WR looks to be a disaster

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mannix, Apr 2, 2022.

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    Um....we were "good' against bad to average teams....NOTHING more!!! That 12-5 was due to our pathetic division and facing some poor QB's. So where are the FA's??? ***Insert cricket noise***
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    No, they were good. They have signed 14 free agents so far and will sign more as they need them and could actually make a trade like they have done in the past to add a veteran along with the new draft crop. Did you not like the free agents that they added last year? Guys that they resigned like Kearse, Watkins, and Hooker. Do you not like the players that they have added in the draft the last two years? You are worried about the receivers and they are about to add a very good one in the draft and they should get a very good tight end as well and possibly two of them. This is a very deep draft that the Cowboys have 9 picks to use.
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    Very true.
  4. TheMarathonContinues

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    That and Cameron Brate being in his way…as well as Gronk last two years….
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    Lamb (the leading receiver last year)
    And a rookie

    Itll be a better group than half the league, just not top 3 like they were assumed to be preseason last year.

    Add in a very solid receiver in Shultz and you have a group that should be fine
  6. ESisback

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    Yeah, for some.

    GORICO Well-Known Member

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    Mannix---- i saw the cooper thing coming but to lose Cooper and Cedrick.....that really hurt....Wilson is a stud too....i hope somehow we find a gem in the draft or something crazy happens during training camp

    something always seems to occur....but its usually us looking at it from the outside.....remember what Coop did for us in 2018....from 3-5 to 10-6...7-1 and won the wild card too and if we had a decent scheme

    and decent D line maybe things turn out different....but last year it was Daks calf that kept us from really playing to our potential.....watched the San Fran game play by play with Coaches film view and a good

    NFL film critic....Dak could neither plant nor push off on right leg so he overcompensated using upper body and left so many receivers wide open because afraid of having to really planting that foot...we could

    have with a good Dak made it to super bowl.......that is all i will say
  8. Cowfan75

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    I don't know who will be good enough at WR for some fans. I mean, what difference would it make if we had 3 Kupps out there? If Dak couldn't get our trio the ball last season, he's not getting it to anyone. Best bet is to give Dak all the time in the world to make his one read, thusly they have to draft O-line at 24.
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    Cowboys were 6-5 outside the division. Let that sink in.
  10. Loso86

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    1st or 2nd, why not?
  11. Loso86

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    Likewise and respect. I would hate to pass on a better wr and take a lesser talented guy at a position of "need"
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  12. Wangchung83

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    bc Dak is a 40 mil dollar stud and we need a defense. Our team can only get better on the opposite side of the ball. We aren’t going to our score a great team that we can’t can’t stop bc we have no defense. Outside of Oaraon we have midrounders on defense and forget about it then blame them for not being able to stop a team from scoring 30* points. If we don’t invest in defense then dak lovers can’t blame them for our losing. https://overthecap.com/positional-spending/ Winning means distributing money on both sides equally not an overload offense bc we can’t accept our 40 mil guy can’t provide greed through reads. Get a first or sec rd wide receiver or get another 1st round lb to go along with pollard, a defensive end, a safety, corner and I’ll beat your team every day out of the week.
  13. StarChamber_33

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    Yes Cooper was overpaid, no arguments here, BUT he took LESS money to remain with the Cowboys in 2020 even though Washington offered more money.. Also Cooper PUBLICLY stated that he would be willing to restructure his contract before he was traded, but it fell on deaf ears because [Jerruh and the gang] were ready to move on from him. The narrative that this is all Cooper's fault is TOTAL B.S.; Now there is a GAPING hole in the passing game because one of the best route runners in the NFL is no longer on this team, a decision that the F.O. will surely regret.
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  14. The Realist

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    How do you come to that conclusion?
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  15. morasp

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    fix the running game and pass protection the rest will follow.
  16. Flamma

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    Right. For what? We can clearly see that a championship isn't on the minds of our FO. We need help at DB, DL, and OL. Adding more perfume to the offense isn't helping. We have Gallup, Lamb, Shultz, some slop, and whoever we draft. Should we need more? That said, and going by the Jones boys pattern, I think we take a WR in the 2nd round. Ignoring DT and Safety.
  17. America's Cowboy

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    Best route runners WHEN HE FEELS LIKE GOING 100%. Cowboys saw enough of him slacking, hence why he's gone.
  18. ccb04

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    They won nada with Cooper as the lead for $20 million. OJ Howard has been a big disappointment thus far...he's a name only up to this point. Schultz would've gotten his money in Dallas or elsewhere.

    Schultz: 78 catches, 808 yards, 8 TD's
    Cooper: 68 catches, 865 yards, 8 TD's
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  19. Stash

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    Yes, I would definitely say that you’re ‘alone there’.
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  20. Carson

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    Agreed. They aren’t Kupp, Robinson, Jefferson. But they as hell aren’t Hurns, Beasley and Thompson.

    We have two 1,000 yard receivers, a TE who topped 800 yards as well.

    I still would like to sign a guy like Will Fuller for one year and draft a WR somewhere between rounds 1-3
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