WR Michael Gallup deserves appreciation, respect and should be kept

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by America's Cowboy, Oct 19, 2021.

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    It's crazy how much disrespect WR Michael Gallup is getting around here. Have fans forgotten truly how good he is and how much he has meant to the Cowboys? Jerry, McCarthy and the Cowboys would be fools to allow Michael Gallup to leave. Gallup easily would be another team's #1 starting WR. That's how good he is. Here is a reminder of how good Michael Gallup is and why the Cowboys need to find a way to keep him...

    BTW, Michael Gallup led the Cowboys the past 2 seasons in 1st down receptions. In other words, Gallup is our team's best sticks mover down the field game in and game out. Plus, he tied with both Amari and CeeDee in TD receptions last year while he has led in yards average/reception the last two seasons.
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    Can’t pay everyone and the offense doesn’t miss a beat without him.

    You want to pay all these guys and tough decisions have to be made.

    Im sorry but Gregory and Schultz will be high priorities.

    Then you have a ton of guys who are on the last year of their deals.

    It’s going to be tough to field a team as good as this one next season but the draft was so good last year the past couple of years that we are a little ahead of schedule in terms of overcoming some of these big contracts.
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    i wish they can but not with the cap

    but they really for sure should not trade gallup i do know that much!!!!!

    they have a window right now i am not trading any body!!!!!
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    I'm GM Gallup is going nowhere unless somebody just rolls up the bank truck to his drive way.
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    It’s all about the business and money. And we don’t have a lot of it right now.,
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    I don’t think anyone disrespects him
    But you can’t have two very expensive WR and maybe the best one due soon
    It’s just the economics of the nfl
    Keeping Schultz is more important but there are always guys you can’t keep
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  7. CATCH17

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    He has to take a huge paycut to stay and he may very well be willing to do that but if he’s not then being Cedric Wilson back and draft a guy. I’d prefer someone with real deep Speed.

    Dak loves laying that ball out on the go routes on the sideline when he see’s 1 v 1.
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    damn right.
    i want ALL the talent.
  9. alicetooljam

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    Love Gallup, but hes a good #2. Id love to have him back if hell take a deal to stay with a team with a bright future.
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    I hate to say it but I think Wilson has pretty much decided his fate.
  11. Kingofholland

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    I don't think anyone is disrespecting him, but you can't commit that much money to WR, or pay a 3rd receiver 12 million+ a season. No one wants to lose him, but the Cowboys are tight on cap space next year and also have Gregory, Schultz, and some safeties to consider contracts for.

    Is Gallup a true number 1, or benefits from having a number 1 across from him? His play accelerated after Cooper's arrival. I think he's an excellent receiver though and look forward to having him down the home stretch.

    Question though would you move on from Cooper to keep Gallup?
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  12. ESisback

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    I’d LOVE to keep him, but we’ve got Lamb, Cooper, Gallup, Shultz, Jarwin, Wilson, Brown. We can’t afford to keep them all.
  13. This is Our Year

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    Exactly, hell if there was no salary cap there’d be no reason not to bring him back, guys a really good player. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that in a capped sport. Can’t pay everyone and when you have a cheap option like Wilson that’s filled in admirably it proves that point.

    It’s not like we won’t be better when Gallup comes back, but just can’t keep ‘em all. Heck maybe the injury will decrease his value and we get him back on the cheap.
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    I think the Cowboys can easily get $40M in cap space by just restructuring Dak and Cooper. Throw in some more for another restructure for Martin. Even Elliott if he continues to play well. Jarwin too. Probably around $60M easily through restructures. That is probably enough to sign Gregory, Schultz, Gallup, and Wilson, and maybe Williams.

    Collins and Lawrence might be off the team too. Who knows?

    Jerry always keeps who he wants. I don't recall the Cowboys losing many players they wanted to keep.
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  15. Ranching

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    He a number 2 at best....on this team, he's a 3.
  16. TheMightyVanHalen

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    I agree. But if he adds to the onslaught then bring it because Dan Quinn is making this defense look a lot better than they are. When we meet Aaron/BradyMurray in January, and Allen in early February, we're going to need at least 35 points to win those games. I would not trade him this year. Let him walk if that's what he chooses and we get a nice comp pick.
  17. TheMightyVanHalen

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    I seen someone today say we should trade him straight up for OBJ. Yeah let's trade a nice and humble guy, who's a young star, for a locker room cancer who got in a fight with a kicking net. :facepalm:
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  18. TequilaCowboy

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    i think most fans do have a lot of respect for Gallup and appreciate his talent as well. Gallup is the kind of player teams look for in a draft in the mid to late rounds and feel they got lucky. But circumstances dictate that the Cowboys have enough playmakers on offense and do not have the money to keep him as well. We have to find a way to keep Wilson. We cannot blame Gallup if he goes somewhere else for his big payday. He does deserve it.
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  19. gimmesix

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    Not worse than the disrespect Lawrence is getting.

    I'm looking forward to getting both of them back, along with Joseph and Gallimore. Want to see what this team can become at full strength.
  20. fansince68

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    It's Not disrespect. It's reality. No team has 2 max contract WR's.

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