Will Niners Out-physical the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Jan 11, 2022.

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    Will the Niners be able to " Out-physical "the Cowboys ?

    Can the better NFL teams " Out-physical " the Cowboys ?

    - Much is already made how the Niners out-physical the Rams.
    Especially with their Shanahan design run schemes, that led to Grapp play action that
    makes him operate much better.
    Will they be able to Out -physical the Cowboys in same sense ?

    Can teams out-physical us on both sides of the ball ?

    - Rod Marinelli – teams could run the ball on his D” ... ( ala Rams playoff game loss with near 300 rushing)

    - Mike Nolan – we probably set and broke records vs the run with woeful run D” ever;

    - Dan Quinn - there were instances where teams like, Carolina, NY Giants (2nd game) , Denver KC Chiefs,
    Even Philly 2nd -3rd stringers surprisingly ran well vs most of our starters...
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  2. Aven8

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    I think they will. But they have to hit back. It’s just who SF is. We need to score fast and play fast.
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  3. CowboysFaninHouston

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    I think they can. the question is can they win against us. can they slow us down enough and score enough points to pull out a win.

    I said it several times specially after Denver game, that our offense was a finesse offense and teams that played us physical had success. Denver did it. KC did it. AZ did it....their defenses were able to rush with 4, be physical up front and were able to generate a pass rush with front 4, drop 7 into coverage which makes is very difficult for any team to have passing success. can't count the number of times Zeke and pollard got hit in the backfield. further, they were able to stop the run, penetrate and hit Zeke and pollard in the back field to slow down the runs.

    our OL is fairly weak in the middle, biadasz and Williams specifically, so DTs, those with a little power are able to easily push the OL back (as opposed to other way around), penetrate up the middle on pass rush and runs. the key for our offense is to be able to run outside and slow down the push up the middle. We have to get pollard involved, some quick screen passes in space to pollard, get the DL moving sideways and chasing. some jet sweeps, some quick tosses. we may not gain a lot of yards. but that's ok (believe it or not), as long as the DL runs a bit, chases a bit and tires out. SF has great starting DL, but not deep. so get those big DL men running, and they will slow down. that will force them to bring more for pass rush as the game goes on, which will open passing lanes in the back end. their secondary is not great, so they look to drop more into coverage, forcing them to bring more to the line, will help our passing game tremendously.

    on the defensive side, we are also a bit of a finesse team. my concern is runs to the outside, which we have had trouble containing (not sure why). Denver, AZ, Philly, all had success running to the outside. we were also susceptible to power runs up the middle (but not every team can do that). as much as I like to rush Parsons, I think we need them at least early on to help stop the runs up the middle. Neal, and the CBs become key to stopping the outside runs as both Gregory and Lawrence have been vunerable to traps and get caught inside.

    if we can do the above two, force them to go to the pass, then we can have some success rushing the passer and we will have success passing the ball. we are not going to win this game on the ground, but how many times we rush is more important than how much we run....against Saints we couldn't run much, but we kept at it and broke a big one. that's what we need. we can't abandon the run at the first sign of trouble as Moore has had a tendency to do. he did it against Tampa (similar defense to niners) and he did against AZ and denver...I am not saying to just run to a brick wall, but he has to get a little more creative in the run game. we need to have some zone blocking schemes going into this game as that's more effective against the powerful and physical DL. we can't just line them up and go, given there is only one martin.

    this game will go into the 4th quarter. we have to win this game in the 4th quarter and that will depend how we tire them out in the first 3 quarters. I hate to say it, but it may come down to Zeurline....
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  4. TheMarathonContinues

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    I'm really shocked at the love the 49ers are getting from the media and "experts"....was this not the same team that was just down 0-17 to the Rams?
  5. JohnsKey19

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    Some of it is legitimate. But a lot of it is media fluff to push a storyline.

    The game still has to be played Sunday afternoon. We'll see.
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  6. TheMarathonContinues

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    Well the narrative is they will "punch" the Cowboys in the mouth as if they Cowboys won't punch back? I don't understand that part honestly......I'm concerned with their run game but their head coach does not scare me and neither does their defense.
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  7. jazzcat22

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    Cowboys are a physical team also.

    Was SF all that physical. When Rams are making stupid mistakes, throwing INT's. That allowed the comeback. And all of a sudden SF is some powerhouse?
    That is ok, let Dallas be the media / fan (and many our own fans) underdogs...again...
  8. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Moderator

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    Many are our own fans on here doing their usual negative Nancy / Debbie downer routines.
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  9. pitt33

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    Just be more physical at the point of attack. Osa and Neville need to bring it. Just have a feeling those two need to ball out when they’re out there.
  10. CCBoy

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    I'll be playing close attention to the 1st two series for both sides of the Dallas ball...
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  11. atlantacowboy

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    They are the weak links on defense and need to step up b/c the Niners run the ball as well as anyone.
  12. Direwolf63

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    They will certainly try. It's up to the Cowboys to respond
  13. CCBoy

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    Don't forget the 'sanctioned' term narcissistic...:facepalm:

    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    That's a HARD YES! After watching KC, RAIDERS and CARD'S games the Boys don't do physical very well. 4 of their 5 loses have come against playoff teams that's how bad they are and if it wasn't for their EASY schedule, they probably would have had more loses than wins this year.
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  15. crashintonickdm

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    It needs to be Sunday. Minds been racing and it’s only Tuesday
  16. MysteryIceGuro

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    The real question is, can WE outphysical THEM?
    The 49ers are fast and physical. That’s why they’ve been so good these past couple of weeks down the stretch. They aren’t consistently good but they are a young, physical, and fast team that can beat you based off of talent alone. Dallas does not do well against the run or against quick players. Dallas is fast but the 49ers are faster, ala Anthony Brown and the secondary getting burned on the regular.

    What Dallas needs to do is what they did against Washington. The 49ers are a better Washington IMO. Good defense, mediocre QB, but fast when given to the playmakers (Deebo, Kittle). We need to go no huddle, make Jimmy G uncomfortable, lock down Deebo, and do NOT allow any outside runs because those killed us last game. Dak needs to learn to let it rip and stop being so afraid when they play disguised coverages and when they play man. He also needs to run more, which he has been doing. Kellen needs to stop being a dumb arse and play the calls he was playing at the beginning of the season. O-line needs to get it together in general in terms of pass and run protection and blocking. We got a lot to clean up to beat a hot 49ers team.
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  17. Whirlwin

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    No , They will try. But no
  18. TheMarathonContinues

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    Like I said earlier, those same idiots said the Eagles would win the division and the Skins...and this wasn't a year ago they said this they said this just a month ago lol.
  19. Whirlwin

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    Someone’s been listening to the NFL net work
  20. pitt33

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