Why is country music so depressing?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BoltsNHorns, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. BoltsNHorns

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    Every song is about heartbreak or losing the girl you love. Even their love song is depressing as most song has to do with Whiskey or some sort of liquor.

    I'm from the south so country music is in my blood but I still wonder if I listen to country music because I'm a depress person?
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  2. Reality

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    I am not big fan of country music myself but I do like music from many different types of music genres. It is very easy to say negative things about every music genre especially if you do not listen that genre very often. Since you have been living in California for a long time its not surprising that country music would not appeal to you regardless of having it in your blood.

    In any case, by asking that question here I think you are assuming that most users on this site 1) are from the South and 2) like country music and you would be wrong on both of those. Unlike many other teams such as the Chargers/Rams that you like, the Cowboys have fans all over the country as well as Canada and Mexico. While there are a lot of users from Texas, we also have a lot of users from California as well as most other states.
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  3. lukin2006

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    Is it depressing to listen to? Or do you think it can lead to a person being depressed? Just curious. I am a classic rock fan myself, in particular, the British Invasion. I am also a very fussy music fan. Very few Rock bands have appealed to me from the '80s on. Of course, there are some bands from the '80s on I like, but most of my taste is 50's, 60's and 70's. I have also had mental health nurse tell me that rock music is depressing. Maybe country musicians write about relationships going bad because it's so personal and heartbreaking for many and they are able to reach that audience, many songwriters write songs about personal experiences, I wonder if some those songs about relationships happen when the songwriter wrote about a personal experience just after it happened, then decided it would be a good song.

    Great thread.

    I'm a Canadian Cowboy fan since the '70s.
  4. JohnnyTheFox

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    I am a fan of old school country which is basically early 80s/70s and what came before. The only thing depressing is listening to the current crop of country artists, I call it tractor rap.
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  5. BoltsNHorns

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    I think you misread me. I only listen to country music. I'm not really a CA person, I was forced to move here. I'm originally born and raise in Nashville but I'm stuck in CA for most of my life. I love country music but I don't think it has a place anywhere outside of the south. You just don't belong with anyone in CA since most hate country music. You can't even relate with your peers on the most basic of levels.

    Even when I stop listening to country music for a bit I was listening to depressing bands like Good Charlotte and Simple plan. I never listened to Rock, Rap, and etc..... If I did, maybe I wouldn't feel so distant from everybody. Also could you please check the message I send you?

    After the Chargers loss today I feel sick to my stomach but its just one out of the many seasons of disappointment.
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  6. BoltsNHorns

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    Well I don't know about most folks but every country songs I listen to was from failure with potential relationships. There are some songs that I just would not listen to ever again, especially the song I listen to prior to meeting my crush and failing hard. Songs like Eric Church "Hell on the heart".

    I don't know why country writers and singers sing the song they do. They have a great life, career, and most are good looking. Country music is just so much different from every other genre of music. Raps is all about being a player and imposing your will meanwhile country music is always about heartbreak.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    As for your questions, I think its a bit of both. I mean my most listen to song is Blaine Larsen "How do you get so lonely" and Reba McEntire "What would you do" so what does that even tell you? Am I weak because I only listen to country music?
  7. BoltsNHorns

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    I like modern country more than the old school country but I do listen to LeAnn Rimes bluegrass and a lot of George Strait songs. I like all country music except the Christmas one.
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  8. Reality

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    I listen to music from a lot of genres but I regularly go through phases where I prefer some genres while losing interest in other genres. When that happens, the genres I am not interested in tend to be more annoying or repetitive.

    In any case, what you are saying is true to an extent about country music but all genres have their common angles and topics. Pop songs tend to focus on love, positive messages and partying. Rap songs tends to focus on success, survival and women. Country songs tend to focus on broken hearts, love and the good old days.

    One thing you could do is expand to other genres or look into hybrid music genres where songs from two genres are combined such as rock and country, rap and country, etc.

    You should spend some time checking out songs in the What's your favorite song of the moment? thread ..

    There are hundreds of pages of music videos posted in that thread from a wide variety of music genres.

    I and several other members have posted songs from many genres there and you might either find some country songs you like there or may even find new music genres or singers/groups to listen to.
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  9. YosemiteSam

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  10. Quickdraw

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    I used to listen to country back in the 80's and early 90's. But then it started sounding like rock and roll, which I like, but not in country. Just because they add a steel guitar doesn't make it country.
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  11. JackOfNoTrades

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    well......if you listen to country songs backwards you'll get your job back, truck, girlfriend, dog back.....just a little tip! ;)
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  12. jsb357

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  13. BigStar

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    Lol, this vibes with what I've said too. Today's country wasn't the country in the 80s I knew; it's pop rap with a country hook. Some if it is catchy... (stops leg from bopping) :D
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  14. EST_1986

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    and your cousin
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  15. RodeoJake

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    Not all country music is depressing but a lot is because it's real life for most folks. If you think about the plight of the average person, it's hard and full of heartaches.
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  16. YosemiteSam

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    I must not be your average person. Cause my life is a ******** party!

  17. CouchCoach

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    You'd sing sad songs too if you had to dress like that. If I lived in Nashville, I'd volunteer for the Porter Wagoner Suicide Prevention Line. Take two sequins and call me in the morning.

    I spent 25 years in radio management and of those 25, 18 had a country station involved and I hated country music because I'd never really let myself embrace the soul of it. And a lot of country music is soul music. Life is hard and country music is reflective of some of that and I am not talking about all of this stealing rock riffs from the 50's and 60's going on today.

    There are songs that reach inside if you allow that to happen and while it may be depressing, makes us feel alive. "He Stopped Loving Her Today" while that certainly fits the sad and depressing actually made me think about the depth of my love for my wife. "You Were Always My Mind" might just be the greatest love song of all time. And while I loved Aretha for her soulful voice, that is also matched by Patsy. And I could nominate "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" as the original American song. How many have listened to Hank sing that and connected?

    Alternative is my music of choice over the last 10-15 years followed closely by Jazz and Rock but there are times I have to hit the patio with a few longnecks and George, Jones and Strait, Hank, Johnny, Merle, Patsy, Waylon and Willie, real country. Something odd happens when I am feeling blue and listen to real country, someone is singing about how I feel, someone else has felt my pain, my loneliness and I feel the connection. After some of that, I feel better, not so alone. I use Rock to numb the pain but real Country can soothe the pain.
  18. Xelda

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    I can't think of anything good to say about country music. A few songs amuse me, but the majority turns me into the Incredible Hulk. I will smash what ever I have to in order to stop that wretched sound.
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  19. YosemiteSam

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  20. Xelda

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    HAH! You're going to have to try something else to get me to click. The jumbo "fiddle" and banjo are dead give aways. I suspect country music is played in hell anyway.
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