Why can't we be happy?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Oct 20, 2021.

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    5-1, could be 6-0 or even 3-3.....I'm happy and excited about our team.....I don't understand all the negatives.....are some of you just being cautiously optimistic, or just negative?
    Dak is good, Zeke is good our receivers are good, our
    TEs and OL are good, our defense is above average.....we good....
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    I’m super excited. I’m pleasantly surprised. Lots of adjectives!

    JG’s filth however has made everyone gun shy so it’s a natural thing for people to be cautious. This isn’t JG’s Cowboys anymore folks!
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    team is doing great, Team has 5 superbowls, but... us old timers who remember most of them have seen a lot of good times and wins, so more superbowls are what makes us happy. we need to tie and eventually beat pittsburgh with SB wins.

    I have loved this team since Staubach and it is an affront to me, personally, that Pittsburgh has beat us in SB's and we have been dormant for the last 25 or more years.

    wins and even playoff appearances are not the goal.

    anyway that is not exactly the answer to your question.. the answer is some people think like coaches and are optimistic but criticize when the see bad play, and some do not, or do not care to do that.
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    Criticize after victory to keep the players humble. Cheer up the players in defeat so they don’t lose confidence.

    Sunshine pumping threads are boring. Everyone is happy with the record and the team but discussions need a point/counterpoint to be interesting.
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    Lol......great point. What is the team and coaches focusing on this week?

    Are they jumping around like happy go lucky idiots or are they concentrating on mistakes they made?
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  8. blueblood70

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    only worry i have now is Daks Calf...

    his shoulder derailed 2019 , his ankle derailed 2020

    His shoulder made us worry all offseason and now his calf.

    starting to go the way of Romo, waiting for something to break on Dak and we have no backup worth more then mop up duty,..
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  9. bewp7

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    just because they have to be a lot better to win a super bowl

    if this was a young team with a young coach or rebuilding or what ever it would be different
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    25 years of misery and not meeting expectations....we are so used to being beaten that we have been programmed to expect it and find faults....
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    It's exciting when we finally start getting all three phases of the game playing hard at the same time and making plays!
  12. Motorola

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    After the losing 2020 season - Dallas was 2-4 at this time last year - fans would have an overall optimistic attitude about the team has fared thus far.
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    A lot of us have been burned by the Cowboys the past 2 decades. Most fans are being cautious. Most of the knowledgeable fans can see the defense has improved but still has some holes. The Cowboys have had several real good regular seasons since 07 only to fall flat in the playoffs. We’re all happy about the win last Sunday but we would have lost to a real good team. We saw a rookie QB take it to our defense pretty good. We have a great offense but a defense that gives up big plays and isn’t going to hold up in the playoffs. The defense still has a chance to get better but if it doesn’t it’s going to result in the same sad ending in January. To me this team looks similar to some of the real good Cowboys teams we’ve had the past couple of decades. We have a great offense but a defense that has trouble making critical stops.
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    Coaches are not optimistic....you obviously have never been coach
  15. aikemirv

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    Everybody's happy!

    Are you unhappy with everyones level of happiness?
  16. JD_KaPow

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    I'm happy and excited about our team too! I can't imagine how any fan isn't.

    But I don't see what's wrong with saying, "Yeah, we're good, but I wonder how good?" I mean, nobody would argue (I hope) that we're an unstoppable force like the early-90s Cowboys and 49ers. And it's not negative to say that!
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    Fans go on online forums for a few reasons:
    - To cheer for their team
    - To vent their frustrations
    - To learn about and discuss what is going on with the team

    Frequently those groups of fans do not get along. The "cheer for their team" people hate the "vent their frustrations" types and frequently mistake those just discussing issues as negativity.

    This is the best Cowboys team I have seen in decades and I'm ecstatic about it but I have no issues discussing LVE's issues in coverage.
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  18. G2

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    If fans are still deliberately looking for negatives after this season, they're looking for the attention.
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    Nothing wrong with that, unfortunately many don't see it your way.
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