Why are the standards for this franchise so low?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Zordon

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    Coaches lose their jobs when they don't get results. Plenty of coaches have lost their job while maintaining the locker room. This is another example of the bar being lowered.
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  2. Zordon

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    I don't agree with this statement although I did in the past. I actually think Jerry has somehow, someway assembled a locker room full of good people who understand what it really means to represent America's Team. This is why I am so frustrated with him not taking the next step and getting them a coach that will give these players a competitive edge on Sundays. Just take the coaching from the current C- level to B and that'd probably be enough to make it to the Super Bowl.
  3. Zordon

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    People want to talk about McCarthy underachieving with Rodgers, Garrett underachieved too when he lost to the Packers mash units twice in the playoffs.
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  4. Zordon

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    lol i swear so many of us are starting to come to the realization that the talent on this roster is pretty good.
  5. ElGatoGrande

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    He's methodically rebuilt the offense and defense with very little free agency help. He's been dealt a raw QB who is still finding his way to (maybe) becoming an acceptable franchise QB. This OL is being manned by 60% backups and yet they're fighting their way to the playoffs and just knocked off the #1 NFC contender. This team is in good shape if the QB pans out. I think this Garrett hate is misdirected.
  6. Zordon

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    Your post is exactly what I'm talking about. The standards are so incredibly low around here you only consider Garrett to have one real clunker. Him losing to a mash unit Packers team at home in '16 with a chance to play a super bowl in your home state is Garrett's most fireable offense. Especially considering it was the offense that let us down. The fact that he was unable to do anything with this oline while they were in their prime is another red flag. There are a half a dozen failures on Garrett's resume that would have gotten him fired at the other premier franchises around the league.
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  7. yimyammer

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    You really have to ask?

  8. Vanilla2

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    For the most part it gets tough to sort and respond through all the posts on the same subject IN EVERY THREAD.

    I want the Cowboys to win. Plain and simple.

    And no matter what you think or say the head coach’s finger prints are on the wins as much as they are on the losses
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  9. Vanilla2

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    Eagle fanzz need not apply

  10. rpntex

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    With McCarthy, it’s not a matter of results. What got him fired ws the relationship with Rodgers has become toxic. What QB criticizes his offensive playcalling AFTER A WIN? Rodgers did exactly that earlier this year. The organization had to choose between its coach and its QB.
  11. TWOK11

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    Winning in this league is hard. You try and make your team competitive every year and hope you eventually catch lightening in a bottle. The days of dynasty building are over.

    Garrett has this team competing for the division every year.
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  12. ConstantReboot

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    Still not an excuse to keep Garrett around for so long. Garrett is the worst thing that happened to the Cowboys.
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  13. plasticman

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    Coughlin....back to back losing seasons.

    McCarthy... back to back losing seasons.

    Reid.....back to back losing seasons.

    Garrett ...back to back winning seasons

    ..,..Do you understand the difference?

    Standards aren't low. It's all about winning Super Bowls. Notice the word is in plural.

    In order for this to happen a team must be built for longevity. That takes time and patience but, if done properly, it will be a decade to remember, not just a season

    That is and always has been the standard.
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  14. buybuydandavis

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    Will "meh" ever be not good enough?

    Way back in January, the Break was thinking Garrett needed not just playoffs, but to win a game or two. But digging ourselves a hole, and then climbing out of it and beating a bad division now looks like success.

    As long as we make the playoffs and don't get embarrassed in a round one loss, I don't see Jerry dumping Garrett, though you make a good point that Garrett's historical body of work suggests we should move on if we want post season success.
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  16. rocyaice

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    Like he said.....our standards are low so even when we win I guess we can’t even enjoy a win streak. Some would rather whine about the past then live in the present.
  17. atlantacowboy

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    If its all about "winning super bowls", how does garret still have a job? He didn't start this process 3 years ago. He's been running the offense since 2007 and the team since 2010. We have ONE playoff win and haven't sniffed a super bowl.

    You consider last season a winning season? :facepalm:
  18. waving monkey

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    So here we are on the vege of the NC Champs and we have this thread , perfect :thumbup:
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    oh hell it's time for the car salesman to come in here crying about the bar. :facepalm:
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