Will Niners Out-physical the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Jan 11, 2022.

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    They’re running game helped open up those passing opportunities for him. If they couldn’t run the ball they would’ve been in trouble. We had no answers for their running game. They destroyed us on the ground and we missed a lot of tackles. We gave up almost 200 yards rushing. In 9 of Bridgewater’s 14 starts he passed for less than 250 yards. He’s an average QB and Denver will be looking for a better QB in the offseason.
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    I'll say this about the 49ers run game yes it's solid and yes they're physical, however, the one thing that the Cowboys can do to stop their run game is to rotate the D-line and keep everyone fresh this way everyone will be engaged on every down and at 100%.
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    Absolutely he’s average, but he wasn’t that day. The running game certainly opens the passing lanes, but the QB still has to make the throws. Case in point was Stafford on Sunday. He badly under throws the receiver, who had 3 yards on the d-back, and it turns into an interception instead of a TD.

    I’m not dismissing Denver’s success running contributing to the loss, but it was hardly the only factor. If Dallas’ offense produces, they probably win that game regardless if Denver’s success running the ball.
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    For our offense to produce we have to be on the field. We’re going to have to stop San Francisco’s running game and we’re going to have to tackle a lot better than we did last week. We can’t allow San Francisco to control the ball like they did against the Rams. They’ll wear us down.
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    I think Dallas will be out physicaled by the 49ers, but there's more than one way to peel a potato. Dak n the WRs can go ham and win the game.
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    I’ve seen a few fans knocking the 49ers defense. They have 48 sacks this season and 55 led the league. Nick Bosa can be a game wrecker. If they make us one dimensional it could be a long day. We’re going to have to get some resemblance of a running game going or they’ll be pinning their ears back coming after Dak.
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  8. Joe Realist

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    Cowboys need 6 OL on every offensive play
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    Denver’s defensive scheme exposed Dak and the offense. They shut the run down and put all of the pressure on the Cowboy’s passing game to beat them. It didn’t happen. Other DC’s took notice and used the same scheme to put Dallas in a “slump”.
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    I missed the point the point you were making, my bad and I apologize.
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    Yea and then ran the ball down their throats to win the game. No one cares if they were down 0-17, what matters is how you finish the game
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    I have to agree with you. If you'll look at the Raiders, Broncos, and the Cardinals, the commonality in those 3 games was how incessantly long their drives were. Aided by penalties big time, but so many 3rd and longs were converted per drive that I keep shaking my head. I can accept Denver was a fluke that just kinda happened that we were due for, but I think we win vs the Cardinals and Raiders if Murray and Carr didn't just keep those long drives going with endless penalties and 3rd down conversions. The one that Cardinals scored a TD on in the 2nd quarter vs the Cardinals lasted 8 minutes 25. I guess in the Raiders case, it was more penalties than anything. Maybe our secondary wasn't used to the type of offense that the AFC West ran, but they had by far their worst game against the Raiders. I didn't see our secondary duplicating a performance like that in other games of the year. I mean, some games they were subpar in, but vs the Raiders they had no choice but to pull and grab and Jordan Lewis just can't cover receivers running wide in the open field. On slant routes, he tends to be better tho but he's not a deep cover corner. He gets exposed badly doing that.

    I don't see Jimmy as the type of Quarterback to make multiple 3rd and longs per game. But then, I didn't see Teddy being the type that can do it either, but he was excellent on 3rd and 10 against us... looked like he converted one every drive. That might be a fluke as I don't see him repeating that type of performance again. Hopefully Jimmy is inept on 3rd and longs. And equally inept in the redzone as his 20 TDs indicate he's not much of a redzone threat, but who knows.
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    Did you watch that game and how bad the Rams were in the 2nd half?
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    They will smash mouth Boys on both sides of the line. This team is the "big bully" this week and we better cinch up our chin straps. This team loves to play bloody and see if you
    cry for mama. This will be "Big Man" football for 60 minutes.
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    the denver game was kind of an anomoly. if you watched tape of the broncos you would think, we got this one in the bag. they came out flat. not ready and got punched in the mouth and denver came out to play. by the time we got our bearings together it was way too late and they had full momentum......however, that game also exposed something, we were a finesse offense and defense and when someone played us physical we struggled. KC took note and did the same defensively. they played the WRs physical and were able to rush with 4 and drop 7 into coverage. most fans here who want to attack Dak, will point to that game and denver, etc. but if you watched how their defenses played, it was not only Dak, but entire offense struggling with physicality.

