Where do you stand on Garrett and why?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, May 17, 2019 at 8:16 AM.

  1. Ranching

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    Most if you know I think Garrett sucks, and those of you that have been around for a while know my reasoning. In a nutshell, I think he's arrogant, back stabbed Wade, and has no clue how to properly manage the flow of a game and much less during crunch time. @Idgit is on the other side of the spectrum. He loves his red headed Jesus. Why? I have no clue. Where do you stand and why?
  2. Sydla

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    He's a league average, to maybe slightly above league average head coach IMO. He's not terrible, he's not great. He's just good enough to keep his job for as long as he has but never great enough to elevate this team to a legit contender. He'll win some big games but then spits the bit at other times when he shouldn't.

    He's very steady and often on an even keel, which I think helps him in the regular season. But when we get to the postseason, where there is a higher premium on coaching, adjustments, game plans, etc............ that's where he and his staff get exposed a bit.

    This should be his make or break season. They keep saying this is his most talented team in 8+ years. It's time for him to put up or shut up............ no more excuses.
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  3. Runwildboys

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    Garrett's coaching is equivalent to a bus driver QB. If the team around him is really good, he can win, but he isn't going to elevate them.
  4. Future

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    How is this any more serious than any of hte other 500 JG threads? lol.

    The guy isn't a great motivator and has no grasp of creativity on the offensive side of the ball. He, admittedly, has grown since he started as HC...but really he's moved from being an active detriment to ineffectual at best. All he can accomplish is what the talent on the team dictates.
  5. Yobwocs

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    I think he's ok. Don't hate him, don't love him, but I just don't think he elevates the team. But that's ok... I don't think most recent super bowl winning coaches elevates their team all that much. We can win a Super Bowl with Garrett.

    That being said. If the Cowboys keep winning at a solid clip, I would keep him. That's logically the thing to do. Though I have no strong feelings for him one way or the other if he has us losing.

    I'd like Bruce Arians. Because Arians is the man. I think Arians would be my first choice if Garrett leaves.

    Last but not least, Dak saved his job twice. Let's see if that continues.
  6. cowboyec

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    I miss Coach Landry.
    thank you for letting me share.
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  7. Hennessy_King

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    I just feel he never earned the job to begin with. Neither did any of his brothers who we also employ. I came from a poor household and had to work for everything I had with actual job performance and ability. He and his brothers skated their whole life on daddy's coattails. Even when he transferred from college to college when his dad would change jobs. Now as a father now I don't blame his dad for helping his kids out. I blame the employer. He's now wasted 9 years learning on the job when we could have brought in a real coach with ability. It's the one thing in the league without a salary cap, we have the most $$, but the worst coaching staff.
  8. sean10mm

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    Garrett is basically a guy good enough to not get fired, and bad enough that you wish he would. He's Marvin Lewis in slightly better circumstances (Jerry is dumb, but he's not a criminally cheap numbnuts like Mike Brown.)

    Garrett isn't actively destructive on the level of someone like Hue Jackson. He simply doesn't add anything. His teams don't quit on him like happened to Wade Phillips in 2010, but that's literally the absolute bare minimum of doing your job as a coach. You can chart his success 100% on the team's health and talent level. He never gets more out of a weaker roster, or pushes a good roster to greatness. They just sort of go with the flow. When adversity hits they don't collapse so much as backslide slowly.

    A big problem with the NFL in 2019 is that there are hardy any coaches who rise above that level. Dump Dak and you could spend the next 10 years watching stiffs like Nathan "Millennial Ryan Leaf" Peterman take meaningful snaps. Dump Garret and you could easily have some absolute chode like Chip Kelly take over, get your GM fired and cut Frederick and Zeke because he doesn't believe in paying centers or running backs in his "system."
  9. Jake

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    I like watching people fight about Garrett. :popcorn:

    My avatar shows my respect for Cowboys leadership, including JG, which I'm willing to change if/when they win something this century.
  10. cowboy_ron

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    He literally does not know when and when not to go for it on 4th down.......he does not know how to make in game adjustments......his halftime "adjustments" usually entail stop what was working in the 1st half but sticking with what wasn't working in the second half.........he also plays not to lose rather than play to win.
  11. Cowfan75

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    We haven't schemed in 9 years.
  12. ItzKelz

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    JG is a great coach. You see the Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saben traits. This is his year.....hate or love him. Predicting another Coach of the Year and his first Superbowl.
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  13. jazzcat22

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    I was never for or against him, but I supported him at first, only because he was the HC. Even after his 3 straight win and in losses. He was still rebuilding an overaged overpaid under performing team. And being strapped with the salary cap and before McClay. I was willing to give him another year to see what happens. I still gave him a chance. However I was on the fence about him too at that point.

    Then the 12-4 year, I thought, ok, in spite of his in game poor decisions, no adjustment, maybe they are good enough to over come the staffs short comings.
    The injury plagued following year, I gave him a pass. Then in 2016, it all seemed it was coming together, though I was still on the fence about him. I went over the fence midway through the 2017 season, and just hated him. He refused to make changes when it was so obviously needed starting with that Falcons debacle.

    I prefer he be replaced. Even last year it seems he goofed up much less, I still was hoping he got canned.
    Not sure how I feel now, as if we win, he stays. But to me that means the SB. I am not even sure if the NFCCG is enough for me for him to stay. I will decide that if it happens. Anything less, he needs to go.
  14. Trendnet

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    The hyperbole is ridiculous.

    A comment of; 'Jason Garrett isn't as bad as you make it to be, and he does more than just stand on the sidelines and clap' can result with the comments of 'OmG1!!! you love Red Head Jezeeus, yOu muST me his MoM!1!!'.
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  15. sean10mm

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    I dislike Garrett a lot, but this is also true of like 3/4 of NFL coaches. It's why changing coaches is an even bigger dilemma than changing QBs in some ways. A bad QB is ultimately just one guy, while a bad head coach can run the entire organization off a cliff and cripple it for years. Keeping Garrett is more like treading water - not a disaster, but not really moving you towards anything either.
  16. jazzcat22

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    But when they stop treading and the water becomes stagnant it is time to get clean water and a new motor. :muttley:
  17. Ranching

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    How can you say hes not a motivator? He googles inspirational quotes every year! Lol
  18. Sydla

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    And if he doesn't make the SB? Then what? What if he doesn't make the playoffs or they get bounced early again?

    By no measure is he a "great" coach.
  19. Ranching

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    And you must be my jester.
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  20. iceberg

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    now sure why we call this SERIOUS when you dive into red headed Jesus.
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