Will Jones fire McCarthey and Nolan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GORICO, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. StuckMojo

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    Lots of injuries but I have seen poor play calling, poor fundamentals and poor game management/decisions that have nothing to do with injuries. Green Bay has gotten much better since firing MM
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  2. BAT

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    The bigger question is not "if" or even "when" they will both be fired.

    It's "what's taking them so long"?????
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  3. DuncanIso

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    He will fire Nolan and big Mike.
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  4. JW82

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    I doubt it, but I would.
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  5. plymkr

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    I think both will be gone in the offseason. Injuries are one thing but there's just decisions in the game that make no sense. I think the failed 4th down from our 20 in a game that was still competitive was the deal breaker.
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  6. blumayne38

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    Why? MM gets nothing but bad publicity and he lied from the get go. It wouldn’t be a good move to not admit you may have made a mistake. And bring in a young up and coming head coach like Lincoln Riley. It’s makes zero sense to keep a coach that the players all around are not responding well too.
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  7. Thomas82

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    I always thought McCarthy was a rush hire.
  8. lockster

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    No, but he should. This last game was enough by itself to prove the futility of what's happening on the sidelines with coaching. We got Beavis , butthead, the three stooges, and the Hardy boys all on one coaching staff. Then who do we have up stairs?!! Elmer fud and his boy. Alfalfa and gang are the staff. All followers of rhetoric
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  9. ninja

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    With all the Cowboy injuries this year, I doubt Vince Lombardi could have done anything.
    Just wasn't the Cowboy's year this year.

    McCarthy is too old school for me. Need someone younger and more in tune with the college game. That is the future.
  10. basel90

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    jerry will give McCartney and Nolan 3 years . He is too stubborn , plus he cannot fire them due to the fact he made most of the decisions for them : Offensive coach, Draft , players contracts etc . So if you micro manage , you cannot evaluate or hold the coach accountable .
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  11. BoysfaninVegas

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    Not going to happen.
  12. GMO415

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    Just stop this nonsense
  13. NumOneQB

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    I don’t think anyone gets fired, but if I could wish one firing it would be Nolan.
  14. Aven8

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    How about you never guarantee another triple platinum anything as we get killed each time you do this! :laugh:
  15. TwistedL0g1k

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    The GM will not fire the head coach after a single injury riddled season, with no preseason, during a global pandemic. He also doesn't admit mistakes easily.

    I would wager a staggering sum that this will not happen. I'm no MM fan either.
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  16. SexyDexy52

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    Jones will give McCarthy at least 3 years. Nolan possibly gets another year as well. Both will claim injuries marred the season from the get go so they will call Mulligan and try again next season. For Nolan it will be make or break, he's probably on a 3 yr contract so firing him after yr 2 isn't so bad in Jones'eyes. McCarthy gets another chance to right the ship but that should be it unless he makes the playoffs like Garrett did every other year and strings the Joneses along for more chances to make a run at a SB.

    I do expect to see MM implement more of his own offense this off-season even if KM returns but we'll see how that goes.
  17. 75boyz

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  18. Praxit

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    ..I see MM going nowhere. They might be able to persuade MM to go another direction with DC. Who knows?
  19. starfan1

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    Well Jerry is that person so good luck
  20. 75boyz

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    Outstanding post.
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