Why Blockbuster Trades Are Suddenly a Thing in the NFL (Cowboys featured)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Sep 20, 2019.

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    Interesting a few posters have been saying how some trades can have more value than draft picks.
    Why Blockbuster Trades Are Suddenly a Thing in the NFL


    Cowboys COO Stephen Jones joked just before the draft in April that when the Raiders were on the clock with the 24th pick, he and his staff would kick their feet up and flip on an Amari Cooper highlight reel, as a reminder of what happened to their selection. Little did he know that a half-hour after it came and went—Oakland took Josh Jacobs in Dallas’s slot—the hypothetical scene he described was playing out for real, about a thousand miles away.
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    Guess the question for some .........who would you rather have Byron Jone or Jalen Ramsey?
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  3. superonyx

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    Thats easy. Jones is much younger. Plus we already have a QB in Dak.
    I don't want anything to do with a 40 year old former Redskins QB.
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    These players are getting out of contracts early because they want to go get more money after collecting there guaranteed money. And the teams are trying to get everything they can for these players. It’s fair I guess. I do think that the team and players should both honor the rookie deal.
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    Teams generally honor the rookie deal because it is set up to be one sided in favor of the teams and not the player. The older player in the last collective bargaining agreement sold out the youth for their own personal gain. I get it because rookie contracts were getting so expensive teams would be sunk for a decade if they missed on a early first round pick.
    But the flip side is some players outperform the rookie deal or in the case of a RB they realize they may be considered used up by the time the team has to give them their next contract.

    I wish the league would give teams a salary cap exemption for resigning players they drafted. This would reward teams who draft well and develop their players.
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    LOL........My bad, I meant Jalen....
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    I've tossed that thought around in my head a bit, weighing the pros and cons.

    In terms of physical talent, I think they're close overall.

    In terms of play making ability? It's Ramsey.

    In terms of character? It's Jones.

    I think if you did think about trading for Ramsey, you HAVE to agree to an extension that makes him the league's highest paid cornerback. And then worry about whether that will be enough to keep him happy.

    If you think about keeping Jones, I think you can get away with paying him a bit less because he's a team guy that genuinely wants to be here.

    I think given the high stakes, I would play this one safe, keep next year's 1st rounder, and keep Jones for a bit less money.

    How about you?
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    Would you trade Byron and a future 1 for Jalen? Jalen is most definitely the better player, but Bryon has never missed a start and is a great teammate on and off the field. Both are going to get paid, I would make this deal though, as Ramsey is an elite player at the position, where I don't view Jones as.
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  9. visionary

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  10. CowboysWillRise

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    Agreed, never was all that impressed with him anyways.
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  11. visionary

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    At some point we will need to learn that a team wins a SB not one player

    I certainly would not trade for Ramsey

    I would extend Awuzie and Lewis now

    Then trade Jones at the trade deadline for a rd 2 pick and take a CB with that pick or trade that for Adams if the Jets will accept it
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  12. TexasHillbilly

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    I have to agree with you except that Jalen is a big mouth and can stir the pot when it comes to the locker room. Just shut up and play out your multi-million dollar contract. Then move on if you are not happy. Honor and integrity...oh, what's that? Bryon's got it, Jalen does not. jmho
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  13. shabazz

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    Byron's demeanor in Ramsey's body
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  14. conner01

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    I agree
    And it’s not even a hard choice
    Ramsey is a more impactful player, no question
    He also will cost more and could easily be a headache
    My guess is we try to sign the other young guys and let jones walk
    Though I thought we would do the same thing with Collins so who knows
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  15. dogunwo

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    That sounds great for 1st round picks. But there is no measurement that makes some players very underpaid fair. For instance, Dak Prescott has significantly outplayed his rookie deal.
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  16. Cowboys22

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    This article points to the future and makes great points. I think I would follow this new trend if I had a good playoff caliber team I knew would be drafting in the mid 20s or higher. As long as that was the case, I’d be looking to deal next year’s 1st for a proven player at a position of need that had at least two years of control remaining after the current year. If that opportunity arose, I would do it every time. It makes you better for the current year and you get a proven player over a less than 50/50 guy in the late 1st round. Obviously, the player would have to be the right player at the right position. It would have to be someone I thought would help us make a better run at a super bowl. I’d take that shot every time and remove the risk of drafting the next Taco.
  17. CATCH17

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    Byron was really good last year.

    The 0 catches for Michael Thomas was just unbelievable and shows what he is capable of as a corner.

    I'd rather keep my 1 and not deal with a headcase because even if Ramsey is better I don't think he is so good that it's worth losing a 1 and dealing with his dramatics.
  18. GroundZero1970

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    Trade for Jalen Ramsey. Start Ramsey and Awuzie then trade Byron to the Jets for Adams....Defense Elite
  19. blueblood70

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    Ramseys stock went down after last night...6 for 100 good for teams wanting to trade for him.. did he do this on purpose, letting jAx know hes done..lol not really but hey

    IMO I rather make trade for a stud S if its costing us that much..
  20. Hennessy_King

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    Weren't we pick #27? and they took abrams?

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