WR - how do you rank this year's group?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, May 14, 2018.

  1. Cowboy Brian

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    So I was thinking back historically and frankly the last time heading into a season I was this down on our WR group had to be 2009. Before Miles Austin emerged in the KC Chiefs game, we had Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton.

    I hope Michael Gallup can be the equivalent of a Miles Austin and break through, but as of now I'm not loving it. I also still don't know why Switzer had to be traded, he was developing nicely.

    Hurns, Beasley, Williams, being our key 3 targets with Gallup developing and Tavon Austin as a wildcard isn't terrible, but it isn't great. I believe 2009 is a fair comparison - and given our 11-5 record that season, this could be a good omen.
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  2. Bullflop

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    I'm confident that our newfound rookies and newcomers at WR will become a blessing once they've adapted to the Cowboys' offense. Hurns should be useful from the get-go, while Gallup may eventually become our best WR. If Austin overcomes the fumble problems he had previously, it should help. I doubt he'll be used as a punt returner, since that's where the lion's share of his fumbles happened in the past. Deonte Thompson could prove to be another effective weapon as a WR with the speed to cause the opposition concern as a downfield threat. Dallas should likely become a better passing team in the future. All that remains to be seen is when, imho.
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  3. waving monkey

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    Im excited about the opportunity they afford. Just glad their working on answers
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  4. buybuydandavis

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    It's not all grim. We only need enough execution and threat to balance the run game and keep them from stacking the box. Williams should be an big improvement at LG, and the rest of the oline studs have yet to reach their peak years.

    No Devin Streets. No Hannas, who we refuse to throw to. More speed (given that we didn't use Butler much). More separation and execution.

    We likely go 3 WR as our base, keeping Beasley on the field. That's an improvement.

    We won 3 games w/o Dez in 2016. Trade Butler for Hurns, Thompson, Austin, Gallup. Seems like an improvement.

    It would feel better to have another #2 to go with Hurns. I'd be happy with 2 #2s and Beasley in the slot.

    I can definitely see us picking up a cap casualty WR. One bright spot of our weak WR crew but otherwise potent offense is that we're a desirable location for a WR looking to get play time and exposure for 2019's contract.
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  5. Buzzbait

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    I think Gallup is going to be an excellent addition. Also I'd like to see the Cowboys use Zeke a little more often as a receiver.
  6. waving monkey

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    I think the entire staff would be challenged by last years disaster. Most certainly Linhand
    and the new assist offensive coaches have something to prove.
    I always give the mid point of the season for the top couple of draftees to find their footing and help the team come together.
    I'll take 4/4 to the mid way point then close out the season qualifying for the tournament.
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  7. Buzzbait

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    I'm encouraged by the addition of Kris Richard. I think he's going to do some good things.
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  8. JoeKing

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    How about letting this group take the field before you condemn them? But you probably shoot your wad alot prematurely.
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  9. Melonfeud

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    :lmao::lmao2:,,,er ,,,OOPS:oops:,,,:lmao:

    * think about skinning out 'buck deer',,,or,,,maybe even 'war dead',,,if it's of volcanic heat& passion,,, but not to deeply lest that stiff board of that wave yer' trying to ride out,,, folds up on you:(

    * wizened passages worthy of passing ono_O
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  10. SoupcanSam

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    Twill will be cut.
  11. John813

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    It's a position group that is completely up in the air. I have no clue what to expect at this time.

    Can Hurns replicate his 2015 season, and stay relatively healthy?
    Can we rely on any of the rookies in Wilson and Gallup?
    Is Thompson an improvement over Butler?
    We know T-Will, and his positives and negatives.
    Bease is very good on limited routes.

    And then add in that Witten is gone. Sure, he was slow, but he knew where to be and was a great safety valve.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    2009 WR corp: Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd, Kevin Ogletree and Roy Williams.

    This years group is much better than that group. It isn't close. The only WR from the '09 team that would make this years team is Austin and Williams and they would be at the bottom of the depth chart.
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  13. firewater

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    It doesn`t look good on paper but that doesn't mean It can't look good on the field. Will take some creativity from Linehan and company.
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  14. jazzcat22

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    I need to see them on the field, and the PS games may not convince me of much. It may make me feel a little better about Gallup.
    I still see Wilson as a PS player for now. I don't buy into late round draft pick hype too often, and not going to do it with him for now. He will need to really convince me.

    I really do not know what to expect from this WR group, so I am taking more of a down than up side until TC. I like the moves they made by bringing in Hurns and Thompson, can get on board with Gallup since the unceremoniously dumped Dez. Glad Switzer is gone for a DT.

    Feel the same for the TE's, who steps up.
    Both WR's and TE's will be interesting to watch in TC, as well the 1st part of the season.
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  15. Gameover

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  16. Irvin88_4life

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    It does nothing to cut T Will. We don't save any money and have to pay him regardless. I don't think he will be cut this season and Brown will make the team. Beasley is the odd man out, perhaps Thompson as well depending on what kind of camp him and Wilson have
  17. SoupcanSam

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    You are crazy if you think Beasley is the odd man out. He is our safety net and Sanjay Lal already has a plan brewing for him.

    And Thompson will be our deep threat. He and Austin are the only deep threats we have so getting rid of Thompson doesn' make sense.

    And regardless if twill's cut benefits us or not, it's still a possibility the cowboys continue to cut ties with the old baggage.

    Twill has an injury and we don't know how his camp will go. I don't see the cowboys pressing to keep him just because they get nothing in return.

    Keeping twill over Beasley in a no go, sorry lol.
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  18. Sydla

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    League average until proven otherwise.
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  19. cern

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    they will be better coached. never underestimate the value of good coaching. and let's not forget some changes to our 90's scheme.
  20. CowboyRoy

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    Dont kid yourself, its not great at all. But its better then last year, that is for sure. In a year when Gallup is the #2 and Twill is cut it will look much better.

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