Who's drafting these terrible dlinemen?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mobinvans, Sep 19, 2019.

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    It's either true or its not that Gregory was evaluated a good player coming out of college and that it is a fact that he is a good player. He not being able to play now has nothing to do with that evaluation of his talent coming out of college.
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  2. visionary

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    Now imagine Rod was not our DC

    Instead of Taco we take Watt
    Instead of Hill we take Thornhill

    Imagine this defense with those 2

    These stupid picks have real long term implications
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    Another swing and a miss.

    More facts for you, since you either don't know or don't care to admit it.

    The entire league knew that Randy Gregory was talented. The Cowboys didn't "evaluate" that talent better than anyone else.

    The rest of the league knew about Randy Gregory's issues off the field. That's why they passed. They properly evaluated that those issues didn't warrant drafting him. So, if anyone improperly evaluated him, it would be the team that used a 2nd round pick on him where everyone knew the risks involved.

    Let me know if you need any more education on this. I'm happy to help.
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    RM wanted the soft taco. He needed help on the line and over reached. He then fired the underachiever. I like RM the coach. Not a huge fan of RM the draft guru. Hire an old school DLine expert to help manage the Dline evaluation and stick to the damn draft board.
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    You literally just described Leighton Vander Esch
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    Didnt they have him as an OLB?
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    We do a great job of finding the most talented players with strange problems that keep them from helping us on the field
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    This is a great example of excuse making

    Watt was there when we picked Taco
    Thornhill was there when we picked Hill

    We made those bad decisions because of Rod and the stupidity of the FO to listen to his nonsense
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  9. visionary

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    Week 3, season 3


  10. OmerV

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    Fans tend to like one stop destinations for their finger pointing, but the reality is no one person gets to make the choice. If they did, that one person would be Jerry.

    The belief is generally that Marinelli is responsible, and while he may be partly responsible, to put it all on him is an oversimplification. I think every pick has to pass the muster with McClay and his staff to even be considered, and then Jerry/Stephen/Jason obviously have the option to override any choice coming from someone lower on the food chain.

    As for Hill, it's a bit premature to call him terrible, but I admit to being uneasy about the pick.
  11. atlantacowboy

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    That is not true in Dallas. Linehan calls the DL shots. We draft anyone on the DL without Linehan's approval. Thats his area of expertise.
  12. CowboysWillRise

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    Mcclay was in the group that wanted Taco though. Im not bad mouthing him, but he was part of the problem this time. They took a lesser player because of length and fit. Hopefully they learn from this.
  13. OmerV

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    That's Marinelli (I know you knew that), but while it may be true that a D-Lineman needs to be approved by Marinelli, that doesn't mean he alone is making the choice. It's still the same process - McClay and his staff evaluate players, the coaches look at the players and make their own recommendation, and Jerry/Stephen/Jason weigh the needs and the evaluations and recommendations and decide who to pick.
  14. Idgit

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    We’re you under the impression I thought busts don’t happen in the NFL?

    Or are you just popping off in favor of snap judgements because you really think two weeks into a season is enough time to evaluate a player? You’re jumping to conclusions, again, because you want to be the first to be “right” about something to complain about. That’s fine. Just don’t ask me to hold your hand and tell you how smart you are along the way. You’re just guessing at this point.
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    Except for mine, from '96 till about 2014 they flushed my feelings, cleaned them out of the gutters and used the manure spreader to distribute me around the pasture.:flagwave:
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  16. Idgit

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    I don’t know what this was supposed to mean.
  17. GMO415

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    Bingo. This moron drafted that worthless Taco
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    Our system is dictating to some extent the qualities we want in a D-lineman.

    If you listen to Marinelli, and even D-Law in interviews its all about the get off, one gapping, and meeting the RB on the way to the QB.

    This is the system the team has adopted for the d-line. This more than anything else dictates the requirements for the type of player.

    Teams prior to the Dallas pick dictate who isn't available.

    Then from what we can read in the news articles there is a discussion by everyone on whom they should consider. Everyone gets to pound the table for their player.

    In the past it seems to me that Jerry decided from the debate. Now I don't really know because it was stated that Jerry's interest in Manziel was negated. Does someone else really have the final hammer.

    I can only believe when it comes to d-lineman the team asks Marinelli things like what he sees, and does he feel he can reach out to the kid and coach him up.

    But ultimately deciding between a d-end or another position wouldn't be Rod in my opinion.
  19. OmerV

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    Funny, I thought Jerry ran the team? Did Marinelli drug Jerry, Stephen, Jason and McClay before the first round started?
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    How dare they treat people as people and not like the Madden GMs on this board.
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