Why Jason Witten might not make the Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KB1122, Apr 4, 2021.

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    There is no HOF bias against Cowboys ... just guys who posters over value because they have no perspective on the league
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    There should be a “Bottom Dwellers” forum for people like you.
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    Incredibly poorly researched. Tony Gonzalez never once hit 13 yards per catch.

    Come on. If you are going to make a long and supposedly informative post, you need to actually do the research to make sure you aren't just talking crap.
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    He is in, will bet my house, that is how confident I am on this issue.
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    There is a reason Parcells gave Witten the nickname "Everybody's All-American".

    Witten will get in the Ring of Honor and the Hall of Fame. Jerry Jones went into the Hall of Fame before Drew Pearson and Jimmy Johnson. So you will continue to see more "who you know" Cowboys selections in the HOF than before. As the luster is coming off the brand of America's team not being in a Super Bowl in 25 years.
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    He is lock
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    Exactly! :grin:
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    LOL..his bust is already cast and jacket ordered for tailoring.
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    There's zero chance he doesn't make the hall of fame. First off its hard to say the commitee is biased when the Cowboys have the 9th most wins in franchise history. All of the team's in front of them have had franchises around longer too in some cases by 2+ decades. Sure there are a few snubs, but almost every franchise has them. Check out this hall monitor for TEs that paints a clear picture of his candidacy vs others.

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    I will GUARANTEE you that he will NOT be first ballot
  11. bbailey423

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    He will NOT be first ballot
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    PFR has created a regression model with a metric to predict HOF acceptance. Witten is 5th for TEs, below Gates, but above the Average HOF score for TEs, which itself is distorted by Gonzalez being out so far ahead of everyone else.

    Arguably, Witten, Gates, and Gonzalez were mutually robbed of All Pro years, having to compete with *each other* in their primes, between them taking 1st Team All Pro in 8 of the 10 years from 2003-2012.

    Witten was a very strong player even before Tony. Still 8.0+ YPT in 2004 and 2005.

    Player                HOFm
    Tony Gonzalez       196.33
    Antonio Gates       113.63
    Shannon Sharpe      113.23
    Dave Casper         111.62
    Jason Witten        105.62
    Average HOF TE          98
    Kellen Winslow       95.96
    Rob Gronkowski       89.51
    Ozzie Newsome        81.05
    Jackie Smith         77.69
    John Mackey          76.52
    Travis Kelce         73.16
    Pete Retzlaff        71.89
    Charlie Sanders      64.50
    Mike Ditka           62.49
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    Witten was too consistent for too long to not get in the HOF. And if he doesn't go his first year of eligibility his wait still won't be a long one.
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    Don't know why folks didn't stop reading right there. Anything that starts off with CONSPIRACY! victim talk is sure to have convoluted gibberish follow.
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    I am not the worlds biggest Witten fan but he is a hall of fame lock.
    He combined high level of play with insane durability.

    In some ways it may have hurt us a team because we didn't modernize or get faster sooner but he produced great career totals in all areas and he was a plus blocker until retirement.
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    How many times are you gonna start a Witten is not good enough for hall of fame thread?

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    He's in. There is no question on that one IMO.
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    Is this really a thread?
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    I agree there is no conspiracy against the Cowboys when it comes to the Hall Of Fame. The great Dallas teams of the 1970's are probably a bit neglected; and we all know Drew Pearson endured a ridiculously long wait.

    But overall the Cowboys have a very strong representation in the Hall; and Witten is going to be the next addition to the list.
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