Will Jerry Name Kellen Moore The Head Coach Before Someone Else Does?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MountaineerCowboy, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. Majic

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    Wouldn't be surprised if Jerry has already verbally promised him the job if he keeps progressing. (They had a discussion when Kellen was offered the Boise State job). I don't think that means he will fire MM if the team has a winning record and makes a good run.
    I think it's similar to the Josh McDaniels situation in New England, another head coach in waiting. Basically be patient, keep doing well and the job will be yours further down the line if you stick around.
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  2. RonWashington

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    Let’s face facts if the Cowboys have a successful year and that’s a deep playoff run like let’s see them in the NFC championship game and get to the SB Big Mike’s Subs is going nowhere. And yes Kellen will be poached by an NFL doormat who will draft the “ franchise QB “ round one and Moore can help shape an offense around him.

    Even 9-8 will be viewed as “ progress “ in Jerrah world.

    I knew seeing Dallas strike for two quick TD’s Sunday that they needed to score and score but for three quarters Dallas managed two more FG’s. Tampa puts up 31 in the SB 31 against Dallas what 45 against Atlanta etc etc ….in today’s NFL you have to keep going into the end zone . Right Kellen ?
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  3. waving monkey

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    Jerry would have no problem with that but will Moore be OK with it.
    We lost the defensive LB coach to the Colts because of this issue
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  4. RonWashington

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    At some point you lose assistant coaches it happens.
  5. Acheman08

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    I dont know...i see this as similar to the Garrett situation. Some "young hot coordinator" with very little coaching experience and zero head coaching experience get the reigns and well, you know.
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  6. J-man

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    I certainly hope not. Nothing against him personally or in his ability, but IMHO, there is a huge difference between calling plays and being a head coach. I think he's is far to young, more to the point he's far to inexperienced to be a head coach yet. Let the guy grow up, learn and mature before he tries to become a leader of men. In time I think he has a good shot at being a good one, but not yet.
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  7. IceStarD54

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    Sounds like a great idea to me:facepalm:[​IMG]
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    Kellen is doing just fine where he is now! We'd best make the most of a good thing -- he's performing well at OC! :grin:

    Jerry probably wouldn't hesitate to make him the wealthiest OC in the NFL. That's how he rolls. He can afford it, I'll bet!
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  9. RonWashington

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    McVay Shanahan LaFleur McDerrmott and yes Tomlin 10 yrs ago Siriani in Philly ….if I called the shots for an NFL club I would choose a young assistant who’s in the NFL or was recently in the NFL over the retread tire section of the store. Jerrah went retread to replace Garrrett as everyone knew he would . Let’s see what happens I certainly think this is a playoff caliber club .

    No thanks to coaches who’s resume is strictly college . When things fell apart in Atlanta for Bobby Petrino who came from the college ranks one of the veterans in the lockeroom was glad to see him go saying “ this is a man’s league.”
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  10. pupulehaole

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    Yah Jerry is in a huge rush with Moore calling the play aroung here to win game with a 56 yd fg lol
  11. Risen Star

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    I'm guessing we'll look back on this one and laugh.
  12. BotchedLobotomy

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    I guess I am not seeing it. What is it about Moore's offense that is so special? We don't really do anything innovative. He avoids attacking the middle of the field. On third and short he never ever calls quick slants. His redzone offense is not great. When we have the running game going, he doesn't utilize play action. I mean the list can go on. In my opinion he's a decent OC but nothing really special. Guys like this are a dime a dozen. I think if he left, he could be easily replaced.
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  13. atlantacowboy

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    The question is ..... is this a Jason Garret situation or a Sean Payton situation?
  14. JoeKing

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    Why are you drumming up drama where there is none. Jerry just this year gave Kellen a new multi-year contract that convinced him to not take the head coaching job at his alma mater, Boise State. It's a fair certainty that Jerry has a gentlemen's agreement with Kellen Moore that he will be the eventual replacement of Mike McCarthy for the Cowboys head coaching job. They communicate on a regular basis so I don't think there is any chance of Kellen going anywhere else.
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  15. daboyzruleperiod

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  16. Doomsday101

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    Right now more concerned with the season at hand, this season will play out and how this team does likely will determine the direction they go. If McCarthy is able to get this team to a championship I think Jerry would keep him as the HC. I also think Jerry will do all that is possible to retain Moore. That is a bridge they will cross once it gets here.
  17. quickccc

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    i'd wonder if the New England situation is a unique one itself.
    i would think a young hot head like McDaniels with such an ego would not want to continue waiting his young years
    behind legendary Belly.

    i think Belly loves football too much, even at his current age.. loves coaching so much ..and he has his foundation QB for years to come. And now Belly is a position to prolong his career.
    Is McDaniels that content with remaining OC ?

    Jerry hired the OC (Garrett) even before he hired the eventual head coach. Who and what other NFL team does that ?

    That's what had people thinking there had to be a hidden agenda behind the Wade Phillips hiring, but if we had
    hired Norv Turner who was in very heavy consideration ( but his reported choice as the DC crushed that deal)
    Garrett would've still been the OC.
  18. Whirlwin

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    By November if we’re not in first place with the winning record.He will be the head coach
  19. Whirlwin

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    I have aspirins if you need them
  20. Aven8

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    We go to the NFC title game at minimum and that will open opportunities for Quinn and Moore.

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