Why all the negativity?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Jun 11, 2021.

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    Because I don't take this stuff seriously. Some of you guys act like those that are critical of the team, log off this site, go sit in a dark room in their house and cry, or that they hit their kids or dogs out of Cowboys frustration, or are grouchy in real life, etc.

    That's not the case. I like Cowboys football. It pisses me off that Jerry has squandered 25 years of some pretty good players with his arrogance and stupidity. But when a game ends or I am not on this board, my life is great. I coach my kids' sports, I play golf with friends (just got back from a nice golf trip with my father and some of his friends), yesterday afternoon my 6 year old boy and I played a quick 9 holes of golf, we went to great neighborhood party last night, etc. Cowboys football doesn't consume me. Call me the Jaylon Smith of fans, if you must. I have way too many off the field things to do and entertain myself than focus on the Cowboys 24/7 and let the fact they have largely been disappointing for a long period to bother me.

    But as long as I am a Cowboys fan, I am going to call it like I see it. And as I see it, we are in a pretty shoddy run here of a quarter century and it doesn't appear Jerry and Stephen are any closer to figuring out how to build a SB winner than they were when they first decided they were going to handle everything after Jimmy was sent packing.
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    People don't want to believe yet again and feel like a fool when the team ends up bad again.

    We know firsthand how emotionally involving the game can be, and people need an outlet one way or another from the results.

    Many personalities, many reactions, and this happens to be a space that welcomes that.

    The worst violation by FAR around here is not "negative" comments, or blind homerism.....its the disrespect of another humans OPINION, which is never wrong by definition.

    Considering there's a feature to literally ignore everyone that doesn't share your POV if that's what one wishes to do.....there should be little to no conflict at all around here.

    Yet, no.....

    Here's an idea......let's show up deep into the playoffs for a change and watch both negativity and conflict reduced to a minimum.
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  3. Reid1boys

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    Ever hear of a bell shaped curve?

    Billy BOy did exactly what I said he was gonna do when Brady went bye bye. Same with the great Phil Jackson when he didnt have Jordan, Shaq, or Kobe on is roster. Same with Jimmy Johnson, George Seifert, Andy Reid and on and on and on. 37.5% of all nfl teams have ZERO Super Bowl wins..... not since 1995, but EVER!

    Using the Patriots as some example on how to do things is a joke. How many coaches learned the great Patriot way only to get hired and SUCK at their new home?
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  4. Batman1980

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    The great coach way is to have either a franchise QB and a decent defense or a decent QB and a franchise defense. That is the way it's always been, with few exceptions.
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  5. daboyzruleperiod

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    This website has long been reactive to what has happened in the past. By that, I'm referring to our history since the Cowboys became an NFL team. This team was blessed with ownership, coaching and general leadership that saw it become a team of legendary status.

    Sixty-one years later, those memories haunt our fans to no end. Collectively this team's fandom can't bring itself to forget what once was and try to make the most of what is by clinging to hope for the future.

    A good portion of the blame might well be attributed to the lack of front office leadership that exists in the here and now. I think many of us need to put the past where it belongs and look to the future with some semblance of hope.

    We currently have a head coach with significant experience on the offensive side of the ball. We also have a defensive coordinator who has gained the confidence of the players and many of us. That, in itself should help to bring our mindsets to a better place.

    Despite the weakness of our front office, is it remotely possible that we'll change things enough to find success in the present? If so, perhaps it's high time to forget the past and look to a future with hope of better things to come. Let's try to consider it, ok? It might help to assume a brighter outlook. I'm willing to bet we'll be glad if we do. ;)
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  7. Whirlwin

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    It’s called ***** envy. Some of these fans. Our part time. They don’t understand that football is a way of life
  8. daboyzruleperiod

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    Oh stop handsome. You KNOW I was only pulling your string, um chain, um Waldo. :muttley:
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    I dont anymore, Im much older, but I will admit back in the early 90's I was so hard core that I still have VHS tape of every game for about a 4 year span so I do admit to letting losses get to me, it was almost personal.
    So I get what your saying, and while I still consider myself a devoted Cowboys Fan, im no longer fanatical, but that fanatical era was awesome!
  10. CouchCoach

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    Why do we care whether posters are negative or positive, haters or lovers, all in fans or sometimes fans? They can be whatever they want to be.

    Why do we need to label any posters?

    Why do we care that some don't like certain players as much as we do? You don't like Prescott or Elliott or Smith? I don't care, dislike them as much as you want. Love Prescott like a puppy? Have at it.

    I gotta say, the way some carry on here, we could do with a Lighten Up, Francis, Zone.
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  11. CowboysFaninHouston

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    so you b!tching about Jerry. welcome to the club...

    perhaps you would consider looking to cheer for another team?
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  12. Ranching

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    Do they even play football in Maine? Lol
  13. Aven8

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    I think to the people who wanted to tank and I’m like for whom? We weren’t getting the number one or two pick. We finished in a perfect spot and got the best defensive player in the draft and got extra picks with a small trade back.

    Losing both tackles 3 games in and than your QB in the first 5 weeks the season was already over before it even began.
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  14. Aviano90

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    Now instead of talking football everyone is an Internet psychologist on the board trying to play Dr. Phil. This place has become worst than Facebook. :laugh:
  15. MaineBoy

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    Why would I ? Not all fans cry and call people names like you do just because all you can handle is butterflies and cotton candy comments about your team...stick to your coloring book, you’ll be happier and so will we.
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  16. Jake

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    Obviously, you didn't spend 36 years working for the Jones boys.

    I can't speak for others, but those two running the show all of these years has sucked a lot of the hope out of me. I don't have confidence in their leadership.
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  17. OmerV

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    Agreed. Sure it's okay to be realistic, but it's not realistic to think the previous season is certain to dictate how the next season will go. History has proven that over and over again.

    Recognizing areas the team needs to improve shouldn't erase all optimism for the new season. Does anyone remember the 4-12 season in 2015 when Romo got hurt, and how they felt when Romo got hurt in the 2016 preseason and we found he would miss most of the year? It was "here we go again", right? But that's not how things worked out.

    But ultimately what I always wonder is if the folks that are always negative ever played a sport. The very essence of athletic competition is overcoming obstacles, and no athlete or team is or can be successful if they don't believe they can overcome obstacles. And isn't the essence of fandom to go on that ride with the team?
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  18. Sydla

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    And people do go on the ride. But it doesn't mean that they have to do so blindly and with complete loyalty where they ignore the realities facing a team they root for. The reality is that history is a better indicator of future success than you want to think. There's a reason this team has 4 playoff wins in 25 years. And it's not bad luck.

    The reason is that Jerry and his son simply have struggled to build a consistent, SB caliber team for any stretch of time over the last 25 years. Whether it's been dumb roster decisions or questionable assistant hirings or bad decisions with HCs, the Jones have found a way to undercut the few good things they do. Again, 25 years is a pretty strong track record here.

    And that's why people are often hesitant to get on the "hey, this is the year" bandwagon. I suspect many fans who are no longer willing to give the benefit of the doubt, did at one point, but after continual gut punches they've learned. So now they are simply in the class of I'll believe it when I see it. And that's a logical and fair place to be. It doesn't mean they can't enjoy a good season or a good playoff run if it happens. It just means that after years of blind loyalty, they've learned their lesson.
  19. Ranching

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    So Jerry and his son screwed up all other teams that haven't won in years? Lame excuse...like I said, to each there own. I do like the banter, though.
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  20. Typhus

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    Like Bratwurst worst
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