Xavier woods feels disrespected after Thomas persuit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SoupcanSam, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Jeff Heath - 5 passes defended in 2018
    Xavier Woods - 9 passes defended in 2018

    In the last two years, Heath has 10 total passes defended, Woods has 12. You might want to try again on that comparison.

    Heath has more tackles but that's largely because he plays in the box more. But since we are talking about tackling, Jeff Heath was one of the worst starting safeties when it came to missed tackles in 2018.
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  2. Sydla

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    He's a bottom of the barrel NFL starter at S though. He's in the bottom third.

    For all his run support acumen he also missed a ton of tackles.

    I know people tend to look at PFF with crazy eyes, as do I. But they have him rated as the 81st best safety last year. So even taking into account that PFF can be a bit strange with their rankings, it's still pretty clear that he's not that good.
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    he can stop all his whining, pissing and moaning and BE that SS on the field that EARNS the respect. Hell, what has Woods done that was so exceptional that the team or anyone for that matter would be like, ohh yea Woods, dude's a beast he is the NEXT ET or (insert big hitter SS name here).... not so much son, so shut up, stop pissing and moaning about being disrespected and GO EARN IT. Sick of these premadonna type players...add that soft taco to the list...bring us a championship, then we can talk about NOT looking for your better.
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    Hey IMHO, look to upgrade BOTH of them... Woods better figure out real quick, we gauge success on CHAMPIONSHIP wins, not on almost, maybe next year garbage... had that now for 25 years... put up or shut up, and put it on the field.
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    What’s up with all the emo players. I feel disrespected stuff.
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    Disrespected? What a stupid word to use here. This is the NFL, everyone's job is on the line at all times. Teams who are not looking to upgrade at all times are the dumb teams.

    Using the word "disrespected" here makes him out to be a moron.
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    Maybe they're still feeling abused from their mommies weaning them off their udders.
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    Well you already know it's this generation of players and employees of all jobs in life, most think everything should be handed to them and don't have to go out and actually earn the job.
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    First I would look in the mirror and work on my game. Most players always say, "you have to understand it's a business" and go with that until people start questioning their play.
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    Really? Then why have the Cowboys looked into replacing Woods instead of Heath?

    Cowboys know more than you. Deal with it.
  11. IrishAnto

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    I feel disrespected by Jerry Jones for having to put up with the last 23 years :D
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    What I meant by that was the cowboys ignoring the safety issue and forcing heath on the field. I mean in that situation he has to put up some average stats just because of the playing time and opportunity.

    It was the same with swaim last year. Forcing snaps for a player really not that good instead of giving someone like Rico who is more fast and athletic than swaim.

    I cant stand when they do that at any position really.
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    Rico actually isn’t any faster - all our TEs were near the same speed. And there is much more to playing the game than raw athleticism. In any case, just because a person plays doesn’t mean they have to put up average stats, and again, Heath’s stats 2018 stats compare favorably to those of some of the replacement names that have been tossed around. Not all of course, but some who are considered quality players
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    Offering a player 4-5 million less PER YEAR than he ultimately signed for elsewhere is hardly a legitimate "pursuit ".
  16. glimmerman

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    Woke up this morning feeling disrespected that he feels disrespecsted..
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    New generation
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    Wait who? That small safety?

    Yeah I don't care. Prove it on the field.
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    Ya,, look at your paycheck and feel disrespected young man.
    Just shut your pie hole and go tackle someone if you want more respect.

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