Will Jerry do anything related to coaching?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stinkface, Jan 17, 2022.

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    I think not. I think he looks at the bottom line and money is the bottom line and he is making a ton off of TV contracts, merchandising and of course Jerry World. Hope I'm wrong because I think McCarthy needs to go. He was brought here to do one thing and that was to win playoff games. Not correcting all these stupid penalties that cost us all year and not vetoing that last play yesterday shows he doesn't have command of what needs to be done. That doesn't even account for poor clock management decisions made several times during the year. He is not the sharpest coach in the league. Maybe middle of the road at best and Jerry is paying for more then that.
  2. Dak_Attack_09

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  3. Gaede

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    I didn't think so before the game.

    But that was a shitshow.

    We're gonna lose the DC, and hopefully, someone will take Moore off our hands.

    So we are looking at disruption, regardless. Only stability is Mike, and he's doesn't appear to do much

    Does Jerry look at that and think, why keep things as they are, if they're already going to change? I can see Quinn becoming the HC, absolutely. I fear Moore becoming the Hc
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  4. Gaede

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    Exactly. These weren't random calls . We deserved them. Blame to coaches for not instilling discipline I their players.
  5. mugsybows

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    I think he’ll be given one more chance. Kellen will be gone (thank god), i could see him breaking the bank and getting creative to keep quinn. But mccarthy will get one more year to call the plays and it truly be his team. When that doesn’t work I think he will move on. Honestly though I don’t think any coach can correct Dallas issues.
  6. Dak_Attack_09

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    So did the 49ers but none called on them.

  7. Dre11

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    Dude penalties are on the players, they're mental
    Then other penalties that are physical is you getting beat by your man.
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  8. buddieluver

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    Oline coach needs to go along with QB coach for starters.
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  9. lukin2006

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    No he will not. Jerry might as well coach if he sticks with fat Mike…
  10. Aerolithe_Lion

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    49ers had plenty of penalties as well, particularly toward the end of the game. While Dallas had 14, SF also had 9
  11. FLCowboyFan

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    He went on the air and talked about changes if we lost. Why did he do that? He set up the team to be way too stressed vs playing loose.

    so now that he got what he helped create, he better do something. But if he kept his mouth shut we may have played better :-(
  12. Section446

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    Jerry doesn't do accountability.
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  13. Aviano90

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    He needs to do something related to the culture, specifically quit treating these players like they are 5 time SB champions.
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  14. brickman

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  15. MoistMayonnaise

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    Even when changes are made, nothing changes in Jerry Land.
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  16. Rayman70

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    The refs in the raiders game we played were awful. Refs been an issue all year around the league. BTW.. AB had a nice game. 2 bad Diggs vanished.
  17. Risen Star

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    He'll probably need at least one coordinator and who knows who that coordinator will take with him on that side of the ball. I'm guessing Quinn will be gone.

    Philbin has to go either way. He was terrible.

    The big guy stays. You don't fire a guy this close to a dynasty.
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  18. Starforever

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    That's like divorcing an adulterous woman and marrying a floozy.
  19. visionary

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    look at his username
    He is the number 1 Dak apologist on the board
    He’s just trying to deflect blame from where it should go, on Dak who was a major reason for our loss
  20. Pompey-Cowboy

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    Jerry firing MM would be a sure sign he has realised time is not on his side to win another super bowl.

    Sadly, JG got a decade, MM very likely gets another year or two......... or three.

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