Will Ware and Woody be next?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Feb 9, 2021.

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    Show cites of this or shut your mouth you Philthy troll
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    Tony Romo is gonna eventually be going in to.
    He's a very popular Cowboys member and he has padded stats,
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    I'd like to hear from Rick Goose Gosslein as he's been one of the HOF on the voters committee as to why Lynch over Woodson, but I'd be willing to bet they place emphasis on the
    INT numbers and turnovers than value of slot coverage.
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    Woodson is a very good player but the amount of people screaming cowboys bias and the system is rigged is laughable like you said

    Secondary and interior offensive line are always the hardest positions to get in Canton. If you're not polamalu or Reed or champ Bailey level accolades then you're definitely not secure and it's an extreme uphill battle.

    Hell look at Eric weddle. All decade team, 6x pro bowler, 2x 1st team all pro, 3x 2nd team all pro, 29 interceptions. His accolades are arguably just as good if not better than Darren's and yet you will NEVER hear a single person refer to weddle as a hall of famer........ (Cowboy homers won't want to hear that because that doesn't fit their narrative that Canton is biased towards them)
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    Ware should be in there

    he was absolutely amazing in his prime
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    Woodson has a good case to make it in. But it's probably would be from playing for the 90s Cowboys.
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    he played on great teams with a great QB surrounded by immense talent.
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    Last edited: Feb 10, 2021
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    Wow. You've never seen anyone get emotional in the moment? He's waited decades and knows he's running out of time. Plus you realize the reason he had to retire was a car accident that claimed the life of his brother. Maybe this means a lot to him. Of course internet trolls these days lack any sort of empathy.
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    How many guys complain every year like he does? How many guys cry that their heart was broken? Its almost like begging them to let you in. Begging seems like the wrong way to do it.

    But alas, we now live in a society that coddles cry babies. Cry that your not being treated well and get whatever you want. Participation trophies. :lmao2::lmao2::lmao::lmao:

    And, I have zero empathy for cry babies.
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    Forget both Butler and Woody and put in the Cowboys S that has more accomplishments than both put together...
    Cornell Green should be in the Cowboys Ring of Honor and the NFL Hall of Fame. Name me the player that never played organized football until he suited up for the Dallas Cowboys and made NFL All Rookie Team. No one else but Cornell Green.
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    Why are you giving us his college basketball accolades in order to boost him up for the NFL hall of fame?
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  14. KJJ

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    Lynch had 26 career INT’s compared to 23 INTs for Woodson. Lynch had 16 forced fumbles compared to 12 forced fumbles for Woody and Lynch played for one of the great defenses we’ve seen in 2002.

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