Will Jerry ever bring in a proven HC again?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Diehardblues, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Diehardblues

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    Jerry has only brought in a proven HC twice in his era. Initially to set the teams course bringing them out of potential bankruptcy and the second time to resurrect from a 5-11 Funk to gain public support for a new stadium.

    What would it take for Jerry to set his ego aside again or stop his pursuit of trying to prove he can build and win a championship without a proven HC who’d receive more credit than him?

    Or are we stuck in this situation until Jerry’s last breathe barring a total collapse or financial barrier?

    Remember he tried winning championships with a great HC but didn’t like not receiving the credit he was pursuing. What gives us hope Jerry will change?
  2. Mobinvans

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    Jerry will die with the huge failure of the last 25 years...things will probably be worse under his cheap son
  3. Hennessy_King

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    Obviously we won't. We have the most money in the entire league but won't spend money on real talent at a position that doesn't have a salary cap and that is Coaches.
  4. Zekeats

    Zekeats theranchsucks

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    Can’t wait for him to give up a couple high draft picks for the wrong HC next year
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  5. IrishAnto

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    The first thing Jerry needs to do is to remove himself from the football equation because even a good coach will struggle under a poor GM (see Bill Belichick at the Browns) and any HC worth his salt would think several times over about working for a GM like Jerry.

    I can't see Jerry voluntarily doing this so, I don't think Jerry will ever appoint a really good strong HC.
  6. Reverend Conehead

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    The exception was Parcells. Jerry hired him and got out of his way ..... for a while. Then he just couldn't resist his meddling ways.
  7. Runwildboys

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    I don't think money has anything to do with it. I think getting credit is his main motivation, which I think is the reason Moore is moving up the ranks so quickly. Jerry makes a splash and "discovers" the next great coach, if Moore does well. If he doesn't do well, it gives him another reason not to blame Garrett.
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  8. conner01

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    Seems the trend in the nfl is going away from proven HC
    Over the last few years doesn’t seem like many have been hired
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  9. bigdnlaca

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    I think Jerry would bring in a proven HC only if the team doesn't have much talent. When Parcells was brought in, the team just wasn't very good with the exception of some of the Oline, LBs, Williams and Glover.
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  10. cowboyblue22

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    they simple answer is NO
  11. IrishAnto

    IrishAnto Well-Known Member

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    At that time Jerry needed a name HC to build Jerryworld.
    Even then as you point out Jerry couldn't keep his fingers away from the groceries and before you know we had Wade.
  12. GenoT

    GenoT Well-Known Member

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    I doubt it.

    Doing so would change the narrative from winning being the result of the Cowboys organization (read: Jerry’s football acumen) to being the result of hiring a proven coach who has had success outside the Cowboys sphere.

    Because if, say, a Doug Pederson were brought in and he quickly delivered a SB win, that would prove that a superior HC matters more than Jerry’s football input — and that’s NOT gonna be allowed to happen.
  13. Pokeness

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    That was just so he could get his stajium.
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  14. Nightman

    Nightman Capologist

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    Jerry is anything but a failure

    He has 3 rings, HoF, new Stadium, new Practice Campus, 250 yacht and the team is worth 5b for a 160m investment

    SJones is too cheap and needs to get some wildcatting from his Daddy.... he can Draft well but he needs to spend some FA money
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  15. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    If they are ever desperate enough to win then they will.

    They were desperate when they brought in Parcells and it probably had more to do with getting a stadium built then it did winning.
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  16. Pantone282C

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    I tend to doubt it. Who would want to come here under the same constraints as past luminaries? Jerry has the aura of advancing age. Will he be like Al Davis and Donald Sterling and drag the franchise down to lower levels before others are forced to act?
    That being said, I certainly get the feeling that the 2020 season is heading toward the crossroads of change. Will the 2019 season be a lame duck affair with Jerry holding his version of an ace in the hole - Richard, Payton, etc? Is Kellen Moore his ace as HC with Nussmeier as OC?
    This franchise comes off like the late 70's TV show, Soap.
    Stay tuned for next week's show, boys and girls.
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  17. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    Apparently those 3 rings gives him a pass for life with some fans?
  18. Nightman

    Nightman Capologist

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    It does....I guess some fans think that they are easy to win

    the Eagles won their only title last year in 53 tries

    do you subtract the 3 rings from Brady that he won 15-17 years ago when you praise him or do they all count???
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  19. Sydla

    Sydla Well-Known Member

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    The real question is will a proven HC want to come here and work with Jerry?
  20. Nightman

    Nightman Capologist

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    Besides the Patriots what Franchise would you trade places and results with the last 30 years?

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