Why Cooper and Lamb went backwards

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by playmakers, Jan 16, 2022.

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    It’s not the injury.. It’s the same Dak year in and year out. This happened in 2019, after the 3-0 start.

    Dak got more excuses than any plays in NFL history. Dak has always been extremely conservative against zone coverages. The reality is that teams were FORCED to play more man and bring extra defenders in the box, because of our OL and RG are that elite. I wondered more and more these last three years why defenses constantly just over-compensated with cover 0 looks.

    Now teams realized, especially with the drop off in RG and OL play, they can rush 4 or show full rush and drop back into coverage and completely stifle Dak, because of how slow his decision making process is. Teams basically stopped blitzing Dak, except situationally. Even now our OL with Zeke pass blocking is good enough to stifle blitzes.
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    I hate to be that guy but when Cooper Rush played that one game against Minnesota Cooper and Lamb were outstanding. Dak has to look at himself. The Joneses have to get rid of his buddies (La’el and Zeke) that will be a start.
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    They did the same thing in 2019 after the 3-0 start. The problem is over-rating Dak, not that he’s actually an MVP. His agent behind the scenes is probably the real MVP, making Dak a legend in media from behind the scenes, so that when contract time comes around he gets paid 42 million and a no trade clause coming off a broken leg and Dallas having all the leverage with a franchise tag…
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    Wilson also was 3-3 on 3 targets, including that plus 50 yard dime for the TD that split the safeties. Facts are, Moore gets the opportunities for the QB to spread the ball around. That’s all you can ask for an OC. It’s up to the QB to take advantage of those opportunities.
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    Yep those dummies should have transitioned tagged Dak 2 years ago, taken whatever another team offered and made a hard push to sign Brady. Then we would not be talking about bad and stupid QB play.
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    Sounds like an indictment on the OC.........drawing plays in the dirt.
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    If you watch good teams they have a lot of one step passes to their playmakers, even old man Big Ben had those last night. Most of the time those plays get 5 or more yards. We have none of these and we have horrible route combinations. Our OL isn't good enough for any of these long developing plays...
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    DAK was, has been and always will be A MEDIOCRE QB
  9. Darkhound

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    So true... Paxton lynch!
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    Lamb was straight garbage and a deer caught in the headlights , dude just sucked ***.
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    I get all that, but are we watching the same team? I look at the pocket collapsing almost instantly on every play, mainly at the C position. Compared to both KC and even Pitt (where Ben took some sacks in the two games vs KC), there was till
    a pocket there to step up into.

    Will Dak be Dak? Yes. Would he be better with a line like the old Frederick/heathy Smith/Martin line? Absolutely. I think THAT line would get us to a conference championship. Given that Jerry will not let Dak go, the
    single biggest improvement we could make would be to expend everything we have on OL and DT.
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    I just tried to measure whats on the ground this morning. My thin steel scale will not get though the top. Lol. I can walk on top of the snow in places.
  13. Shane612

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    *OC sucks.
    *Cooper and Lamb are overrated. Although, I still believe Lamb has something.
    *Half the time Cooper is MIA. Can't be trusted.
    *Dak sucks.
    *Offensive line is average.
  14. charron

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    Dak struggles with timing and anticipation throws. He's waiting for guys to get open before release and you can not do that when teams play you tight. It's been 6 years of the same thing. He does end up with good stats and that is fine as long as you don't care about winning meaningful games.

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