without scoring one more point.

    Then again, 8-8 got Garrett gone!
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    It certainly shows the lack of a big picture perspective to me. Oversimplification at a minimum.

    The true silver lining.

    And that final, big loss to the Eagles that finally finished him allowed for us to draft Lamb instead of them, as well as having us in position for the rest of what turned out to be a teriffic draft.
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    i just want them to win games and win games in the playoffs just win
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    Fairly dull, predictable and with a sense of self-entitlement, I'm afraid.
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    first few games may be a little bumpy and team may even look a little sluggish. Moore doesnt have the experience/knowledge of doing anything different than he's learned from his first year. MM has a whole new staff and players that he needs to get a feel for and absorb. Players have to get acclimated to a whole new coaching staff/philosophy on both sides of the ball.
    around game 3/4 think team will start gelling as coaches start to get a feel for players strengths/weaknesses and MM starts to coach to the teams strengths as well as teaching Moore. From there I think team will continue to grow as the season progresses.
    I like the team/players/coaches but as for a quick start out of the gate when everything is new to everyone that may be asking to much
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    I see a team that will not have the same game plan each week. Pass to set up run... run to set up pass... play action. I think MM and KM will attack each defense differently each game. Too many weapons to stop us consistently.
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    I listened to an interview on Talkin' Cowboys I think with a Packers reporter - Rob Demovsky. He noted in particular of how Mike McCarthy would gameplan for individual opponents each week, a far cry from the 'they do what they do' and 'beat the man in front of you' crap we got from the former coaching staff.

    It's also well-documented that the team would get aggressive against weaker opponents and then go into a shell at the sight of a good team. Thankfully, those days are over.
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    A blessing is disguise. In hindsight I have never been so happy to have missed the playoffs.
    As this could come back to allow us to make a playoff, and hopefully many SB runs.
    The anti-Garrett era may begin. :D
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    I got a lot of 'bad fan' comments for several years regarding my position on Garrett. I had wanted him out for several years and advocated losing if it meant being finally done with him, Linehan, and Marinelli. I know what reality ultimately says on the subject.

    And to them I say, welcome aboard the train, better late than never.

    'Let the good times roll...'
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    Keep believing that . Lol

    Jerry made it very clear his intention to retain Moore was part of the condition of a new HC. And that fact doesn’t have to be negative.

    “Jerry Jones made it a point during the Cowboys’ HC interviews to express his desire for Jason Garrett‘s eventual successor to retain Moore. “

    https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/01/kellen-moore-expected-to-stay-with-cowboys#:~:text=Despite Dallas’ disappointing season, the team is intent,one-year coordinator. One year remains on Moore’s contract.
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    Then why did we need McCarthy and his offensive genius ?
  18. Arkyvarminter

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    You are exactly right. For some reason the D gets a pass. Maybe because Dak plays on O?
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    Greg, you are sourcing Pro Football Rumors?

    Moore had already spoken with the new HC at WA and been offered the OC job and that is not rumor. If keeping Moore was conditional, do you think Booger would have let him interview for that job? Moore has said he was considering that when McC asked him to come back, come back as in he'd already left.

    Could it be that Booger made no conditions on McC and could it be that McC expressed interest in keeping Moore? McC had spent the year watching NFL offenses and maybe he liked what he saw and he already knew a lot of the players liked Moore. You bring in a bunch of strangers, it's nice to have a familiar face. You might want to consider a lot of football people consider Moore a bright up and comer. McC might be one of those football people.
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    How often have you guys seen anything laid on the defense? It's always about the offense or QB because most of those people don't know football, they're follow the ball fans.
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