Why is Jeff Heath still starting?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Playmaker247, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. StevenOtero

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    Better yet, why do the hOt bOyZ only have two sacks?
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  2. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Maybe if they would have drafted one player instead of Hill, we would not be having this conversation but instead we took Hill and for the S position we went shopping at Goodwill again.
  3. Melonfeud

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    *And fer' good reason; "As ya' just don't **** around with perfection,,,er,,,let alone inadvertently end up pissin' it off":yourock::oldcouple::yourock:

    :thumbup: #38:thumbup:

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  4. RodeoJake

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    Methane builds up and expands a carcass like a balloon. That humvee basically popped a dead animal balloon. Not a smart thing to do.
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  5. KMY_Amber

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    so true. when he has an average game like this, that's as much as we can ask of him out there. just make tackles and don't let anyone beat you deep. if he does this, he did OK...and OK is all I expect out of Heath.

    basically, just don't get exposed.
  6. MCMetal69

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    I'm not claiming Heath is the only problem..........................But he is a weak link , along with the absence of an immovable force at DT and lack of a pass rush (as has already been mentioned).................
  7. gimmesix

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    I don't know why fans can't see that it is as simple as that. It's the same reason Crawford has been starting. They both are try-hard, good-team guys who aren't great but are at least good enough compared to what the team could put out there.
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  8. KMY_Amber

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    Yep, there's others that need to step their game up too. The difference is I think they have the ability to play better. For Heath, he's playing his best now, I just don't see getting any more out of him. So then all I can hope for is that he plays well enough not to get exposed by the opposing offense, at least not for a Big Play.
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  9. JoeKing

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    Reminds me of another dead thing that shouldn't have been popped... the horse that was mentioned when starting this thread. ;)
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  10. GIFTS86

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    I never been a fan but so far this year he has been solid IMO
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  11. Plankton

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    I'm sure that I will get tarred and feathered for this, but, if Woods is out for an extended period of time, I would move Heath to FS and put Donovan Wilson in at SS.
  12. kskboys

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    Yeah, can we put that one up for vote as dumbest statement of the year?
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  13. CowboyRoy

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    Not sure the parallel there.
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  14. Brax

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    if your missing the parallel it's because you aren't looking or you just don't want to.
  15. CowboyRoy

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    Its just a bad example. But you can try again if you want.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  16. sbark

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    Seems to me, it's more than that....
    But I look thru dark sunglasses ha
  17. Wolf2k5

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    It’s ALMOST as if they actually love beating the dead horse
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  18. pugilist

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    Heath is the least of our concern on defense right now (although that pass that hit him in the head should've been easy pickings.. come on Jeff)

    where the hell is our pass rush?

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    I'm sure that's the plan for FS. Heath has played there and has experience at the position. Some would argue it's his more natural position. Wilson I'm not so sure about. I'm certain he'll get some snaps, but I'd think Frazier would start in front of him.
  20. jwooten15

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    Heath is a good player. You guys must have forgotten all the absolute JAG safeties we're had in the recent and distant past.
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