Why all the negativity?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Jun 11, 2021.

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    Serious question....I was a player or coach for 36years and every year brought new hope. We busted our butts in the weight room, film room, 7 on 7 tournaments and by the time the season started we had hope. We had some great years and some bad years, but none of the teams that I was involved with ever quit, cry, pout....as a fan, I get the frustration, but why all the negatives? Why make yourself miserable? What's wrong with just enjoying it and not complain about things you have no control of?
    It's cool to have different options and outlooks....I actually enjoy reading a lot of the negative posts, it's pretty comical. To each their own, I guess....I just don't get it.
    Salud! I'll enjoy a drink while some of you start attacking me! Lol! Be happy!
  2. Diehardblues

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    Why would we complain about anything in this world we don’t have control over?
  3. freemanjc19

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    I think some of us have just lost hope with this team and the negativity is really just venting their frustration. That about all it really is.
  4. DakPresgoat

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    I’m having flashbacks to the “tankers” thread lol

    On that note. I feel hopeful the cowboys can improve and make the playoffs this year. Who knows what can happen

    I do think the Jones boys have earned every single ounce of criticism though. So let’s keep that coming.
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  5. john van brocklin

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    It how the zone rolls lol
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  6. john van brocklin

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  7. john van brocklin

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    Can see that
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  8. visionary

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    1 playoff win in 5 years with this QB
    No NFCCG appearances in 25 years
    One of only 3 NFC teams to not even make it to the NFCCGin 20+ years
    Forget about SBs in 25 years

    Why the “positivity” would be a better question
  9. CowboyRoy

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    To vent!

    That's like asking why you would celebrate something you didn't control?
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  10. Blackthorn

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    I can only speak for myself. I expect the Cowboys to win the Superbowl. I am praying that TB12 makes it through the first game. I expect Micah to end his career. I am sure Micah is going to make a statement. I also expect LVE and Jaylon will play all year like rabid dogs.

    The offense will run like a high performance engine while the defense will show the biggest improvement in the history of the NFL.

    Go Dallas!!!
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  11. Aviano90

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    Apparently Cowboys fans want to discuss whether someone's opinion is negative or positive more than they want to just discuss football.
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  12. Runwildboys

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    It's hard not to be negative with Garrett coaching this...Oh wait, never mind!
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  13. cowboy_ron

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    Go Cowboys
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  14. JoeKing

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    I don't start many arguments but I find myself drawn into a few. It's something to do until the season starts. I guess I should be more chill.
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  15. DakPresgoat

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    Let’s call a spade and spade.

    We have a GM and president of football operations

    who would have both been fired many years ago, based solely off their merit.

    If that GM wasn’t the owner and guy running football operations wasn’t his son.

    Based solely off merit and performance. They would both have been canned a long time ago and wouldn’t even be close to hired by any other teams.

    Those guys deserve every single ounce of criticism they get. Every single ounce.

    That doesn’t mean I try to not be hopeful and look toward the future. But there are a lot of very real and very deserved criticisms that can be levied at the organization and how it has been run for decades now.
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  16. rocyaice

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    Its easier for people in this world to be upset and pessimistic then it is to be a fan.
  17. CouchCoach

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    Better to be negative about something this trivial than something in real life.

    The assumption I do not like is the one where people try to establish how posters are in their real life based on an opinion of a football team. "You think the Cowboys suck, you must be a miserable person to be around".

    I just happen to think the Cowboys are going to win the East and just might get past the division round. I mean it has to eventually happen, doesn't it? Why not this season? If I am wrong, I am wrong, no harm, no foul.

    The bottom line is their season doesn't affect my season. I used to have my ego all twisted around this team and that was not pleasant for me or anyone around me.

    If they go 4-13 or win it all, makes 0 difference in my life. This sport is a pass time.

    Have you guys figured out how much aggregate time we spend on here as opposed to actually watching them play? They will play, actually play, 17 hours this regular season. I can do that in 2 days here. I ain't right in the head, I tell ya!
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  18. Sydla

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    25 years. 5 total playoff wins.

    There’s your answer.
  19. Haimerej

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    Funny enough, the most negativity I see is between fans who can’t disagree with each other amicably. I like how you're taking every season as a new one and hopeful.

    True, there's nothing to mope about right now. Who knows what this season will bring? But surely you can relate to the fan who loves their team but isn't exactly, "on the wagon," as far as the outlook. You of all people can’t begrudge them for expressing their pessimistic opinion, right? I wouldn't be surprised if at one time nearly half your posts were a variant of, "Garrett sucks."
  20. Haimerej

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    I read recently it's something like 10-12 minutes per game of actual playing.
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