Will the Jones’s do a single thing

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Jan 17, 2022.

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    Or will we just get the status quo off-season of letting good players go to other teams, signing scrubs, and drafting?

    From what I can tell they are prepared to line up and try the same thing again next year and hope for a different result. So it looks like next year is a total waste already.

    I’m very pro fire McCarthy. I have no idea who you replace him with. I hated the hire to begin with. He was awful in year 1 and he was a horrible in game coach this season and only beat bad teams all season.

    He offers nothing to this team at all and right now your team and fan base need some hope going forward and you’re just telling everyone we’re going to line up and do it all again?

    You can’t keep McCarthy… I have no idea who you replace him with but we’re a sloppy team with poor in game management. The guy does nothing.

    Shannahan single handedly out coached the entire Cowboys staff yesterday. How do you just give this a pass?

    A lack of Tony Pollard for a month? Never figuring out how to beat cover 2 and watching your QB regress as the season goes on with never having an answer?

    Or the beauty of all beauties was our 2 minute offense yesterday and them running the ball before the 2 minute warning and wasting a play?
  2. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    We will do what we have been doing for the last 26 years, Jerry and Jr being in the way. They have there puppet coach and that is the way they like it. No more JJ and Tuna coaches.
  3. JBS

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    I’m with you on every single point here. The challenge is finding a coach who can actually come in here and make a difference. That’s a massive challenge in this place with dumb and dumber in charge. It’s going to take somebody with some serious skins on the wall. But it’s also unlikely that those idiots up top would even allow that to happen. Not encouraging.
  4. baltcowboy

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    I think we have to wait a few weeks and let the dust settle. During Super Bowl week when Jerry gets around other owners and execs. They will tell him how embarrassing that loss to the 49ers was. When he comes back to Valley Ranch before the coaching staff gets ready for the Senior Bowl reality will settle in. The Cowboys will make some changes but it will take time. It will probably be something we don’t want but I am guessing he will not give out any more big free agent contracts for the time being.
  5. CowboysFaninHouston

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    status quo as jones' go.....tell us they are disappointed. tell us they are doing everything. tell us this is the best way for cowboys to remain competitive. tell us they are doing everything and considering everything. change every one's focus to draft. generate news to keep us in the front of the fans. sell hope. let us down again....

    until we get a culture of accountability, nothing will change. the characters, the players, the coaches will come and go. everything else remains the same. we need someone like parcells. tough coach. be given authority and let him run the football operations...perhaps, Jerry can keep the title of GM. hire someone and call him Director of Football operations that reports to him and stay the heck away.

    but I doubt it
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  6. CATCH17

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    Yeah I’ll admit that I don’t have answers but my gosh are you just going to tell your fans that you’re doing nothing?

    What on earth has McCarthy done to keep his job?

    You fired Garrett to improve in the playoffs then you hired McCarthy and your 2 star players are rapidly regressing.

    Telling your fans that McCarthy has the answers is just a slap in the face.
  7. Adiba1977

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    They ain’t doing anything. Lucky if sign couple our own.
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  8. darthseinfeld

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    Only thing we will do is replace a coordinator if one gets hired elsewhere. FWIW some media (Fish?) was leaking that they are not that high on Moore right now, so I dont see them making the effort to retain if he gets a college offer like last year.

    McCarthy isnt going anywhere this year, but I think he is on notice. If we dont have a better playoff performance next season, then I think he is gone
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  9. Ranched

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  10. MoistMayonnaise

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    Whatever Jerry decides to do will most likely be his decision, he rarely listens to anyone else.
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  11. Risen Star

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    Status quo.

    But I promise you Jerry will give himself a hard look in the mirror before they do.
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  12. CATCH17

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    He needs to be fired. On notice should’ve been after year 1.

    Year 2 he beat scrubs is all and his QB got worse and worse as the year went on with no answers.
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  13. JonesBoys

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    The Jones boys have seen their head coach’s get out coached for years. Wether it’s big Mike or Garrett, or Wade. It doesn’t faze the Jones boys.
  14. darthseinfeld

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    Dont disagree. Im also in the same boat with you on "who". I dont see an alternative right now except maybe Harbaugh, and Im not really a big Harbaugh guy. Id take him over McCarthy right now.

    If I had my way, Id fire McCarthy and hand Dabo Swinney a blank check. But thats not happening
  15. Whirlwin

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    I never wanted Mike in the first place. Zero discipline. We played way above a potential. So I don’t know who gets credit and we should get slammed. But this is all a Coaching The franchise not the players I definitely think they overachieved
  16. Tabascocat

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    Greg the Leg will be the scapegoat then all will be right at JerryWorld :flagwave:
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    Can't give you a like for this post...lol
  18. TheCoolFan

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    Minor changes. They will use the injury excuse for the offense's struggles all offseason - Dak's calf, Zeke's PCL, etc. etc.
  19. CATCH17

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    Im still very very thankful he’s not Garrett and I’m still happy for that but he’s trash. Less trash than Garrett but still bad. He does zilch.
  20. goshann

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    I suspect this is what the off-season looks like:

    new d Coordinator to replace Q
    Moore is retained (won’t get an offer)
    Bring in another offensive mind at qb coach or running game coordinator
    Cooper is waived
    Dlaw is waived
    Signed: Gallup, Gregory, Kerse, Wilson, maybe hooker or kazee
    Fa: couple OL, LB and DT, safety
    Draft: fast twitch WR, two olineman, RB, DT, LB
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