Where's your Optimeter needle pointing?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, May 11, 2021.

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    I took a shot at a flying pig today Neighbor has a Bugatti that dam windshield aint Gonna be cheap
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    The schedule looking really weak is for sure a factor this season. I'd have to bump it up to 50% hopeful of a good season tbh. Dallas isn't near as bad as last year made it seem. There was just too many Injuries to over come. Still can't put dallas in the top 16-17 but teams surprise every year. Just hoping for a good year.
  3. HappyOnions

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    It's not very high...

    We truly are undeserving of all the media attention. We've made the playoffs 7 times since 2000 and haven't advanced past the divisional round...

    Perennial underachievers until proven otherwise.
  4. CowboyoWales

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    Oh I agree that there's hope, just that before the season starts there's always that positivity about a team that looks good on paper.

    A lot of the fate is based on injuries to key player (and in our case DC;)). The Chiefs offensive capitulation without their starting OT's just goes to show how fickle the game and luck can be.

    Maybe we used up our share of injury bad luck in 2020. :)
  5. CouchCoach

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    Baby steps, I am thinking they take the division but beyond that? Maybe a WC weekend win.

    2016 was definitely a wonderful surprise but I wasn't sold the team would advance in the playoffs. One, they were not prepared and too pleased with their 13-3 season and I thought Romo was the better choice for the playoffs. However, Prescott wasn't the reason they lost that game. Lack of preparedness was and the DC didn't wake up until it was 3-21.
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  6. CouchCoach

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    I agree about the media attention but I don't take my read from the media.
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    *Noise Maker in the Aft Porthol,,,,er,,, PLAYOFFS

    **Cuz' my local liquor store clerk,who is a HOMER
    ( b t w) is such a Shylock Salesman, I'd bought 2 case of 100 proof FANDOM offa' him the other day:thumbup:

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    Somewhere between “Let’s talk draft” and “Barley Better”. If we stay healthy, we’ll easily be better than last year. But even that said, our defense is extremely young, safety position is still ignored, and we still have a terrible LB core. Parsons will bot be enough to save it. We don’t know how good Dak will be, and we don’t know if Zeke will ever bounce back. Lots of question marks. Anything can happen, but Dallas seems to have a curse looming over them so I’m not too optimistic.
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    You are liked David Crockett, great hunter. He once said "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." Then that fool yahoo walked into the Alamo.:laugh:
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    9-8 till further notice...
  11. Verdict

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    Noisemaker in the playoffs with a chance to win it all, if OL is healthy this year.
  12. lukin2006

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    We will miss the playoffs and finish 3rd in the division. Mike McCarthy is a fraud. Prescott will have an average year at best…

    as far as I’m concerned this offence will continue to be held back by slow, fat Elliot. The D will get held back because this team still think Smith and LVE are starters in this league..Until this franchise operates like professionals..Nothing changes.
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  13. LittleD

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    How do you know that at this point in time. We haven't had OTA's or TC yet. How many injuries are we going to suffer in TC or pre-season games. Dak going down early will totally sink the season and with our OL history, he might not last long. My guess is that this team will languish again this year and for several more years just like the last 25 years.
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  14. kevinhickey

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    The Jones have fooled me before with the teams sale pitch. I will give you a wait and see approach to the season. I still see holes in the teams lineup.
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  15. MountaineerCowboy

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    I think us perfectly healthy still goes 7-10 or 8-9.

    We are not a good team. I don't see how anyone can look at 2019 and 2020 and think we are any kind of contender.

    Zeke is not getting any younger.
    We have no idea how Dak will play after the injury. We have no idea how it will affect him mentally even if he is 100% physically.
    The O-Line is not getting any younger.
    The defense is still the defense. A bunch of rookies and injured FA are not an immediate answer to the problem. Even if it is improved it is still not a good defense.
    McCarthy is just not got me optimistic. I'm not a fan at all of him so far.
    Dak has got to show up against good teams. His numbers against good competition compared to bad competition is very concerning.
    If the offense does not help the defense in the first 2 1/2 quarters then nothing matters. The offense has got to sustain some drives BEFORE our opponents go up 3 TDs on us and starts playing soft defense. All those empty stats mean nothing.
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  16. MountaineerCowboy

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    1. Yeah, and he's not getting any younger.
    2. Yeah, and he got 40 million a year for it.
    3. Improve? The defense was top 12 in 2019 and we still went 8-8.
    4. Like Zeke, the O-Line is not getting any younger.
    5. Jaylon is an issue within a bigger issue.
    6. LVE is not built to play professional football.
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  17. Streetwise

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  18. visionary

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    Noisemaker in the Playoffs

  19. reddyuta

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    The Defense can be a disaster again,let that sink in.we are relying on rookies(many of them havent played in more than a year) to bring the D back from historic ineptitude. The lack of critical FA spending will doom this D again.
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    Noisemaker in Playoffs! Or to quote the great Paula Abdul "Straight Up"!! 13-4

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