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Why Hasn't Dalton Shultz Signed A Long Term Contract Yet

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Vinnie2u, Apr 7, 2022.

  1. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    yeah I agree w alot of that. But we've had pretty good olines and running attacks before.

    We didn't have a problem going 1 in done in the playoffs then either.

    Do ya think this exclusive 12/11 personell is holding us back???

    Or do ya think we should try an exclusive 11 personell

    Our tes have only been division rivals stars since I can remember.

    Dak can throw to our open tes all day but it seldom correlates w winning a game against good teams

    Can this offense string together 3-4 games in a row against playoff level competition with Schultz and whatever #2 scrub te we're using on 1st and 2nd down?

    Our #2 tes aren't really tearing it up for quite some time.
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  2. CowboysFaninHouston

    CowboysFaninHouston CowboysFaninDC

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    that's what I want to see is stringing together several good wins, against better competition, like first half of 2021.....somehow we tend to make all the mistakes in these big games.

    Until we fix the middle of the OL, center and LG, we are not going to have much success with either formation. our plan was to have Jarwin and Schultz and Jarwin just never stepped up and got injured again.

    I think being able to go between the two pressures the defense so much more, as they have to prepare for both and it presses them.

    I do like the two TE sets, if they are both capable, don't need to be elite, but capable. We had it early on with Jarwin before his injury and Schultz.....it tends to put the defense at a quandry. you can run even if your TEs aren't great blockers, but they can also get in route (if capable) and force the defenses hand, to either play with LBs close to the line, in which case they are at a disadvantage or play with a saftey, which makes them smaller up front and suspect to runs....but again, you need two decent TEs that can't be ignored. don't need to be difference maker, but have to be accounted for.

    I do like the 11 personnel to for us. that's why I said, if having the right personnel, then run it almost 50/50. it ofcourse spreads the defense, but for that you have to have a solid OL, that can hold up or run block and we just didn't have that, with center/LG and the rotating LT, RT positions. if we had a decent OL last year, then with those 3 WRs we could do some damage, again we did a lot of that early on in the year. we used 11 personnel grouping about 80% of the time before Dak's injury and before teams figured out, they don't have to committ 6 or 7 to stop the run or rush the passer. subsequently we used it a lot less....Denver gave them the book on that.

    we just tend to shoot ourselves in the foot, like 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, 4 steps forward and 3 steps back...it just never stopped. we didn't cash in on opportunities. not sure why
  3. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    We haven't had not 1 good te in like a decade ksk.

    Here's a rundown of our tes.

    Jeremy sprinkle-Drafted by Washington 5th round 2017 aquired by us 1 year ago. 3 receptions for 31 yards 2021
    1 reception for 6 yards in 2020 Washington.

    McKeon- undrafted fa 2020 He's had like 6 targets for 10 yards last year.

    Schultz was drafted 2018- 4 years ago. He didn't even play for like 2 years.

    Jarwin was undrafted in 2017- 5 years ago. 2+ years before he played

    Gathers 6th round 2016- 1-2 years

    Escobar- 3rd round- drafted 2013 He didn't play for 2+ years then played like 2 years too long

    Who is gonna be our starting #2 te??? In 5 months

    Our 2nd te is a starter on our offense btw

    Whats the odds of getting a day 1 starting #2 te much less a #1 starter based upon history

    How many good tes have we had in almost a decade?

    2 good tes at one time? Never

    We may need to sign a 10 year+ contract with Schultz based on our FAILURES.

    We got better odds of hitting the lottery then we do at drafting tes

    There's tes out there that are 10x better than our projected starting #2 te McKeon and sprinkle for 5 million.

    We're paying McKeon and Sprinkle like 1.5 million each.

    Why not grab a fa te like Cook for 5 million??? Then we have a year to find 2 starting tes

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  4. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    We're gonna be watching Schultz and McKeon get forced into beating our opponents with 5 yard checkdown passes next year.

    I've been right 8+ years in a row so far btw

    Pigs will fly before we win a playoff game w Schultz and any lessor #2 starting te leading the attack.

    Schultz will have a 100 plus catches and we'll miss the playoffs at 8-9 same as Witten
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  5. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

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    You don't check down to option routes and the like.
  6. Hook'em#11

    Hook'em#11 Well-Known Member

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    Teams that usually actually try to sign someone in the free agent market, and succeed, usually are better off for it. Team that still say the same thing "we like our guys", and haven't any type of improvement or change to some of those said guys, stay out of contention, with draft picks, only to sometimes spoil on those draft picks.
  7. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    Don't necessarily disagree, except I don't think Cook is the answer. I think he's done.
  8. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    Yes, Schultz has to be cog 3 or 4.
  9. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    If you have a mediocre Te dominating w 80-100 receptions and 10 yard avgs you have some really serious problems on offense unless he's a touchdown machine.

