Why does Dallas not have a lot of cap space?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 1972COWBOY, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. 1972COWBOY

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    What are some of the reasons Dallas doesn't have a lot of cap space?

    It feels that Dallas has had salary cap issues for many years and would have finally solved the issue by now. Most other teams seem to be well off.
  2. LittleD

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    Millions in dead money for Romo and others. Bad contracts, overpaying marginal players and sticking with players
    past the age of 30. Now you have older players like Dez, Witten, and Scandrick sucking money off the cap for
    less than optimum play. Until the FO manages the team more like NE, the Cowboys will continue to struggle.
  3. LACowboysFan1

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    At least they are doing better the last few years, like tagging Lawrence, in years past they would have signed him to a huge long term deal, like they did with T. Crawford, then if he doesn't pan out like they thought, it's more cap heck...
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  4. LittleD

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    Crawford was another big mistake by the FO. He was never a dynamic, big play pro.
    They tend to overpay their drafted players who just aren't that good when compared to
    other similar players in the NFL. I agree that they are drafting better, though not perfect.
    The team has a short window where they have to sign Martin, Dak, and Zeke to their
    next big contracts. Over 2 decades of mistakes and poor management have lowered the
    Cowboys to middle of the pack and they are likely to stay there.
  5. Prime21

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    Romo dead money is huge.

    Normally you would see restructures of big contracts but that pushes cap back and/or adds years to the deal. You do not want to restructure players who you may not want to keep much longer so guys like Dez (production dip) and Tyron (injuries) who would normally have the contracts restructured to gain cap room will not be restructured. Crawford is just not good and has a huge contract.

    Franchising Lawrence instead of signing him longterm gives him a large cap number for this year.
  6. TheCount

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    Crawford isn't Suh, but he's earned his money by filling the gap for every terrible DL FA we've signed over the last few years that couldn't cut it .
  7. robjay04

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    For better or for worse, we value our own players over outside free agents.

    There are no real “cap problems”. We will not have to make any adjustments to get under the cap...cap problems are when you’re cutting or trading players to get your salary cap in line(Seattle this year).

    Actually our cap situation is very good if you look at how much we have available next season...that alone can show you how easy it would be to shift around money if we choose to do so.
  8. 1972COWBOY

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    If I can recall, Dez was of of whining at the prospect of a franchise tag like he was at the sideline of the Seahawks game when Dallas were doing a good push with Eliiots running and Dez didn't get the attention he thought he deserved. I think it was a error to cave into him with such a big contact. Did Dez's contract hurt the team a lot in cap space ?
  9. LittleD

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    Crawford is a stop gap backup player so why does he deserve a big, long term contract. You only give long term contracts to your top of the line
    full time players.
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  10. LittleD

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    Dez was never good enough to deserve a second contract. He should have been given the 5th year option and then traded if possible during
    that season. Dez is slow, can't create separation and can't run proper routes. He another marginal player at best.
  11. John813

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    Crawfords deal was that let's sign him now before he blows up next year.
    IIRC Dareus signed that 6yr 96 mil contract around the same time we gave Crawford that deal. So some were saying it was worth it due to what he could cost had he had another "good" year.
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  12. Cowboys22

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    No, no, no. It isn’t hard to understand so let me explain it again. It is all by design. They structure contracts in a way so that they can be restructured every year to free up cap space IF they choose to do so. The result is that they always appear over or right against the cap but they can easily create all the cap space they want or need. So, they can decide to stay out of the big name free agent market if they want and have everyone attribute it to a lack of cap space but when it’s time to sign a few lower level free agents, they can free up the space needed just like they could do if they wanted a big ticket free agent. Recently they have been frugal and stayed out of the high price market but it’s not because they couldn’t. It’s because they have chosen that route. I’m not saying this is the best way to address the cap but it’s the way they have been doing it for 10+ years. When they sign DLaw and Martin, their contracts will be done in the same way. High yearly salaries that look like they destroy the cap but are designed to be automatically restructured every year until the player is ineffective should the team choose to do so. They are never going to start the league year with $40 million in cap space.
  13. LittleD

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    Crawford was never the same after blowing out his leg on the 1st day of training camp early in his career. The FO should have evaluated him better. He was a small school guy with marginal film at the college level as a DE.
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    PAPPYDOG “There were 4 guys open.” -Troy Aikman Zone Supporter

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    Buyer beware....Crawford's sacks came mostly against teams with depleted or weak off-lines and then you gotta figure how inj prone is he. The fran tag was the proper move to let him verify he's worthy of a long term monster deal....
  15. diefree666

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    Its not as bad as some make it nor as good as others claim

    Romo only counts for $8.5 million in dead money and is gone after this year. Crawford is no longer as bad as it was though it was a very stupid contract. Things are getting better; except that now the FO refuses to go after any FA that is not really cheap which is a problem. Witten- yeah he is not worth what he is being paid now but the gap is not huge. Same with Scandrick.

    We can free up a pile of cap money if we want to; but it is not advisable unless someone comes along that could really make a difference. thomas would be the one I would target. Suh is a team cancer; and the other possibles are too expensive, old, or injury prone.
  16. atlantacowboy

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    Bingo. The reason is b/c Jerry hasn't signed a free agent whose worked out to our benefit since Dieon Sanders. In order to make effective free agent signings , you have to have a working knowledge of every team in the league and their rosters. You have to be able to figure out who fits your system and who might be available for cheap. We have nobody doing that work. Signing your own players is just the path of least resistance not a strategy.
  17. Whyjerry

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    There is a cost to bad contracts. Dead money is the result. Romo alone is a cap killer that will take a couple years to work out. Crawford is a prime example of the next contract to hurt.
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  18. diefree666

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    8.5 million is NOT a cap killer. Do your research before spouting off again
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  19. Carter

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    1. Give out terrible longterm contracts to Players past their Prime or injury-riddled ones, or ones Jerry loves because they drafted them.
    2. Than restructure it every year to push the Money into the Future
    3. Pay the Bill at some Point.

    I mean Tony Romo is still counting 9M$ against the Cap? While hes sitting in the commentary booth for a year now and hasnt played since Preseason 2016.
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  20. Carter

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    8,5M for a Player who is in the commentary booth for a year now is though.
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