News: Winning This Week Could Cure What Ails Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. CCBoy

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    Winning This Week Could Cure What Ails Cowboys

    This is where we’re at with the Dallas Cowboys, the blame game has arrived. Now it’s the players and coaches who are talking through the media to tell us what the problem is with the Cowboys.

    Just like it was a few weeks ago, there is enough blame to go around. We shouldn’t be trying to pin in on one person, the organization is a mess. From management on down, there has been a systematic failure for the Cowboys.

    However, as always, things can change quickly. Beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and all will be well again. It’s a tough task, but not impossible. The Jags come in struggling, losing two of their last three and Blake Bortles isn’t a great quarterback...
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  2. cowboyblue22

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    they are not going to beat the jags
  3. dallasdave

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    :hammer::hammer::hammer:you nailed it
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  4. CCBoy

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    Can't wait to doubt and spout...but the Cowboys COULD beat the Jags. Even if a pissy attitude seems to be the jargon for this day...
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  5. NotForLong

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    Unless Dak can suddenly and miraculously manifest into a NFL QB. Ill still have a lot to complain about
  6. brooksey1

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    I always like to get the win but winning this week will not cure anything. It will just delay the inevitable
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  7. CCBoy

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    Closer to a discussion...the Jags have currently, one of the best - if not best- pass defense in the NFL. The Cowboys will need to bust Zeke Elliott for a couple of long runs to replace the same in a passing game. That could enable enough of a passing game to make the difference for Dallas.

    Smith is having a killer game at linebacker, and similar games by a few Cowboy starters could well turn the tide. Give the Cowboys a two turn-over advantage at home, and they will be very tough to beat.

    The Jags don't have a top notched quarterback, and have lost games recently...given the Cowboys are due, I have to look forward to an even stronger game this week, than an overtime loss to Houston.
  8. Aven8

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    Just read that Ramsey is questionable for the game. We got this folks! Gallup will school him. Beasley will run wild. Austin will look fast and catch nothing.

    We have the best WR volleyball team in football!
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  9. Paradox

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    The O-line is going to need to step up their game. Williams in particular needs to miraculously fend off Malik Jackson.
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  10. Pants

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    my would winning make this better? sure, they would be tied for first place in the lamest division in football (that Dallas will never win) but that would NOT change the offensive game plan and play-calling; it would not change the HUGE need for new coaches at the top; it would not likely change the fact that Garrett is losing/has lost the team - it just prolongs the misery for another week

    Jax coming off of a loss, so Doug Marrone will have them fired up - can you imagine Garrett firing up the Cowboys? he will be clapping at that big 55 yard picture above his head "lookey that guys, you are on TV" oblivious to the fact that his team is not being run well and him not caring since his job is safe clap-clap-clap

    Pants jumps off of soapbox
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  11. dallasdave

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    Need to stop all the false starts --Collins esp
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  12. glimmerman

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if we win big Sunday. We play well against teams we should lose to. It equal or lesser teams we lose to.
  13. jazzcat22

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    Yeah winning cures all this week, until the next loss.
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  14. big dog cowboy

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    Only if they beat the Skins next week. Otherwise we're right back to where we are now.

    Win lose win lose win lose doesn't sound it cures anything.
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  15. Big_D

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    it will just lead Jerry to believe they're Super Bowl bound. A perfect opportunity to give Garrett an extension.
  16. nightrain

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    Winning this week will fix nothing, it will make things worse on their way to losing the next two. This is not a good football team and the owner will start talking SB if they beat the Jags.
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  17. Flamma

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    I'm not trying to be a killjoy here, but beating the Jags this week 10-9 cures nothing. Despite how bad the Cowboys are playing, they match up pretty well with the Jags. Considering how poor the Jags O is, I think our D can swamp them. They'll probably swamp us. So to me it's 50/50 but we're home and they don't have their RB. So I'd say slight advantage Cowboys. But my tune would change if Dallas won something like 28-10, 34-13, or 55-3. But if we eke this out in a low scoring game like 14-9, it means nothing.
  18. The Fonz

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    I love your enthusiasm CC but this team is going nowhere ,and to tell u the truth wining at this stage will just increase JJ delusional hope that his plan is working.
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  19. foofighters

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    expect the worst and hope for the best...
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  20. RodeoJake

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    We've yet to play well on both sides of the ball in a game this year. One good offensive performance and three good by the defense, all against equal or lesser teams.

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