    The Quantity of Catches doesn't necessary outweigh the Quality of catches.

    Witten had multiple seasons where he caught a 100 balls and we didnt even come close to sniffing the playoffs.
    at least Cook is a day 1 starter. The odds of drafting a ready to go te is 1 in a million odds.

    McKeon and Sprinkle aren't the answer either.

    He could be a good mentor if we draft woods.

    As much as we use tes we should have alot of DEPTH and Skillsets

    Terrance Steele is a better te than our #2 guys.
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  10. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    What do you think the Answer is to replace Jarwin??
  11. ICP

    ICP Well-Known Member

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    I was thinking that the best part of this off-season may be the fact that Dumb & Dumber haven't overpaid Shultz to a long-term deal. I like Shultz but even signing him to a franchise tag for way more than you could have gotten a comparable TE in free agency screams stupidity to me. But I guess it all comes down to the fact that we like our guys no matter how mediocre they may be.
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  12. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

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    Schultz is the definition of "average at best."

    He gets stats here because Dak thinks wide receivers are icky.
  13. OmerV

    OmerV Well-Known Member

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    That makes no sense if you look at how many passes he throws to WR's. In 2020 when Gallup was healthy 3 different WR's had over 100 targets. How many teams had that? The only reason it didn't happen last year was because Gallup was out with injury a lot, but he and Cedrick Wilson combined for 123 receptions to go with Lamb's 120 and Cooper's 104.
  14. TheMarathonContinues

    TheMarathonContinues Well-Known Member

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    You’ve been right about what? He averages 10 yards per catch lol…
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  15. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    They can't rescind the tag. He has already signed it.

    A one year deal is not a huge commitment.

    They get a comp pick if he signs a decent contract next year.

    TE is one of the cheapest positions to use the Franchise Tag.

    Why wouldn't they use the Franchise Tag? No long term commitment. The returning starter.

    If they draft a TE that looks super awesome in training camp, they could trade Schultz.
    - They might not get anything back of than a swap of 7th round picks, but a team with an injured starter would take the salary off the Cowboys hands.
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  16. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    We could have gotten 2 veteran mediocre tes for the price of 1.

    Now we have to play with a mediocre starting #1 te and a Scrub #2 Starting te

    We haven't drafted a 1st year starting te ever that I know of. That's about like hitting the Lottery.

    or a 2nd year starting #1 te in 20+ years that I know of.

    Our tes are like year 3 players.

    Schultz got drafted in 2018 and Jarwin went undrafted in 2017
    McKeon 2020 and Sprinkle in 2018

    Tes seldom play the 1st or 2nd year here at least
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  17. AmericasTeam81

    AmericasTeam81 Well-Known Member

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    On Dalton Schultz’s part, it’s intelligence guided by experience. He knows what the Jones could end up offering.
  18. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    We have used 2 starting tes in this 12 personnel scheme going way way back

    We run almost exclusive 11 personnel on 3rd down

    Maybe now that we lost jarwin we've finally decided to ditch our losing 12 personell scheme for good so we don't need 2 tes on 1st and 2nd down.

    But I will see it when I believe it. We haven't changed our offensive scheme in 15+ years outside of finally dropping the outdated fullback position

    We need an immediate replacement day 1 starting #2 te to replace Jarwin

    Or we need to drop the 12 personell and use 11 personell.

    If you tell me it's gonna be Schultz and McKeon on 1st and 2nd down and Schulz on 3rd down y'all better get ready for a 9-8 or 8-9 record

    If Schultz gets hurt we're gonna be watching McKeon and Sprinkle on 1st and 2nd Down and 1 of them on 3rd down.

    Because we're somehow locked into this losing scheme that hasn't been relevant because we haven't even had 1 good te in almost a decade but we use 2 and carry 4 on the roster which is dead weight

    We don't throw all of those ticky tack checkdown screens on 3rd down.

    And on 3rd down our tes fold like a cheap suit esp in the 4th Quarter.

    In the playoffs we start out in 12 personell until we get down by 3 scores then it's 11 personnell ha ha ha

    We haven't led many playoff games in 25 years.

    We can call it a scheme problem or a lack of talent at the position but the last time I saw a similar exclusive 12/11 scheme like this win anything is with Gronk/Hernandez
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  19. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    Jarwin? He never played enough to matter. Complete JAG. Schultz is better than Jarwin, and it's not close.
  20. CowboysExchange

    CowboysExchange Well-Known Member

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    Name some winning teams that have relevance using a dual te checkdown scheme w one mediocre #1starting te and a scrub #2 starting te

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