Why WR CeeDee Lamb was the steal of the Draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Why CeeDee Lamb was the STEAL of the Draft by the Cowboys| Film Room

    (per Samuel Gold)
    - Pardon me if this was already previously posted.
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    I think I’m going to buy a Lamb next!
  3. DFWJC

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    I guess we’ll know in a few years
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    i really believe in how the Kellen Moore/McCarthy duo is gonna design.-scheme him all over the field and in best situations
    where he is creating plays with his run skills as well as his vertical skills.

    Methinks Lamb is not gonna be just schemed the way Randall Cobb was as a 3rd/slot but could be further utilized and expanded
    using his run skills around the line ala how Niners used Deebo Samuels

    per Deebo Samuels;
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  5. big dog cowboy

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    Kid is going to be special.
  6. buybuydandavis

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    I'd like more of Cooper in the slot. His quickness and route running belong in the middle of the field, where he can break in all directions.
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    Mccarthy's offense is tailor made for a YAC monster like Ceedee,cant wait for TC.
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    We can place Lamb where ever we want and he will be effective. I would like to see him and Dak get on the same page early and often. That will pay off all year. Start throwing to everyone, make all a weapon and not a decoy. Get the ball in his hands and use that tackle breaking talent. Then take those deep shots and the TE. Would love to see a 4 WR set and spread them out and ram Elliot right down there throats.
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  9. Section446

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    He really was, it's partially the position he plays, but I haven't been this excited about a pick since... well... Dez.
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    Boy you know it’s the tail end of the offseason when threads like this keep getting rethrown up on the board

    yes we get it... top 10/top5 talent Depending how you had him ranked slipped to us
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    But is this a McCarthy offense or a Kellen Moore offense
  12. rocyaice

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    I mean we also get you didn't have to enter this thread and also reply to it.
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    No this is what everyone wants... site owners like the clicks and activity...

    OP feels great because he’s getting replies...

    you felt the need to reply to me... everyone “feels good” with this stake news
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    I don't think most people fully grasp how good Lamb is or the value is in Dallas.

    Lamb can play all 3 WR options and actually played all 4 in the Air Raid.
    BUT if he had been a WR1 year 1 he would have growing pains.
    Learning to handle elite man press and seeing the other team's top CB weekly would be recipe for a very blah rookie season.
    Instead he goes to Dallas where is WR3 as a rookie and will learn X, Y, Z but play as a direct understudy to Amari Cooper as X and Z.
    He'll often be faced with the nickel CB or the weaker of 2 outside CBs because he is playing with two dudes who are scary.
    Dallas will use their creativity to get him the ball each week with scheme and he'll be option 3 for Dak a lot on bnroken or well defended plays.
    But an option 3 that can make people miss at a rate similar to Amari or even better.
    He was the most elusive WR coming out of the draft.
    Not the best route runner. Not the best hands. Not the fastest straight-line.
    But he was the hardest to tackle once he caught the ball and he had no real weaknesses(just lack of strengths) in those other areas.

    Every report talks about the Big 12 but ignores he played the very best DBs in the country.
    He faced Ohio State, Georgia, Bama and LSU.

    His 2nd collegiate game was against OSU on the road and it was OU's biggest non-playoff win of the decade. He had 5 catches for 61 yards.
    In the playoff game versus Georgia that year he had 6 for 66 yards.
    That was as a true freshman.

    He was far better versus Bama and LSU in following seasons even with a far lesser QB last year.
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    I personally enjoy a change up from all of the Dakoverload Pleasestop threads.

    It's refreshing to read about other members of the team in threads that typically stray away from the volatile discussions.
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  16. BigTimeBlues

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    Bringing out the good stuff, love it!!

    I'm super excited at the prospect of Lamb, Cooper and Gallup on the field together..in whatever formation Big Mac and KM deem necessary.
  17. ColoCowboy

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    I can just imagine commentators coming up with some delicious lamb observations:

    "Lamb roasted that DB"

    "Lamb is in rare form.. "

    "Lamb is certainly no mutton chop - strictly Grade A"

  18. Bullflop

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    I'm pretty confident that'll be the case. WRs with his ability of getting YACs are valuable!:thumbup:
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  19. OmerV

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    I'm excited to see what CeeDee can do, but the only way to know who is the steal of the draft is to look back on it in a year or too. Too many highly thought of prospects have disappointed, and others less thought of have excelled, for me to feel any confidence in determining that before the players even hit the field.
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    IMO people talk about him too much in the slot. I don't think he is going to be pigeon holed there. If I was MM, I would move the receivers around a lot to screw with coverage assignments. I'm fully comfortable with Cooper in the slot if he ends up there on motion. Bunch formations are also pretty dangerous with this group.

    Hopefully this isn't the same old unimaginative Garrett offense. I should have no clue what is about to happen when Dallas has the ball. Tony Romo shouldn't be able to call out exactly the play before the snap.
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