Wilson has a different gear

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zekeats, Nov 3, 2020.

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    Donovan Wilson is the one who blew Wentz up causing him to fumble. Donnie played ball at Texas A&M and would have been a higher draft pick if he had entered the draft the year before. He was tossed from 4-5 games his last year in college for targeting and it really hurt his draft position. Wilson had like three interceptions last preseason and never saw the field. He seems to be a bright spot in the secondary. He is a willing tackler and has ball hawking skills as a strong safety.

    Xavier Woods has struggled this year after being very solid his previous years at free safety. He seems unwilling to come up and tackle this year and just seems to be uncomfortable.
    It's a contract year for him so that seems really odd. Especially with his head scratching comment about not going 100% every play.

    I'm bullish on Donovan Wilson at strong safety because that extra gear and aggressiveness is not a fluke he's been doing since his college days.

    Woods will need to be replaced at free safety. We really need to get that one right this time.
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    No I didn’t moron, a mor changed it from 37 to Woods but you can’t comprehend that.
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    Not only dumb, but unauthorized plagiarism....lol. I get why we have mods, but no one should be editing your posts, not even if they think they are helping you.
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    No chance in hell. Woods is a complete bum.
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    No. D K Metcalfe has a different gear. Eric Dickerson and Darrell Green had a different gear. Not sure what you are looking at.
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    you mean Cedric Wilson ...? i need to see more of him i'm convinced he has an extra gear .:muttley:
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