    Raiders game was a mess. 28 penalties. 7 not accepted, meaning the refs called 35 penalties. that's ridicuolous...they also missed 5-8 blatant holds on raiders.......if refs called that way, every snap, I mean every snap would have a penalty....its football, sometimes you just got to let them play. I don't care what anybody says, the refs gave raiders that game.

    also, like you said, AZ, they played phsyical. two things that worry me...one, their defense was able to stop the run and generate pass rush just with the front 4. we had 12 runs in that game and 6 times the defender was in the backfield hitting the RB right after snap. and they were able to rush with 4, dropping 7 into coverage. its hard to throw to 3 WRs against 7 defenders.....and then that 2nd quarter 8.5 minute drive.... defense can't allow that.

    and to your point penalties...against AZ< we killed our own momentum with 3 penalties that negated 1st down conversions....and a 3rd and short and a 1st down turned into a 3rd and long.....

    Grapolo doesn't worry me as much. we have to just have to take away the deep game, force them to work their way down the field and grapolo will make mistakes. we just can't allow them to convert 1st downs just running the ball, which will force us to bring extra men into the box opening up their deep game..

    this is a tough match up (for both) and it will go into the 4th quarter. both good teams. I expect us to win some battles. lose some battles and perhaps the one that has the ball last will have a chance to win the game.
  16. quickccc

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    - Normally I would not dare think to ever say “ finesse” when it comes to Zeke Elliott – especially since he has power to his game.

    - What I believe that fails us in the run game ..and this is a failing in either the run scheme... or a failing in OL and TE unit personnel. ... Or Both ?
    Especially vs the more quality defenses, we cannot seem to block for the run game, and we have coaches who will immediately get impatient, panic and abandon the run
    when it breaks down early on.

    - There are other ways to get RBs involved ala pass game, but we are not efficient in that area either.
    Because our run game is a failure we have to turn to be one dimensional and It forces everything on Dak and the pass game – and that’s exactly what opposing teams want.
    They can deal with one issue, instead of two.
  17. quickccc

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    - sorry, but I’m not falling back on Radas game with the officiating, it’s too much of a cry me a river victim crutch and we need to account for our failings such as
    1) we simply had no pass rush vs Derek Carr
    2) Anthony Brown just needs to get his damn head turned around.
    3) another game where it magnifies Jourdan Lewis who gave up the big TD score vs Desean Jackson
    4) And our coaches simply did not adjust to our slow start and stalls during the game until we fell behind and had to play quick catch-up (ala no huddle tempo)

    5) And yet once again... it’s a reason why we are either at the top of the entire NFL in penalties. Or are we gonna continue that it’s a conspiracy every game vs Cowboys ?

  18. CowboysFaninHouston

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    I should have been more clear. I don't think Zeke is finesse, but offensive style and the OL specially up the middle. that's why Pollard has had more success, as he is more a of a finesse runner. I would think that with this unit we would be a better zone blocking scheme for runs up the middle and probably a better power blocking team going to the right with Martin and Collins. I like to see more draw plays in the game plan. something to throw at SF. the more we throw at them the better for us.

    and I agree, we should get RBs involved in passing game early, some quick outs to the outside, some quick swing passes in space, for pollard and let zeke have a head of steam on some screens and swing passes.....

    this is do or die time. throw the book at them...no sense in hiding plays or saving them for the future.
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  19. CowboysFaninHouston

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    well, didn't mean to quite put it that way, but that was a poorly officiated game....it impacted both teams...

    and in that game Brown had more penalties than he had all year long. now, you want to nitpick the last call in OT...ok, but two of the other calls were very ticky tacky, specially the one in the endzone...so it should have never come down to that. call in OT.

    I never said it was a conspiracy. just that it was a poorly officiated game. absolutely no denying that. I have never applied to the conspiracy theory stuff. I think the refs, at least some may come in with a preconcieved notion that cowboys commit a lot of penalties, so they may scrutinize and err on that side more than usual. more experienced Refs probably not, so in playoffs I expect less of it.
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    Yes, if the offense don’t start fast this could be another Broncos game

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