Which Cowboy do you like more: DeMarco Murray or Zeke Elliott

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by D4KADON, Feb 6, 2021.

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    Lol...”Murray was business over team” vs the 1st guy ever to hold out with 2 years left on his contract until he was paid as the highest RB ever.

    “Murrays attitude rubbed me the wrong way” vs “zeke seems like a good dude now” when the latter pulled up a woman's top up in public, assaulted a DJ, had to be restrained from assaulting another DJ, initiated physical contact with a security guard and admitted to being high and drunk while supposedly “recovering from COVID all during or after being accused of and suspended for domestic violence against a woman. The latter two incidents were somewhat recent.

    I think you’ve been getting “low key faded” with zeke too often. C’mon now.
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  2. blueblood70

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    not really Bailey missed 2 fgs and the no catch on dez summed up our jinx and curse as it continues today..could have blown them out but lost..yups..circa 1996 TY football gods !!:angry::thumbdown:
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  3. aria

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    If that was the case you figure he would lead the league in broken tackles and yards after contact, he was below average in both categories. The myth lives on.
  4. InTheZone

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    I'm not going to argue against your petty opinion of Zeke. IDGAF what he and his GF did in public and neither should you. As for the DJ stuff I'm not going to just take your word for what happened, but if you care to site sources of info I'd have no problem reading into it.

    As for DV, we can all say the gold digger is a lying *****. Doesn't mean he's completely innocent, but there's enough there to support his case rather than hers in all that we know. I'm not going to argue anymore about zeke, but feel free to cite me some sources for the DJ incidents, I do remember there being mixed reports and details.
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  5. starfan1

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    Those my only 2 choices? I’ll take Murray heck I’d take Hambrick over Zeke
  6. Aviano90

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    Murray being business over team is simply laughable. He was offering the “home town discount” our fans covet from all of our players now. Dallas screwed the pooch with Murray.
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  7. blueblood70

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    i cant see who you are respondign to because its likely i have those tools blocked LOL

    i loik how posters continue to try and downplay zekes greatness and every time i have to pull up stats that disprove their theory's..

    Murray was great back , sure

    he played in 99 games with 3 teams as pro has 7100 yards and 49 td a 4.5 YPc avg and 307 receptions 2165 receiving yards thats 7.1 ypc in 7 seasons

    zeke in 5 seasons

    71 games 1 team 6384 yards at 4.5ypc and 45td 241 receptions 1957 yards at 8.1 ypc

    that 5 years with his year being horrible because of many factors and the 6 game suspension , zeke nearly has done i 5 season what DM did in 7..those above said DM was better receiver, not true stats dont lie zeke scored nearly as many td in 2 less seasons and a 6 games suspended season..

    just saying..stop the zeke hate because you dont like his as person..hes already top 54 DC RB of all time and climbing..if you see the list that hes on thats impressive no matter what you think of him as person..how many great RBs have went through here since 1960 and in 5 years hes 4th already..
  8. Big D

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    How is Murray a traitor?
  9. blueblood70

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    left for a hated division rival over very little difference in contract offers i believe money was the same years were off a yr. That why ..anything else?

    he got what he deserve chip Kelley LMAO
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  10. John813

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    Well he was the reason.

    Garrett and Romos idea of chucking the ball most of the time lead to 8-8 seasons. Riding Murray in 14 ate clock, extended drives and made defenses actually respect a run game leading to Romos most efficient year

    Can you blame a man for wanting to get paid what he thinks he's worth?

    He went to the eagles as his college buddy was there and well they offered stupid money. Smart move on his part.
    Got traded and then crashed in again with the titans, and had a good year there.
  11. John813

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    Cowboys offered him 4 years 16 mil before 14. After 14 they offered 4yrs 24mil.

    Eagles gave him 5 years 42 mil with 18mil Gtd.

  12. aria

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    Besides myself and at least one or two others knowing people who worked at the club or directly with the club who said they saw it and he 100% did it, why not try using common sense?

    -no security footage existed inside a prominent nightclub; do you think if I walked in and punched zeke in the face that there would be ZERO footage?

    -no one knew who did it. There are a couple reports saying he did and didn’t, but a club full of people with a famous athlete there and the majority of people didn’t see anything. lol, ok. Again, I 100% guarantee you that if someone walked in and laid out zeke there would be plenty of footage and eye witnesses.

    -no one was arrested. So even security/bouncers didn’t see who did it, yeah, sure.

    -DJ Train (the victim) said he didn’t know who hit him because he was intoxicated yet he had the wherewithal to give police false identification information shortly after

    -why would DJ Train give the police false contact information and literally disappear for a few weeks shortly after?

    -zeke had to be held back by teammates in Vegas (AFTER THIS INCIDENT) from attacking another DJ; zeke initiated physical contact with a security guard (AFTER THIS INCIDENT); you don’t see a pattern, do you?

    *To sum it up for you one more time. A DJ gets knocked out at a bar standing right near arguably the most famous current athlete in Dallas AT a crowded bar in Dallas (who has a history of violence), no one saw anything, security didn’t kick anyone out or apprehend anyone, there is zero security footage, the DJ says he doesn’t know who hit him because he was intoxicated but not intoxicated enough to give police false contact information and coincidentally “disappears” shortly after. Sure buddy.

    Any other person walks into a crowded bar and knocks someone out at in a prominent Dallas club, especially one with a famous athlete in attendance, I promise you they wouldn’t be walking out and there would be plenty of security footage and personal footage. If he did that in any other city I promise you there WOULD be security footage AND personal footage. I worked security at clubs and concert venues of all different sizes and not once did someone get assaulted without the assailant being identified and held until police arrived, let alone a high end crowded club with “celebrities” there. IMOF, we even paid more attention to celebrities because we know people would often try to harass them for autographs, photographs, etc. But nope, these security guards nor the other customers saw a thing. NO ONE, not zeke, not santa clause, NO ONE.

    Go ahead and say there’s no proof so that means he’s innocent, you probably think Casey Anthony and OJ were innocent as well :rolleyes: I bet zeke could spit in your face, you would say he sneezed and tell him bless you.

    So after you’re done answering my questions, tell me specifically what Murray did that was worse than all the things I mentioned and you didn’t acknowledge that zeke did?

    *BTW, if you noticed I never said zeke was guilty of assaulting his girlfriend, did I? I just mentioned he was doing these other things before and after being accused. Whether he was innocent or not, how stupid do you have to be to commit that type of behavior and put your team and career at risk when you’re already under a microscope or have been suspended? She’s a selfish, entitled, diva, bully, idiot.
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  13. Melonfeud

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    #21,,, regardless,,, hands down :star:
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  14. Whyjerry

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    Murray. By a mile. Zeke is unlikable.
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  15. StarBoyz83

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    Murray was ok. 14 he was elite other than that nothing really special. like all the rbs since the 90s. Until zeke.
  16. DallasDW00ds0n

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  17. Idgit

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    Elliott is a much better player. I liked Murray better as a personality, but going to the Eagles out of spite means I can’t vote for him in good conscience. So, neither?
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  18. Aviano90

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    Didn’t he go to the Eagles because he had a personal relationship with Sam Bradford since they were college roommates and Bradford was recruiting him?
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  19. MyFairLady

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    Chub Chub is a fat little thief who quit on the team.
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