Why Big 12 Schools Are Losing $8 Million Next Year


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Kurtz is a great follow on youtube and other socials.

This losing 8M thing is rather overblown.
It will come at the pay out for 2023 which IIRC is in May 2024. --And by then a very good chance OU/UT is actually covering that cost. Their expected 60-65% exit fee is almost 1 for 1 with cost to add these 4 schools for 2 seasons under current deal. In another words the math was done in advance.

It is also 8M off base deal but these teams all get to keep their full shares of NCAA tourney and CFP money.
Because TCU went to the CFP Championship and B12 got another NYSix game and Kansas won the NCAA tourney the pay out will be well above expectation.
So schools aren't facing any budget shortfalls just a potential 8M hit in the future If OU/UT remain in the conference.