With the state of the division, we’d be fools to get rid of Dak

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by D4KADON, Feb 18, 2021.

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    That's the criteria for the vast majority of today's doughy football fans.
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    I have to explore your supposition.

    Dak and the Boys in the recent past have not had a good defense.

    When we lose its not Dak. It's the string of clowns for the DC and massive injuries that occurred as the first part of the year.

    And the lack of a DC to run the defense who could not get to find the players to buy into his schemes..When sending out old hasbeen coaches past their freshness date..

    Watch out..

    It's bad enough we have Moore in the basic offence trust..Our new DC just left his old team due to massive defenses crashes.

    Makes you wonder about who is Calling the shots.
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    Well refusing to pay him is a really dumbed down version of current contract talks. See the Cowboys want to pay their players as little as possible so that they can also afford to pay other players. Meanwhile the players (all players not just Dak) want to make as much as possible for their future. Sometimes that takes time to work through both sides and it's what each camp are currently working on. I appreciate the genius reference and you're correct in your assessment. Mahones? If we're speaking of Patrick Mahomes II then why? What in the world would he have to do with Dak's contract? Different player, different talent level, different team, different cap#, stupid comparison. If you've got Jerry's # in your rolodex I'll call.
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    It would be beneficial to the defense if Dak would at least try to respond with scoring drives to answer the opposing offense’s TDs during the first half of games. The current trend is for Dak to wait until Dallas is down four TDs before he starts playing, which helps to confirm the accusations that he is putting up those stats during the garbage time of games, after the game is well out of reach. Those Dak comebacks always fall short for a reason. They are not comebacks, but those drives are being allowed so that the clock runs out.
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    It appears that way to me also.

    Our offense has been not meeting their burden of scoring.

    It only lasted on 2 different seasons.

    2016 in the rookie years when Dak and Zeke came up the 2018 when Amari was traded for and Wolf Hunter had his amazing rookie year.

    Other than that..Dak, Zeke and Jaylon have declined. Add in Tank and his decline plus losing Beard then Tyron Smith, Jarwin and Byron Jones by FA.

    You can't lose 4+ prime players and expect to replace them every year.

    Ain't going to happen.
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    You are a fool
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    I did an analysis of cowboys scoring by quarter and posted it a while back. we are middle of the pack on offensive scoring in 2nd and 3rd quarter. top 10 in first and top 5 in 4th...that's been pretty much the trend last year too. so this notion of scoring when the other team scores is due to defenses total ineptness in making any stops. then our expectations become we have to score every drive and when we don't, then its all Dak's fault..... the defense scoring by quarter, this year was horrendous. last year was actually middle of the pack and better in the 4th quarter......
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    Yay...you are an NFL owner. Remember posting that? Go talk to Tad.
  9. 5Stars

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    So are you and I...what is your point, fool?
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    There you go lol , some would say YES !!!
    If this is a bad division, and dallas was 2-4 this past season, doesnt that make dallas the worst in the "bad"division?
    The redskins beat dallas bad twice, both games, and won the division and played a good game against TB , a team that won the SB.
    Wash played about as good against TB as NO and GB did. Maybe better.

    The giants lost a lot of close games, and didnt have their star RB all season.
    The eagles have a goofy new HC, but he may coach better than he can talk lol, and hurts may be pretty good.

    The one thing everyone seems to be ignoring is the play of Heineke for wash, I thought he was very good , I would look at him as a cheap but
    very good qb. I think even wash is ignoring him lol. I would be trying to get him from washington.

    And our guy who played Pitt, looked to be someone who could play , if given some attention and a chance.

    Also Riveras first year the skins win div ,make the playoffs, defense is playing great, so they may be the new power in the east.
    They are going to add some pieces, and they already have a good DL and defense.

    Dallas has Jaylon the cornerstone and 1 man corporation lol, so no worries for cowboys! Swipe!
    And dallas has the best and highest paid RB in NFL lol
    And soon will have the best and highest paid QB in NFL, so yeah 8-8 here we come.
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    -------Let me be clear I want to re sign dak. I don’t want him to go anywhere. But the minute he signs that contract it’s on him. No excuses.

    What kind of solace will him filing bring you or us? It'll be too late, and will set us back another 4-5 years
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    According to BR, Dak will be the most overrated player in free agency.
    I don't agree, but....nobody really knows what Dak is.
    IMO it's hard to evaluate cowboys' players. On paper they should be some where 10-6 or 11-5 most years, but they're not any where close.
    So, is it the team, or the individual players?
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    Every team in the league deals with the same cap burden, the same burden of talent evaluation.
    Just in Dallas its really a burden,, other franchises seem to flourish quite easily.
    When GMs, Coaches, assistants,, water boys.. etc.. dont affect the salary cap, then you only have to blame one person for never recognizing how a team can really take advantage in that area of the staff and FO that cant be counted against your cap, so why even hesitate in assembling the best staff the NFL has ever seen?
    Ego has always been Jerrys greatest down fall.
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    I didn’t say it is all Dak’s fault, but I am not denying that a lot of the offensive failures are caused by the leader of the offense either. I don’t expect every drive to be a scoring drive, but it would be nice if the offense responded before the game is totally out of reach at halftime. Regardless of stats, there is no denying that the Cowboys are getting behind in too many games and they are not able to recover from it!, which results in losses.
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    Great to have the best in the by far worst division.

    Dont you want to compare your team to the best teams ?
    Because in the end you dont want to win only your division, do you ?
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    Jerry also has the top 4 paid WR and top 5 paid De.
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    Give Dak the 4 year deal and draft his replacement in a year...that’s what good organizations do...oh and in year Dak will not even be paid top 5 money...other QBs will have leap frogged him. Quit playing games with Dak. Jones is an incompetent buffoon.
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    Just think if we had dislike button, he would lead in that also. :muttley:
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    This is something i just don't understand why in the world do people think a 4th round qb all of a sudden is gonna take us to the promise land sure he's had a lot of yards. But lets be realistic it takes a certain kind of qb to get a team past the huddles and according to his 2019 season and what the evaluation of 2020 he just can't do it even with the supporting cast he had, now injuries and bad coaching can have a big factor in this so i not laying blame just on him. Jerry lets face it he's the new Al Davis of the Nfl in his mind he's a legend and General manager lets face he sucks,like as owner he's the best at promotion.. Now with all said the Salary Cap being like it is a 4year contract for the kind of money he's wanting isn't gonna help. And the talking heads if you remember when Zebe was in cabo all they harped on was you got to sign him or else now go forward it helped their podcast rating but he's not what he was made out to be now is he so be very careful what you ask for as a fan because Dak is a money eater and thats all. And remember Romo same effect ton of yards and nothing else. you have to have a coach and a Quarterback that isn't picked by a owner but someone with football savy . unfortunately we have neithier so I will sign off and tell only one thing see you at the 2022 Draft with more promises to get to the final act. PS on the draft show will someone from the dallas area tell Jeff Cavag. that he can be seem by people on the draft show and quit picking his nose on the show he's not on radio

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