Who here was fooled?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboybish, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. 75boyz

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    Pat my back and check my posts from day one mention of this sap's hire.

    And no,
    they still wouldn't win anything even if Dak was healthy with this same coaching staff so stop lying to yourselves.

    Fraud. Always has been. Our resident MMObserver has all those eye catching back story links on all the behind the scenes stuff about him that happened in GB.
    It was an extremely poor choice that gets worse the longer he and his DC buddy stay.
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  2. FiveSuperBowls

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    I was good with MM, but then when Moore stayed as OC and Nolan was hired, I convinced myself , everything is going to be ok. Nope fooled. Why hire an offensive minded coach and keep an OC, then hire a DC with a bad record.

    Jerry should have hired a DC minded coach if your keeping Moore.
  3. Blake

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    My expectations were tempered, but atleast expected a culture change.
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  4. Wolf2k5

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    May this point that’s the scenario I’m hoping for. Prob beat giants again and that’s it
  5. rnr_honeybadger

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    Exactly what innovation would you like when the players are demanding that things be simplified. That pretty much signals that these dummies have no capacity for anything more nuanced than the basics, and they suck at even that.
  6. budsboys

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    Most of were fooled if we would just admit it I wasn’t sold since week 2
  7. stasheroo

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    This is just a guess on my part, but I think that there are a few players on this team who are treated as "Untouchable", and they know it and act accordingly. Guys who are grossly underperforming expectations but making big money. Guys who can't be traded or cut. And I think the internal dysfunction has effectively neutered the coaching. Players don't have to listen because there's nothing a coach can do to them. They won't be cut, traded, or sat down, no matter what they do.
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  8. Corso

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    Somebody in the FO decided it would be a great idea to restructure certain players that really should be feeling the heat, but they don't because it would be a death sentence on the cap to do anything.
    Nice job Stevie.
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  9. Pantone282C

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    Today was the Seppuku ritual for the team that was once the proud Cowboys.
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  10. mmohican29

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    I was optimistic. I remained optimistic through the Atlanta game.

    Then the 1st half vs Cleveland happened and I realized that without Dak this team is a 6 win team tops IF healthy.

    Then Dak, Tyron,and Zach happened. We now have the worst roster in the NFL bar none and will draft #1 overall.

    We also have a culture problem on the club that is embarrassing and not easily fixed given contract status of paid players who are mailing it in @ this point.
  11. Pantone282C

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    Talk about no accountability - you have hit the nail with a sledgehammer.
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  12. stasheroo

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    Oh, but he does a 'fantastic job', don'tcha know!?!

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  13. SSoup

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    The offense was great. We assumed the new special teams coach was going to make the special teams good at the very least.

    I even understand the optimism people had with the defense, figuring the swarm of pass-rushers (Lawrence, Griffen, Aldon, Gregory) and LVE coming back would make the defense harder to face. And that's before you factor in most people assuming it should automatically be an upgrade going from a lousy basic Tampa 2 coach like Marinelli to someone who actually believes in scheming to create pressure and confusion.

    If the o-line and Dak stayed healthy, it actually might've all come together and worked.

    It's quite possible that by December, we've got LVE and Lee and Chido all healthy and playing well. It's quite possible that Griffen finally rounds himself into game shape and is playing as well as he used to. And Gregory gets back into game shape and looks as good as he looked before, too. Our defense could rise to the point of being average but specializing in getting after quarterbacks (which is probably the best thing to specialize in if you have to choose one thing). If all that happened and our defense was being paired with the great offense we had before? And if the special teams also are good like we expected with the new special teams coach, so they're helping us instead of ever hurting us?

    We could've made noise. I understand what the optimists were thinking or hoping.
  14. Brax

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    I believed the team to be a 7-9 to 9-7 team. I like most was fooled, I expected mediocre but with the new staff wow just terrible.
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  15. 75boyz

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    Well there's 2 of us.
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  16. Brax

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  17. JoeKing

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  18. Risen Star

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    I tried to prepare you guys but you pretty much think you know everything.
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  19. 75boyz

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    Yep I remember You and I posted on our predictions before the season even started. With everyone healthy. You were at 7-9. I was at 6-10.

    Guess we were way off, lol
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  20. Floatyworm

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    Nolan was always a concern....knew something wasn't right the minute we hired him....and he ran a 3-4 defense. Kept hearing....multiple fronts...yada..yada...yada. Then we sign Aldon Smith....bizarre...Poe...let Quinn go...do nothing @ safety...banking on Lee to return...Gregory....Jesus...all the signs were there we were gonna be a train wreck. Now...the few nice pieces we do have on defense...gonna be tainted....Never understood the Nolan hire...then we hire 4-3 guys like Edwards...and then sign Griffen who was strictly a 4-3 guy.

    If you ask me...McCarthy never had a plan....or his plan was to have a disaster so big... that he could take more control....and burn this thing to the ground.
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