Video: Why the Cowboys are terrified of signing Dak Prescott

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Redball Express, Jun 13, 2020.

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    Not terrified but concerned..

    Uh huh.

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  2. WillieBeamen

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    Not going to lie

    This is a horrible video. So many inaccuracies and so much hyperbole
  3. Nav22

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    5-year/$175m offer on the table, according to reports.

    Already franchised for a cool $31.4m this year.


    Dak wins, OP. You lose. Because winners win and losers lose.
  4. Tcar

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    Redball your dislike of Dak is insane and knows no bounds
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    I don't know if the Cowboys are terrified, but I am:eek: is there nothing that can stop these Dak threadso_O
    I'm going to try this new app

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  7. Rockport

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    You’ve got to be one of the top 5 worst members of this forum. You are an embarrassment to all Cowboy fans.
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    The economy hits the 2021 salary cap like a Curtis LeMay bombing raid.

    Boras isn’t going to like the money available in 21 in MLB.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Ok, which poster in CZ is this moron who made and badly orated this video??? Clearly this fool doesn't know what he's talking about...or intentionally is spewing a bunch of bunk.
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  11. gjkoeppen

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    To start off with there are like 6 or 7 different "latest offers" depending on which sportswriter or "insider" speculation you want to look at and that is all it is, SPECULATION. Fans gobble up that speculation and then proceed to argue over those speculations.

    Now this video. This person starts off comparing Prescott's and Elliott's rookie season with last season and how well the both played and then how things didn't go as well last season. Now here's a very important point he missed. 2016 the Cowboys were very lucky on the injury front where as 2019 they had a lot of injuries to starters. Gee could that have some baring on the outcomes of seasons. Then those that keep talking about garbage time stats. They don't see those numbers as a QB trying to make comebacks, just as him padding his numbers. Those that keep saying garbage time stats would rather Prescott just quit trying to make comebacks and "padding" those numbers but then they would then start calling him a quitter who gives up on games. Lastly how they magnify any error he may have had and doing so completely omit that even the top QB's have never made those same mistakes, some after being in the league a lot longer than Prescott.

    It's time to leave the evaluation of Prescott to those that actually have a say on how much THEY decide to pay him..
  12. WillieBeamen

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    The problem is folks want to prop up his numbers as evidence hes some top QB, WITHOUT acknowledging there were a lot of games when he ran his numbers up when the game was basically decided.

    For example

    90% of the game was played and Dak had 197 yards and completed less than 50% of his passes.

    Here is what he ended up with


    41% (137yds) of his yardage totals came in the last 6 minutes of the game. Where was this production at earlier???

    At the end of the game, his numbers seem respectable and not that bad, but he played absolutely poorly that game

    He did this same exact thing in the Bills game as well. The led the game with a 75yd drive and a score, only to follow that up with 0 points until 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter when he led a 70 yd drive for a TD
  13. gjkoeppen

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    So you're another one that just wished Prescott didn't try to make comebacks and just quit so you can just call him a quitter instead. Nobody likes losing but even if a game is unlikely to make a complete comeback most fans if they have to take a loss, they would rather it be a loss by 2 or 4 instead of 10, 14, 17 points. You may not care but like I said most fans would rather take a loss by a few points than all the ridicule of a big blow out loss.

    And you're also another of those that put the blame entirely on Prescott in a TEAM game. Maybe if that Cowboys receiving corp that led the league in drops caught more passes the Cowboys might have won more games or maybe if Elliott didn't have SIX subpar games with rushing totals of 60 or fewer yards, one with only 35 on 18 carries they might have won more games. Or how about the defense that was last in the league in picks and ranked 29th in fewest 3 and outs. Lets not forget a special teams that was terrible all season long and lastly coaching. But you want to blame Prescott for all of those losses.
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  14. WillieBeamen

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    You obviously arent comprehending.

    NO ONE is saying he should just give up. What i AM saying is dont boast about his yardage totals and claim he is great, WITHOUT acknowledging he stat pads at times.

    Hell he has even admitted this himself
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  15. Knotamus

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    Did Dak sign yet or what? Asking for a friend
  16. gjkoeppen

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    Another misquote or taking a quote out of context. What he said is some say he padded his numbers late in games and he said that he did have some games with more success late in games. That's not saying he admitted he was padding his numbers. It means that while attempting to make comebacks he was more successful later in games. Now some of us actually understand that defenses played differently later in games, called prevent defenses. The Cowboys have tried that but their prevent didn't always prevent the other team from scoring.
  17. Hardline

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    If the Dak jock sniffers were Kansas City Cheifs fans they would be defending Alex Smith instead of trying to find Patrick Mahomes.
    We need a franchise QB to take this team to the next level.

    If Dak can't accomplish that with this new coaching staff then it's defenatly time to move on.

    The Cowboys know full well paying Dak 13% of the salary cap is putting a nail in the coffin for a Super Bowl championship.

    I don't want to hear a single one of you jock sniffers complain when in a few years when our core players start leaving because the well ran dry here.
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Well dry? What? Our team just had a great draft by most accounts,
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  19. cern

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    They want to sign him. Just not at his asking price. After a year and a half no one should be surprised by this.
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    You would know from experience what a jock sniffer is, eh?
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