Why do my worst fears always have to turn out to be true?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hayseed, Jan 16, 2022.

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    Not only true,...but the reason we get bounced. I was never a big fan of the McCarthy hire,...luke warm at best. But once the decision was made all I could do was give my support and hope for the best. Absolutely HATED the Philbin hire from the beginning. I knew he would do nothing with the O line,... and he didnt.
    Moore? Been down on him since last season. Simply refuses to develop a real ground game and abandons it at every opportunity. I KNEW that lack of running game and poor O line coaching would eventually kill us but instead I LIED to myself when I knew better all along. NO MORE!
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    Don't beat yourself up over it brother many of us had those same fears including Michael Irvin the biggest Homer cowboy fan there is.

    We have had a lot of different coaches and players over the years but Jerry transcended them all and his soft undisciplined culture is why we fail.
    His culture is the one common denominator over all these years of different coaches and players that can't succeed here
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    Been saying from jump McCarthy sucks. He is really not a good coach at all!

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