Who are you pulling for?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Doomsday101, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    AFC: Cinn vs KC NFC: LAR vs SF who are you pulling for?

    Myself hoping to see Cinn vs Rams in the SB.

    Like Borrow a lot coming out of LSU and Stafford, would like to see him get the monkey off his back.
  2. ShortRound

    ShortRound Well-Known Member

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    Burrow, cause he's on the underdog team.
    Stafford, cause I used to live in Michigan and like the guy.

    Don't really hate any of the teams now that Rodgers is out.
  3. Ranching

    Ranching Benched

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    Dallas Texans!
  4. MajesticRey

    MajesticRey Well-Known Member

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    In this order:
    1. Cincy
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Kansas City
    4. #%%*%#
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  5. Cowpolk

    Cowpolk Landry Hat

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    Chiefs and Rams
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  6. Hagman

    Hagman Put Niland and Green in the ROH

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    In order of preference:

    1. Cincinnati--I have relatives in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Aside from a addiction to Ohio State, they are decent folk. Besides, what have the Bengals ever done to offend anyone except for sucking to their own fans? And they've never won a Super Bowl.
    2. Rams--I generally don't root for California teams, but I came to appreciate the "Greatest Show on Turf" when they were in St Louis. Plus Stafford seems like a good ol' boy.
    3. Kansas City--I live in Missouri, so please football gods don't let them win another one. Their fans are some of the chirpiest creatures on the planet and life will be miserable if they win another Super Bowl I do however like and admire Mahomes, so I am somewhat conflicted.
    4. 49ers--I rather have the earth open up and swallow me whole that watch them win another title.
  7. maryquality

    maryquality Well-Known Member

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    Rooting for Cincy and the Rams. Hopefully I didn't jinx either of them as I seem to have a knack of rooting for teams that lose! LOL :p
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  8. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard

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    Why do I have to "pull" for someone? I'm a neutral observer just watching for the love of the game.
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    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    Cincinnati because Cincinnati chili sucks. Those folks up there should at least have a Super Bowl Champion if they're forced to eat crap chili.
  10. _sturt_

    _sturt_ Well-Known Member

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    It's entertainment... I'm pulling for 31-28 with 5 minutes left, regardless. ;)
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  11. MajesticRey

    MajesticRey Well-Known Member

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    You can simply say you’re not pulling for any specific team, problem solved.
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  12. CouchCoach

    CouchCoach Moderator

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    Because that's what the thread asked and you came into the thread. NOW, JOE, WHO ARE YOU PULLING FOR?
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  13. Stash

    Stash Well-Known Member

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    Same for me.

    It was going to be AFC all the way if Buffalo held on. Both franchises have waited a long time.

    Now it’s Cincinnati.
  14. buddieluver

    buddieluver Well-Known Member

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    Going for Bengals.
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  15. CWR

    CWR Well-Known Member

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    Bengals, Rams or KC, then 9ers.
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  16. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

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  17. Fritsch_the_cat

    Fritsch_the_cat Well-Known Member

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    I see what you did there.
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  18. CouchCoach

    CouchCoach Moderator

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    Bengals because I cannot stand Reid, Mahomes, Kelsey or Hill and they've never won one and won their first playoff game in 31 years and their first ever road playoff game last weekend. I also think that will help soothe the pain of the CFP for their Bearcats, a welcome addition to the CFP.

    And the Rams because they only have one and I like Stafford and would like to see him get a ring after being such a good Lion for such a long time. And I would like for Booger to see Kronke getting a ring after they traded for Stafford, Ramsey, Miller and picked up Beckham. They didn't sit back and went for the gold.
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  19. Fritsch_the_cat

    Fritsch_the_cat Well-Known Member

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    Same here. I will say they have earned my respect.

    Gotta go with Cincy. If not them KC, but I'm sick of hearing about Mahomes.
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  20. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    I can't stand the Rams or 49ers. Hope they kill each other. Doesn't matter to me who wins the AFC. Thats who I'm rooting for in the SB.
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