Why all the negativity?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Jun 11, 2021.

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    I honestly think it's trendy to be negative about the team. Some posters are so good at this that it's kind of the 'in' thing to do

    Hate it, to be honest. I love this time of year especially for the optimism. Leave the negativity for the season.
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    ah yes... the good old NON SALARY CAP DAYS....... just like going to the movies for a nickel, those days are long gone.
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  4. aikemirv

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    Your right, there have, but they almost all had dominant defenses
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  5. conner01

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    You’ve been here long enough to know that some here are always negative
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  6. Runwildboys

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    Mostly, yes, but the point is, you don't necessarily have to be an elite QB to be good enough to make it to the SB. I think Dak is good enough, as long as his receivers and defense aren't too much to overcome.
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  7. CowboysFaninHouston

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    Usually trolls. Looking for social interaction they lack in life. Most can't even put a logical argument together.
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  8. Blackrain

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    Serious answer

    I believe much of the negativity comes from fans not wanting to resign themselves to the fact that the lack of talent in the front office is an obstacle the team just can't overcome no matter how many years go by. Fans just seem unwilling to keep their expectations at a level that the players and coaches can achieve while being saddled with the Jones .

    One playoff win is the ceiling make it your SB and enjoy a lot of good football right up to the point where everybody is really good and then expect and accept the outcome as the norm for a team run by a substandard front office and be content with the fact that it wont change without new ownership . Fans need embrace to fact that there are a lot of Jones in line to inherit this team after Jerry is long gone and unless one of them sells the team the football we have is what we got .
    So hey Im going to enjoy the team and players while understanding the constraints they play under and adjust my expectations accordingly so I can enjoy the season
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  9. MaineBoy

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    Oh please, buy yourself a clue. Trolls ? Try the term “Realists”. They see the fact that there is a 25 and counting year body of proof that Jerry and his son Jethro cannot build a playoff or championship winning team. Period. End of story. It doesn’t matter who is coaching, playing QB, who is drafted, or what free agents are signed. It’s a perverted game of “Whack A Mole”: in any given season the offense is good but defense sucks, or special teams suck, or stupid coaching hires with their idiot game management decisions and antiquated schemes. Or bargain basement free agents, or giving big contracts to the wrong players. Get your crayons and put on your feet pajamas and keep coloring your Cowboys Will Win coloring book instead of calling the grown ups who can handle the facts Trolls.
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  10. DakPresgoat

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    Yeah…. And those people who fail get criticized regularly and lose their jobs…… except Jerry and Stephen don’t lose their jobs.
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  11. Kwyn

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    I’m reminded of Roosevelt’s famous speech

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  12. Ranching

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    Realists? Nah! Trolls sounds about right! Lol!
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  13. MaineBoy

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    Don’t get upset, Little Man - this is the year they win it all ! Lol...
  14. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    There are over 100 of us on this forum. You'll piss blood before you can get that many people to unify their opinions, points of view, and/or perspectives.Our front office cannot even do that, just look at our last draft.

    At best guess...
    Someone wanted small and quick coverage players, hence the drafting of Cox and Joseph.

    Someone thought we still need to get pressure up the middle, so they drafted Osa Odighizuwa.

    Someone thought we need to get bigger in our front seven, so Parsons, Bohanna and Golston were drafted.

    Someone thought tall lengthy DB's would be better than small quick DB's, so Wright and Mukuamu were drafted.

    So, our last draft is basically our GM trying to appease different mindsets, opinions and desires. And if our front office can't commit to a single mindset or pedigree, what makes anyone think us fans can?
    So I have no problem with the differences in opinions about players and coaches. I just would like to see discussion instead of arguments. And the name calling brought to a minimal. Just because we can't agree doesn't mean we need to argue.
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  15. BotchedLobotomy

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    We're all just a miserable lot
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  16. Hardline

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    Why all the negativity????
    This team has earned it.
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  17. Blackrain

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    I hear you brother spot on , but you gotta laugh I mean the only reason we have a good QB is because we couldnt get the bad ones that are out of football that we really wanted and had to settle for Dak . What a hoot !! But hey sometimes its better to be lucky than good . Its just a shame there isnt enough luck in the world to overcome Jerry and his offspring to make it through the whole tournament .
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  18. Corso

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    I think his main theme is:
    Why would you guys obsess over something that makes you so unhappy all the time?
    It's not healthy, be happy.

    I would answer:
    Because I care.
    I really want them to win and see that things are done in a way that doesn't represent winning.
    They represent everything other than winning.

    That makes me upset because I want to see my Team continue to expand upon it's vaunted Legacy.
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  19. waving monkey

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    doubting Thomas disciples is a way of life for some
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  20. Rockport

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    I get it Ranch. There are some people out there who are always negative. You know the type. You go to a party or family gathering or just a get together with friends. There’s always a handful who do nothing but complain. It’s how they live. It’s what makes them happy. It’s their character. They can’t change because it’s their DNA. It’s sad but it’s reality.
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