Why Jabril Cox fell to round 4

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by atlantacowboy, May 5, 2021.

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    Very true, and lets just take a look at Sean Lees career and the ridicule he endured for being fragile and injured, just think what Lee could have accomplished with a healthier career behind a good DL... HOF lock.
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    Since, we are copying and pasting from Lance Zierlein's analysis on NFL.com, I will copy and paste his strengths:
    • Excellent work ethic and is accomplishment-oriented on and off field.
    • Not at all out of place athletically in move from FCS to SEC.
    • Willing to play through pain.
    • Outstanding field range with explosive closing burst.
    • Comes from backside linebacker spot to make tackles near far sideline.
    • Agility to make sudden change of direction in pursuit.
    • Steps upfield to challenge block and push run back inside.
    • Capable of playing quickly off the block and making tackle.
    • Pocket navigation and acceleration to become dangerous blitzer.
    • Sticks and runs with pass-catching tight ends in coverage.
    • Instinctive and reactive when spot dropping.
    • Finished college with 26 passes defensed, including nine career interceptions.

    Dallas got good value for him in the 4th round.
    He probably could have anywhere from the late 2nd through the end of round 3.
    Considering where he was drafted, probably the best value pick for Dallas outside of Parsons at 12.
    His ceiling is much higher than Mr. Swipe.
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    You mean the experts who passed in him for rounds?
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    I bet he walks on the field being better in coverage then LVE and Jaylon. Probably better than all the linebackers we currently have in coverage.
    The best thing is he was what a 4th round pick. Can't really go wrong there. In todays NFL where its basically a passing game he might fit in well.
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    actually not he was 4th rounder over his shoulder easy 2nd round prospect if healthy.

    he wik turn out to be hybrid SS/LB type that can replace neal down the road..he was drafted for this role, hes fast and can cover..
    hanging a comp on him and say it will be disaster is ridiculous

    you nor anyone here can predict his future..

    JS had a bad year but he and LVE had PB years 2 years ago and while JS contract made him more of target to fans as all our payers have , let quinn find roles for all these guys and 2020 is not good way to judge..I saw LEE, LVE and JS all out of position making poor decsions last year , rally the entire defense..there were a lot of reason for this Nolans scheme, bad scheme fit payers, no offseason to figure that out and found out late in the process, bad dl in front of them, etc etc etc etc..

    i believe Quinn will find scheme and a better use for these players in his scheme.

    so go choke on that positivity..:angry::rolleyes:
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    All this sound like he's better suited for the SS position. He's smallish for an NFL LB, but big enough to handle a TE, and run support...plus, fast enough to run with most WRs and TEs.
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    No one is arguing he should’ve been a first round pick. However, if you think he wasn’t great value where we got him, you don’t have a clue. That’s the point. Every player has weaknesses, but they also have strengths. Some only look at one side of the equation just to try and prove their position. That’s lazy and agenda pushing.

    By the way, where he was drafted has nothing to do with whether he is successful. See Tom Brady, Terrell Davis, and hundreds of other players drafted much lower than Cox.
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    I'm waiting for him to blame Dak for anything wrong that might happen. o_O
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    Great analogy!
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    i can name 100 players + that slid in drafts and now are PB or HOF players..


    the draft position doesnt determine greatness or failure..see Tom Brady and Kurt warner

    hers fact i read post draft there are 17 UDFA HOFs compared to 14 first overall picks in the draft in the HOF,,chew on that..

    so why are there more Undrafted players in the HOF then the ones choses first overall??

    because draft boards, mocks, placemats, ratings etc are typically more wrong then right,.,talented players are taken all over the draft..these draft ratings are supposed to be used as barometers just something to look t but really a lot of scouts and team GMN boards differ from one another some stray way off from the ones fans try and follow..
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    Lol @ "he's like Jaylon"

    There aren't more two opposite LBers in the history of the NFL.
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    Yeah, but my copy/paste explains explains why he went in round 4. Your copy/paste makes him sound like a first round pick and future all-pro.
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    His highlights looks pretty good to me, but just from the eye test he looks pretty finesse and does not bring a lot of punch on his hits. In today's NFL being able to cover is as important as it has ever been. I do worry about how weak our DT's are that our linebackers will continues to be exposed. Some of it is to their own doing, but it is my thoughts we will not get a full evaluation of our defense until our DT play improves.
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    I think he may be more of a role player in the NFL, which for a 4th round pick is fine.
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    I wonder what they said about Tom Brady....
    Heck, he's still winning championships, 20 years later.
    You never really know what you have.
  17. atlantacowboy

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    We certainly don't. At least Cox is a player Jerry might have caught on TV.
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    I truly question if half of these posters are true Cowboys fans.
    They probably are fans, but more in the fair weather category. Very fair weather.
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    Not to mention that playing behind a subpar DLine gets your LB's beat up and makes them possibly more prone to injuries.

    Having a good disruptive DLine is what they call "Keeping your lb's clean". What you want is the DLine to keep the 320 pounders occupied. If everyone can be single blocked, there's extra blockers to hit your LB's.
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    not stretch i mean didnt both make PB here? lol but yes fans keep overlooking how bad the DL was last year..when Sean lee looks bad theres an issue and he took more then his share of bad angles and reads last year..
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