Will Jerry Name Kellen Moore The Head Coach Before Someone Else Does?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MountaineerCowboy, Sep 21, 2021.

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    Well I’ll be the first to say I’m not a huge MM fan so far. When he got here I was excited even though I felt he always overrated because of Rodgers, I still felt he was a pretty damn good coach. So far he’s underwhelmed. That said I think it’s important to put things in perspective......

    it’s week 2. while Kellen has looked great so far this year and been pretty good overall let’s see how the year shakes out before we just have him penciled in as a head coaching hire. Let’s keep this momentum building and then see how it all plays out. I personally don’t see jerry firing McCarthy if we win the division and make the playoffs.

    For many reasons but for a big one being it’s an admission that he picked the wrong coach again and because making the playoffs while isn’t what we want the standard to be here- it’s what we are really striving for. I think MM wins the division he gets another year here with the one caveat being if dak asks for kellen....which I’m not sure if dak will get that involved
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    Yeah, I would have liked to see what he could have done at Boise before just assuming he is Head Coach material.
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    I would fire McCarthy now for performance reasons
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    I believe it has been Jerry's Master Plan to show the world how he truly is a football guy with this hire that only needs a little more time to become reality.
    He failed in his first go round with Garrett.
    Moore represents his redemption plan to prove how smart of a Football GM he really is.

    This has been my opinion since Moore was named OC.

    However McCarthy's tenure here plays out I believe Moore is the next HC of the Cowboys regardless.


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