Where does McCarthy and Cowboys go from here?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Diehardblues, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Diehardblues

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    In our owners own words this team had enough talent to make a run in the playoffs.

    A Super Bowl or Bust mentality regardless how ridiculous and dysfunctional it is for our owner Pres and GM to say as much.

    How much of the blame falls on McCarthy. Undisciplined with drive killing and game killing penalties. Time clock Mgmt was a problem all season.

    We know he was hired to take this core of talent to the next level. It’s why we made a coaching change. It will be interesting to see if our owner has lost faith in our HC while the prospect of losing our coordinators to other franchises for a HC.

    Could all of this influence a tough decision after this gut wrenching playoff loss ending a season with such high expectations?
  2. ChronicCowboy

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    If MM isn’t fired by Wednesday, he’ll probably survive. If he stays, don’t expect anything different next season.
  3. Gangsta Spanksta

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    Will the next puppet do any better? That was the concern with the Garrett Puppet as well...
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  4. MountaineerCowboy

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    It’ll be very discouraging to see MM on the sidelines next season.
  5. RustyBourneHorse

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    As a young fan who hasn't seen success, I'm just going to say something that I've learned. Until Jerry either steps aside or puts his ego away and is willing to get a real coach and/or put Jimmy in the ROH, things won't get better. Especially on the coaching front. Jerry jinxed the coaching position.
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  6. Silver N Blue

    Silver N Blue Well-Known Member

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    I quit drinking the kool aid years ago. Who cares about next year when the kool aid hasn’t changed flavors in 26 years. This organization should be honored to have true fans who have remained faithful despite the embarrassment this organization has become. I can only hope they don’t ruin Parsons..
  7. JonesBoys

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    Unless someone within the division finds a QB they will be back in the playoffs and be one and done again. If any NFC East can improve then they possibly miss the playoffs. The good depth the Cowboys had on this team is going bye bye now thanks to contracts like Dak’s and Zeke’s.
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  8. RonWashington

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    Post game MM said we “ came out a little jittery “ ? Huh ? Your a veteran coach with a veteran team playing at home in front of the friendlies. “ Jittery “ is an indictment on the mindset going in .
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  9. RustyBourneHorse

    RustyBourneHorse Well-Known Member

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    And fans like me that don't know success, but still return to the same tap every year.
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  10. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    MM will probably be here. I will be very surprised if he is fired.
    But we will see the same crap, unless Moore is gone. We need a real OC in here.
  11. Silly

    Silly Well-Known Member

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    Dunkin Donuts?
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  12. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    McCarthys contract will keep him his job.

    Dallas believes in continuity and they get continuous results.

    They’ll line up next year and just do the same thing all over again.

    I 100% think they should make a move. This fan base desperately needs hope right now and if the plan is no change then it’s over before it begins.
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  13. links18

    links18 Well-Known Member

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    Jerry overrates the talent on this team. Hey Jerry, just because you paid the QB like the second coming of Johnny Unitas, doesn't make it so.
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  14. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Jittery = unprepared IMO.
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  15. Darkhound

    Darkhound Well-Known Member

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    Nothing.... he next 3 or 4 seasons with him will go more or less like this

    2022 = 10 - 7
    2023 = 8 - 9
    2024 = 7 - 10

    And we will repeat the cycle
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  16. Silver N Blue

    Silver N Blue Well-Known Member

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    I commend you.
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  17. cowboyblue22

    cowboyblue22 Well-Known Member

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    the dallas cowboys are like theold roman empire they are rotten to the core and done
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  18. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    I have no idea what happens. If you lose Quinn that’s a huge hole to fill.

    If I’m Jerry I’m going to get Fangio immediately. Jimmy said yesterday he’s probably the best coach out there.

    Moore can go. It’s time to break the final JG chain. I’m ready for a new offense that gets the ball to its top playmakers. Ready for a new RB too.
  19. RustyBourneHorse

    RustyBourneHorse Well-Known Member

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    I think Moore should go as well. Not sure who to replace him with. Maybe Matt Nagy? Horrible HC, but QBs are supposed to be his specialty, and he wasn't a bad coordinator in KC.
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  20. JJHLH1

    JJHLH1 Well-Known Member

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    It really doesn’t matter.

    The Cowboys aren’t close to being a championship level team whether they keep McCarthy or fire him.

    There is so much blame to go around: undisciplined players, poor coaching, lack of leadership from the front office.

    We have learned to expect nothing from this team because that’s what we are going to get.

    It all started when Jerry fired Jimmy. You can’t fix stupid.

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