Where would you rank Dak?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Proof, Apr 16, 2019.

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    No, silly ruffian! You get a pass. You are free to pillage and be the Viking you always wanted to be.
    To the fore! Dak will disappoint but our moral points will multiply!
    Avast, ye hardies! To the mast! To pillage (a French word also pronounced pee-LODGE) in a world of mediocrity and moral victories to that to which we acquiese!

    Blimey, the things I say!
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    I don't at all see how you can reach the conclusion that "all" of your first group are "without a doubt better". Clearly there is no doubt with Brady, Rodgers and Brees. And you should have listed Roethlesberger with that group - also clearly better. There isn't significant doubt with a several of the others, and yet others most might say are at least somewhat better than Dak, but "without a doubt" is too strong a way to put it.

    And then there are Maryfield, Groppolo, Stafford and Foles. Mayfield had a nice rookie season, but no better (and probably not as good) as Dak's rookie season, and no better than Dak's season this past year. He hasn't proven to be one iota better than Dak. Garoppollo has proven even less, having only played in 26 games and started only 10 games in his 5 year NFL career. His career cumulative stats are lower than Dak's worst individual season. Stafford has been a strong QB in the past, but he had a drop off last season and Dak's numbers and results were much better, so we can't say how that will play out going forward. And Foles has had an amazingly mundane career except for one strong regular season 6 years ago, and a nice playoff stretch a couple of years ago. Otherwise his 7 year career has looked much more like that of a backup.
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    I'd say this is fair, but in a world where all things are equal...namely age. In reality, of that list, I wouldn't want Brady, Rivers, Wilson, Rodgers, Ryan, Stafford, or Brees right now in their perspective careers simply because the QB hunt can be treacherous and Dak has his whole career still in front of him. Ten more years of Dak is not outside the realm of possibility...
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    Agreed but then you`d have to take into account the younger guys such as Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Jackson, Trubisky etc.. They are all younger than Dak and could very well end up being better.
    This list was just that, what QB`s would I take today in front of Dak w/o taking into account age.
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    Middle of the pack, his age puts him over some equal but older players imo.
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    I'd say, with all things considered, Dak is somewhere between 14 and 10 and that ranking largely depends on how you value his intangibles (leadership, self-aware, want/desire to win) as well as his mobility.

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    Where were you with this offer when I was still young and unmarried? Seems like it's always the case right? Always Cool-Aid, no sugar..... Always Peanut Butter, no Jelly......


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