Who's drafting these terrible dlinemen?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mobinvans, Sep 19, 2019.

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    They've had numerous chances, but they only draft tall guys and ignore any player who might be able to simply hold his ground!!!!
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    That paper bag has nose tits
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    these are well paid professionals who should be "in charge" of themselves
    they are also young and under tremendous pressure, some get stronger, some break
    almost every player good enough to get to camp has the physical ability and a pretty good work ethic to get there

    "they cut themselves", so Hill's not a failure - pushing rookies on the field - like Conner last year, that failed

    what's odd in Taco's case is he was a R1 pick and from what we saw in preseason he was our 2nd best DE
    I never once heard he didn't show, or violated team or NFL rules, no fights, no dope ... he ain't dumb
    he showed up in shape and performed well enough on field to earn more playing time

    aside from that all we know is Taco wanted out, and we have no real idea why?

    It seems Taco was originally ticked he wasn't playing more, most wouldn't feel like that if they weren't out performing people playing in front of them - odds are something real ugly was said out of ear shot of the press, something which can't be reconciled

    he may play Sunday - the Dolphins replaced Quinn dirt cheap
    while we're wondering if Quinn will play and if Randy will put the vape down and if Jackson ...

    no offense but blaming Rod (who I never liked) for that is baseless
    BTW, it is entirely possible for two sides to both do what they consider morally prudent and still be at odds
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    We still ran a 3-4
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    Way to early to judge Hill. Give him 2 years then we can know more. Taco well he is just soft.
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    I can't understand why people are putting Hill in the conversation with Taco. Hill is a rookie that hasn't even been in the NFL to week 3 yet. For goodness sake allow these players to show what they can do first.
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    Agreed. This thread has brought renewed attention to the 'ignore' feature. I'm going to have to use it on a poster or two here.

    Some feel the need to hate and blame and presume, all while we are 2-0. Got no time for it.
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    It's b/c Thornhill is already showing out in KC. The Cowboys are ready to win now. They needed to draft an immediate contributor, not a project.

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    Completely Wrong.

    No work ethic issues will Hill.

    It'a actually completely opposite.

    He was considered a high motor player by both college coaching staffs.

    I posted the interview with his D-Coordinator feom his final season which was the DC from the coaching staff that people claimed had issues with Hill. The DC was very complementary of Hill even after the interviewer (Ed Werder) tried to get him to criticize Hill. Werder kept quoting one liner comments from "unnamed" sources trying to make it appear that there were issues with Hill.

    The only issues were that the new Head Coach blocked Hill from transferring to where the previous coaching staff had gone and Hill got upset about. Hill was also reluctant to believe the new coaches when they said the previous coaches methods were wrong.
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    Hill is just a weird story. Scott Frost left to take the job at Nebraska. He didn't jell with the new coaching staff and only started one game (started 13 the year before). Despite the lack of starts he still put up solid numbers as a Junior. He's a project that needed a Senior season but didn't want to be benched as a former starter. We shall see. 2018 stats:

    • Played in 12 games, starting one
    • Made 36 total tackles, his single-season career-high
    • Had two carries for one yard and one touchdown
    • Recorded his career-high three sacks for the season
    • Named to the 2018 Bronko Nagurski Trophy Watch List, the 2018 preseason Outland Trophy Watch List, and the Bednarik Award Watch List
    • UConn (8/30): Made four tackles with two for a loss of three total yards
    • SMU (10/6): Recorded his first collegiate points with a one-yard rush and made a tackle for a loss of four yards
    • ECU (10/20): Registered one sack for a loss of five yards and made two total tackles
    • Temple (11/1): Had two sacks for a loss of 14 yards and made three tackles
    • Memphis (12/1): Had six total tackles, his single game career-high, and three for a loss of eight yards
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    The "Usual Suspects"......

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    Off topic: How do you guys post these pics and some gifs without having to use another website source like I have to by using imgur like this?

    Wish I knew how to post pics and gifs like you guys without having to use a separate pics/gifs collecting/sharing outside source like I have to.
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    Totally agree
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    I have a theory that everyone is invested in the Dline Whisperer Narrative, so we've been flying into the teeth of poor RKG evaluations for the dline. Last 3 dline second round picks and above: Gregory, Taco, Hill.
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    How can you say Hill is a bust. He hasnt even played yet. Lol. They are going to make sure he knows what he is doing in this system before they throw him out there. Not all DT are donald and suh. Taco was making improvement in everything but his attitude. He played really well in preseason but he already did what he did. All he wants to do is be a situational pass rusher.
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    Here we go again.
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    The truth be told we do a great job of evaluating talent.
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